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Lyon School
A young Adolphus Busch Jr. attended school in this public school building. Later, the company bought it from the city, and Mr. Busch established his office in his former classroom.

Malt-Nutrine Building
Named for a tonic that Anheuser Busch produced in the early 20th Century.

Across from the entrance to the Bevo plant, this elaborate Victorian building gives no hints as to its present or past uses.

Bevo Bottling Plant
This giant building was built to produce Bevo, a near-beer that Anheuser-Busch introduced in 1916 as a bulwark against the coming of Prohibition, enacted in 1919. Though it has lost its overhanging cornice, it retains a massive BUDWEISER neon sign that makes it one of the brewery's most visible icons.

The corners and interior atrium feature images of "Renard the Fox", a European folklore character that was adapted as the mascot of the new brand. He is eternally gnawing on a chicken leg and hoisting a mug of "Bevo the Beverage", as it was marketed.

Bevo Bottling Plant interior
The Bottling Plant is entered through a delightfully tiled atrium, lined with light bulbs and

Shipping Office
A small building outside the central complex. Only one story at the street, the Shipping Office is actually a full three stories in back. Adjacent to the building, the loading docks for the bottling plant actually pass under Broadway to connect with the truck yards. When Bevo was new, train tracks made the connection instead of semi trailers. Today most of that space is taken up by a generic shipping warehouse, but a few docks still back up directly to Broadway.

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