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2100 block of Lincoln Avenue - January 2002.

The same house - November 2007.

Waverly Avenue at 36th Street - November 2007.

N. 40th Street at Waverly Avenue.

N. 40th Street near Waverly Avenue.

40th and Monroe Street - burned in 2006. November 2007.

The Northern Neighborhoods

Eastward along 15th Street, crossing the railroad tracks that serve the Elementis plant, one finds a desolate cityscape. Separated by railroad lines from the rest of the city, the far northeastern neighborhoods are severely decayed, to the point that it's hard to tell they were ever a city at all.

November 2007.

November 2007.

N. Park Drive is the northern edge of the neighborhood. It is little more than acres of empty, overgrown land. The decay here is complete and utter, to the point that entire streets have disappeared. Bent Place, N. 33rd Street, North Drive, and N. 41st Street are all shown on maps but in reality have been consumed by the forest.

In the far distance of the second photo, one of the four highrise buildings of the Lansdowne Towers public housing project can be seen. The towers rise incongruously from a landscape of small-town houses and abandoned lots.

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