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Gravois Bank


Stained Glass: Emil Frei Stained Glass
Designer: Siegfried Reinhardt

Though it appears to be a homogenious Mid-Century structure, the Gravois Bank building actually went up in two sections - one of which is far older than it looks. The section facing the corner was originally a more traditional style structure, to which the larger modern section was appended. Still later, the original building was reskinned in the style seen today.

The design has a number of stylish elements, such as the upraised canopy, a small storefront display case, the curving concrete curb near the entrance, and a large stained glass window which dominates the interior.

The stained glass window, according to a manager I spoke with, represents the four elements - wind, water, fire, earth. At the bottom is portrayed the history of the bank's buildings, showing its evolution from a log cabin, to a storefront location, to the corner building.

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