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Traditionally, Broadway was the "main street" of Carondelet. Today, however, its high-speed traffic makes it feel rather apart from the neighborhood, compared to other north-south streets like Michigan Avenue. Michigan sports commercial buildings, churches, and quite a few impressive houses.

Carondelet-Markham Memorial Presbyterian Church stands on Michigan Avenue at Bowen. The impressive 1896 main church stands next to a brick predecessor, whose foundations were laid in 1859.

Across the street from the church, Rex's Cafe, at 6201 Michigan Avenue, occupies a beautiful twin-towered commercial corner building, with a 1960s remuddling of the storefront. Much of the original brick probably remains beneath the Permastone.

Family Health Care Centers constructed a new clinic building in 2001-2002, at 6338 Michigan.

At the opposite end of the same block stands the historic Des Peres School, from 1873. When the building was new, educator Susan Blow pioneered the first successful kindergarten programs in America, and trained other teachers who would spread the program across the country. Enlarged in 1897, the Des Peres School closed in the 1930s. The building variously served as a restaurant, Veterans Post, and warehouse, before being turned over to the Carondelet Historical Society in 1982.

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