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The Franklin School
814 N. 19th Street at Delmar
Built: 1909
Architect: William B. Ittner

This school building, one of dozens by Ittner, stands in a rather desolate stretch of light industrial and decaying older commercial buildings that runs in a strip north of downtown. After a few years in use as the Continuing Education High School, it was abandoned in 1996. In the ten years following, it lost most of its copper cornice and suffered innumerable broken windows as well as a smattering of graffitti.

The building was sold to local developers with plans to turn it into 79 apartments.

Construction was underway in March 2007, including replication of the building's lost cornice, new windows, and brick and finish repairs. The asphalt covering the grounds was removed and replaced with a more park-like setting.

Photographs of the building's pre-renovation interior conditions are available at Ecology of Absence.

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