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Gallery 1: Exterior

Lafayette Park United Methodist Church

Architect: Theodore Link

The rear of this limestone Romanesque building (left in the adjacent photograph) dates from 1888; the front half is a 1900 addition by Theodore Link (following damage to the original by the 1896 tornado). The congregation has a history going back to 1834 and today welcomes a diverse city population.

The central-plan sanctuary is a large and airy space, with impressive stained glass; particularly beautiful are the colorful lower windows. A beautifully decorated 1904 Kilgen pipe organ was restored in 1999. The sanctuary has suffered some poor remodelling in more recent decades, including glued acoustic panels on the ceiling and a heavy-handed application of plain white paint. The current congregation is planning to restore some of the lost original features, including a return to more vivid Victorian-era coloration.

Gallery 2: Interior

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