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The South Side National Bank

Building Context

The building is the tallest in the area, the pinnacle of faith in the area's continued urbanization.

Its backside is plain, a classic example of expectations that still taller buildings would surround it. A circa-1960s addition expanded the bank space at ground level.

A bizarre meeting of Sullivanesque and Mid-Century commercial.

At left: the Farmers & Merchants Trust Co. Building, surmounted by four massive terra cotta globes.

The view east down Miami Street is typical of the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

The Gothic trimmed Grand Arcade building has been vacant for a number of years.

The web site for the Grand View Pointe project offers a site plan and renderings for the renovation of the Grand Arcade building.

South Side National Bank
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Gallery 3: Renovation Tour
Gallery 4: The View from the Top

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