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Jefferson Bank and Trust
2600 Washington Avenue
In 1956, Jefferson Bank and Trust moved into its hyper-modern new digs at the corner of Jefferson and Washington. It was a big deal - the first bank building built within the city limits in almost 30 years - and was marked by a full-color ad in the Post-Dispatch.

In 1963, the bank was the scene of a Civil Rights conflict as protesters boycotted the bank until it hired several black employees (a potent reminder of how recent the ugliness of institutionalized discrimination is to our own time.)

The angled roof makes it a powerful presence even today, long after the bank moved out. Later uses include a drug/alchol detox and treatment center called BASIC (Black Alcohol/drug Service Information Center, Inc.), and most recently, Innovative Concepts, Inc., a charter school business.

  • 2600 Washington - real estate ad from Sperry Van Nes, including floor plans

  • One succinct photo sums up (from right to left) the good, the bad, and the awful of the Modernist movement. November 2007.

    The old Jefferson Bank in May 2011 - now with a blue-gray paint scheme

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