Rob's Pile of Transformers: Best & Worst of A.T.T. 2000

THREAD: "Skir speaks out about threats to his life" That cowardly Skir! Hiding behind the Web from people who say they want to murder him! Gee, what a big chicken.

Trannies! At last!

THREAD: "Poll, who doesn't have Deathy kill-filed?"

THREAD: "What do do about Skir." --- White Dove's proposition for a massive walkout/ignore-fest at Skir's BotCon panel.

THREAD: "A Challenge for G1 Fans" --- started to list Beast Machines' continuity flaws with regards to the original series. Degraded into another Skir-bashing festival. Nobody really came up with any actual contradictions.

THREAD: "Seacons pronunciation" --- Zob brings to light that some people don't know how to pronounce SEA-uh-CONS correctly. ;]'s trollish spoiler posts for BM Season 2. What an ass.

SPQQY: TWrecks, Che, Icebird, Mechatron

Supreme Cheetor pix

THREAD: "Heroes and Guns"
Neale's reaction to Skir's take on guns. Flame war city.

THREAD: "Cheetor's Stripping"
An odd image. And yet another absurd flamewar.

Hooks wrote in message news:HAAT4.2373$
> M Sipher wrote in message
> news:8fltim$3gg$
> *snip*
> My gods, man... I don't even think I can list that many toys off th'top of
> my head, let alone name them specific to a certain feature.
> That's DAMN impressive.

And pretty sad in a way, come to think about it.

M "Well, It Was Either This Or Remember High School Chemistry..." Sipher

ObTFs: What's the deal with the construction helmets? Spike had one, Sparkplug had one, the racecar driver in The Key to Vector Sigma had one...are they mind control helmets? Maybe the Decepticons have been controlling the humans all along in a fiendish plot!

"Marc Graham"
(Whatever happened to that "Brawn Lives!" thread.... [Don't say it died - good threads don't die - they just join the FAQ] ..)

Robowang, on bringing his Ramjet suit to BotCon:
If I bring it, you gotta promise not to rip orr the jet intake like that kid did at halloween. It's okay though, cause I ran his bike over with my car for ruining my 'jet suit.

5/19 makes a stunning debut with this post:
Subject: Fire Convoy: A masterpiece!

Hopefully Hasbro will get a clue as to what real Transfans want and give us a real reason why we love Transformers. Takara seems to have tapped in to that reason very nicely.

I want this thing:
[Fortunately, 50 or more Tranfans were quick to jump in and protest that they, too, are "real Transfans".]

From M Sipher:


Oh dear. I can't read entire sections of this. Yow.

I may be scarred for life. Again.

M "Oh, It's Gonna Take Some Electroshock To Erase This..." Sipher

Subject: Re: [TOY] Bring Me the Head of Optimus Prime!!
Date: 23 May 2000 00:24:41 GMT

[This was a thread I started, in which I stated that I used to disassemble my TFs to remove their heads. When I saw Zob's reply, only the first line, shown below, was visible: ]

Okay, the more time I spend on this newsgroup, the more scared I get. :)

[Right, okay, so Zob thinks I'm a scary freak for decapitating my hapless TF toys. I got no problem with that. Then I scroll down and see the rest of the post:]

I did the EXACT SAME THING as a kid...

Kil - Michael Kilborn McCarthy
"..and let it be called.... BEAST WARS!!!!" could certainly be skipped over though. Geez, just thinking off _that _made a BM version pop into my head...

BM Primal: " for now, let the battle, which I caused because I failed and everything that's happened is all my fault, even though I don't have any idea how or why... be here, on this Cybertron ruled by Megatron and his drones, which by the way is my fault in case I forgot to mention that in the last five cycles... and let it be called... BEAST MACHINES!"

BM Cheetor: "Period!"

Subject: Re: how do U visualize ATT
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 23:43:20 +0100
Organization: Customer of Planet Online

I see it as a dark, swamp like place, were if you tread to close to the water, you get eaten, and your remains are left by the side, as a warning to others.............

