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Missouri at S. 12th Street - November 2007.

Missouri at 12th - November 2007.

Unknown location, probably Missouri Avenue - January 2002.

Central Industrial Corridor

Residential blocks are scattered among the ruins of factories, and the main streets bordering the industrial zone are largely residential as well.

Missouri at S. 18th Street - August 2001

Missouri Ave. south of 18th - November 2007

Red brick houses are by no means as pervasive as in St. Louis, but are still common. These stand on Missouri Avenue at 18th Street, only a few blocks away from the factory above.

18th Street at E. Broadway - August 2001.

18th Street at E. Broadway - November 2007.

E. Broadway at 18th Street - November 2007. This is the house next door to the gas station.

A long-abandoned gas station, with a diminutive version of the flying-angle roof common in the 1960s.

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