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Character Pages

  • Nightbeat
    My favorite Autobot is a tough-guy investigator who relies on brains before brawn. Read on and join the elite ranks of those who know that Nightbeat RULES!
  • Bludgeon
    This fearsome Decepticon warrior is more than a mere outer shell, so very much more! Find out everything you ever wanted to know about Bludgeon, and discover why he's one of the all-time great Decepticon leaders. He'll chop you in half if you don't.

Fan Fiction

    Rob's Pile of Fanfic
    The Transformers story continues in the hearts and minds of fans everywhere! Here are all the completed Transformer stories I have written; they're in chronological order, along with short summaries and where they fit into the original continuity. Also includes a couple of essays on writing and fan fiction.

Manic Ramblings and Delirious Ranting

    Rob's Pile of Ramblings
    Toy reviews, episode critiques, miscellaneous frothful babbling -- this is where it all goes.


Background Music

    Transformers Background Music
    Text descriptions of the background music used in the American cartoons, including G1, Beast Wars, and Beast Machines. There once were sound clips, too, but those are gone till I find a free server that doesn't frown upon linking to dozens of .wav files. Also -- I have no plans to do a list for Robots in Disguise, 'cause I absolutely loathed the background music in the series -- on the very rare occasions I could actually hear it.
  • G1 - Season 1
  • G1 - Season 2
  • G1 - Season 3
  • Beast Wars
  • Beast Machines



    TF Web Links
    Everything you need, reduced to five simple links.