Dan the Artguy:
That was actually a low yield, localized Nuetron explosion is memory serves correctly. If it was Nuclear the GIJOES and Cobra forces in the vicinity would be ash>;) But to add to that...Brawn still lives!! That was a just a fleshwound baby!!! (His repair systems are slowly reassembling him atom by atom as we speak>=)


M Sipher wrote:
> The trick is, ToyFare has had a HISTORY of not checking facts and making
> mistakes.

They never could get the names of the Transmetals straight.... and those were the toys that had their names printed on them. :/

THREAD: "Binary Bonding isn't the Answer!" / "How tough are Transformers?" A great discussion of whether or not the humans could destroy the Transformers.

From the discussion of Simon Furman's two-page comic "The Last Days of Optimus Prime":
Michael Payton ( howled at the mono:
>As far as I'm concerned this whole thing is HIS sandbox. Hasbro just
>comes along once a year & breaks all the toys, and he creates new
>masterpieces based on the carnage they leave behind. ;-)

From Neale Davidson, after ripping into the poor quality of most smutty fanfics:

"Also, for reference, adding more 'o's to the word 'oh' doesn't make it more convincing..."

Excerpts from Thylacine2000's "Bringing Newbies into BW" postings:

from Code of Hero:
{Rampage} "You brought us all the way here to look at scenery?"
{Megatron} "I don't care for your tone, Rampage." *spark crush*
{Audience member} "Watch yo' mouth, bitch."

from The Agenda:
{Rhinox} "Well that's just dandy!"
{Audience member} "I guess he's not the one who calls everything after himself."
{Different audience member} "Well that's just rhino!"

from Optimal Situation:
{Cheetor> "Bigbot... what's happening to you?"
{Audience member> "He's becoming a new toy."

from Feral Scream:
{Silverbolt} (aims at Feral Cheetor)
{OpOp} "Silverbolt, don't! That's *Cheetor*!"
{Audience member}"Bang."

and the best one of all, from Nemesis 2:
{Primal} "Dinobot, save yourself!"
{Dinobot}"Farewell, Optimus Primal..." (dies)
{Audience member} "Optimus had wings, Dinobot didn't. Maybe he meant 'save yourself' in the 'screw you' sort of way?"

Neale Davidson in the TF Smut Sites thread, on the allure of Charlotte Brogden: "BotCon 2000! Come for the toys.. stay for the toys.. .just remember to clean them up afterwards! And, ladies, please don't look at Countdown's base THAT way while there are children present!"

from Gustavo_Wombat:
In article ,
"Trailswipe" wrote:
> I hate the way that original Laser Op looks. His stickers and
> color scheme are totaly garish and ruin a totally great toy.
> TF:CR black battle convoy is must buy for me because he
> looks great in black and there doesn't appear to be any
> cornball stickers on his chest or sides of tanker.

Cornball stickers on the sides of the trailer!?!?!? It's Optimus Prime burning down a forest! What could be cooler than that?

THREAD: "[ENCORE] (The Return of) The Autobots' Hidden Master"
A bizarre thread started by Vindicator, about how Alpha Trion is supposedly a shrewd manipulator controlling the Autobots for his own selfish ends. Ballooned up to over 70 posts including Zob and Skyflight at each other's throats before settling down and arguing rationally, and a phenomenal bit of oration on the nature of canon by M Sipher. It was the best of threads; it was the worst of threads. Also generated a cute parody thread a bit later, about how all the re-release vids had Alpha Trion in them: "Rhino's Hidden Master"

Bench Press Studios announces: the TF comic deal is dead as a doorknob

from Kil:
"*giggle* That "period" thing of BM Cheets's has got to be my favorite thing from the series. I know it's not meant to be _funny_, but dammit it is, and now not only have been tacking it onto to the end of every sentence of Cheetor's..

Rattrap: "Are you sure this gonna work?"
Cheetor: "As sure as I AM TRANSFORMED!"
Me (aloud and to the TV screen): "PERIOD!!"

..but I now find myself imaging it at the end of all sorts of lines...

Ultra Magnus: "I can't deal with that now, period!"
Galvatron: "Well all I can say is... BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA, period!"
WWFFBW Megs: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, yessss, period!"

