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Shrewsbury Gasometers
They loom over the River des Peres, marking the area's industrial districts in an unmistakable fashion. Thousands of commuters pass them on I-44 daily, making them highly visible landmarks and sigifiers of entry to the city proper. They mark a corner of the city, a turning point between the modestly-scaled residential areas to the south and west and the industrial zones to the east.

They drew me like magnets in my college days, looming strangely on the horizon, distant icons demanding to be inspected up close. I biked miles to get to them, before wandering onwards into the southern reaches of the city. Most of the photos shown here are from those forays, circa 1995-1996.

Both tanks were active into the late 1990s. After some years of inactivity, they were unceremoniously demolished in late 2009. The site, unsurprisingly, remains empty as 2011 begins.

The gasometers in 2009 - only months before their demolition.

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