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AT&T Toll Building
2651 Olive Street

Just north of AG Edwards is another massive structure, the AT&T Olive Toll Building. It is a monolithic structure of Midcentury vintage, with no setbacks and few adornments besides inlaid screens of metal loops over the windows. A radio tower gives it some extra height beyond its basic ten stories.

The view from the Park Plaza, 2009 (with some zoom lens enhancement)

On a personal note, this is just about my least-favorite building in the whole city. I associate it with my junior year of college, when I had a 10th story room facing east. In the depths of bleak winter, this building kind of stared at me, its radio antenna warning light blinking a harsh, irregular white with a brightness all out of proportion to the building's place on the skyline. It seemed to drown out other, more ornate and interesting buildings around it.

Up close, it's massive and faceless, with tall banks of windows that seem designed to overpower the pedestrian.

The view from Shepley Hall, spring 1995 (again, zoomed in). The AT&T Toll Building is just left of center.

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