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Upper North Riverfront
North city, St. Louis
The St. Louis Riverfront Trail is an amazing paved bike path that mostly runs atop the levees that keep the Mississippi River out of the industrial lowland of north St. Louis. It runs past transfer points, junk yards, ruins, and numerous active industries.

The southern tip of Gabaret Island, where the two-mile Chain of Rocks canal rejoins the Mississippi after bypassing an unnavigable section of the river

The author, shooting....

....this photo...

...which would yield this view of the distant Chain of Rocks Bridge.

Another oddity is a trio of houses sitting on the river side of the levee. Quite obviously sitting on ground that regularly floods, two of them are mounted on barges; one is anchored to a pair of poles on each end. When the waters rise... the houses rise with them.

I cannot imagine how their water and sewer lines are conncted.

The third adjacent house sits atop a small rise, though its roof is still lower than the top of the levee. If the river rose high enough it would be at the water's mercy.

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