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Music Building - University of Missouri-St. Louis
8001 Natural Bridge Road - northwest County
Architect: Belli & Belli

Stained Glass: Willet Studio (Willet Windows - later Willet Hauser)

On the outside, a stock Modern building is enlivened not only by its interplay of pristine rectangular forms, but by the interweaving forms of decorative blue glazed tiles (even extending to a metal access door!) Within, the main performance space features a stunning bay window of stained glass, further enhanced with mosaic tile on the outside.

The building functions as the Music Department for the University; it was originally a dormitory for students at Marillac College, a short-lived college for Catholic nuns in training, operated by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent dePaul. It was acquired by UMSL in 1976 and became part of the South Campus.

The Marillac campus was designed by the Chicago-based firm of Belli and Belli, noted for their contemporary churches and numerous other Catholic commissions.

Several other Belli & Belli buldings survived, including the long, linear, curving Marillac Hall.

Behind Marillac Hall is the Ward E. Barnes Library, an open-plan library with sloping glass walls.

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