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August 2001.

August 2001.

August 2001.

August 2001.

Ainad Temple
609 St. Louis Avenue
Architect: ?

Collinsville Avenue is bracketed at each end by the Interstate, which was routed around the city's developed regions. The city's major streets run perpindicular to Collinsville Avenue, to the southeast.

St. Louis Avenue is one such road. It is home to the Ainad Temple, a magnificent fraternal building whose members have steadfastly kept their headquarters in the city long after most institutions left.

View north along St. Louis Avenue - August 2001.

View northeast up 6th Street toward St. Louis Avenue - August 2003.

View southeast down 6th Street toward Missouri Avenue - August 2003.

Martin Luther King Drive at N. 6th Street - August 2003.

Further south on St. Louis Avenue is a scarred and ragged little knot of fast foot restaurants. Not all of them are still open.

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