Bad news: No Skir at BotCon :[ Rumors immediately begin flying about the cause: death threats! Immature fans! The official reason is "work conflicts"... a few sane souls like John Runski realize that regardless of the reason, the really sad thing is that we're at a point where such things have to be considered at all...

THREAD: "Words i learned from transformers"

From Suspy, on BM Silverbolt:
"Looking at the pictures on Ben Yee's site, it appears that in condor form, his robot head just hangs there between his legs. And in robot form, his condor head hangs from between his robot legs. This guy's a double Buttmaster! And he's carrying (gasp) a giant set of hedge clippers! Stand back, citizens! This bush needs a good trim!"

ATTCMod initiates the Cartoon Viewing Club discussions, with "A Prime Problem".

From Thy, on BW Megs vs. BM Megs:
"That's a dire, extreme, and totally unmistakable personality rewrite which has nothing at all to do with the fact that he claimed to have the power to huff, puff, and blow the Maximals' house down in Nemesis."

THREAD: "G1-Style Toys For Sure!"

THREAD: "CQ Essay: Poetic Justice" - Raksha drops by ATT long enough to start a big mess, saying that BW fans' reaction to BM is exactly her reaction to BW, and she's got no sympathy for them, in not-quite-so-civil terms. Spawned over 200 followups and a huge flame-fest.

ATTCMod THREAD: "Does Nightbird's Intelligence Really Matter?"

THREAD: "Need MP43 Decompressor" -- someone makes totally off-topic post. A dozen people condemn him for it. A dozen other people condemn the first dozen for being anal. Ad nauseum.

From: "Targetmaster Seed Gundam"
Subject: [News] Takara issues recall on popular Wild Ride TF:CR tires

From: (Darwinian Road Kill)
Subject: Re: [BMach] Well, someone likes the show.

Duo Maxwell ( wrote:
: (Though listening to the BM sucks whining is as annoying as people who still
: cannot get over the Ewoks in ROTJ after nearly 20 years.)

Ewoks are... amusing.

"Agh! Teddy bears with sticks! Let's forget our years of elite shock-troop training, drop our superior weapons and *RUN!*" :)

But I can deal with it.

: Of course, they
: have all added Han Shooting First and Jar Jar to their undending whining
: tirade.)

And the Nemoidians. "My evir lace of stereotypes will prevair." (Don't blame me, that's what they sound like.)

From: "M Sipher"

Darwinian Road Kill wrote in message news:8qp8nk$fjf$
> And the Nemoidians. "My evir lace of stereotypes will prevair." (Don't
> blame me, that's what they sound like.)

Am I the only one who DOESN'T hear it that way? They sund more... Slavic. Transylvanian.

("WEHLCAHM, Princess AmiDAHla... I want to SAHCK your BLAHD... it is PEHRfectly leGAHL...")

THREAD: "Interview with Hasbro Rep concerning BM....."
An interview of Jen Donahoe of Hasbro by SwiftEagle, spawning lots of fun speculation, including a round denouncement of its authenticity by TigerMegatron nee Deathasaurus and a forged reply allegedly by Hasbro. Way to go, Jax.

from the thread "NEW TOYS...G1 Style, FOR SURE!!"
Zobovor wrote:
> Cheetor's name was apparently derived by taking the word "cheetah" and adding
> the "-or" suffix to it, as has been done on countless occasions with character
> like Perceptor, Injector, and Tankor. (Not to mention plenty of He-Man
> characters like Skeletor, Grizzlor, Stinkor...) The suffix usually means "on
> who does something," so just as it is the Terminator's job to terminate people
> Waspinator apparently goes around waspinating others, whatever that means.

From Tengu, on RTTMod:
> the toys are fun, the mythos is cool, but it's not a religion or a way to
> live your life. Any world view that relies on the manufacturing and
> sale of little plastic robots is bound to fracture sooner or later.

From BW Sidecutter, on Gigatron:
Subject: Re: Gimme some advice on TF:CR toys!

>M "And Then There's THE HAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!!!!" Sipher

I know. If I could just bring myself to dismount him froim his terrific pose astride a beast mode Supreme Cheetor's back, using the buig cat like a war steed, I'd hav him in hand mode, no doubt threatening the Autobots with the Middle Finger of Doom.

RTTMod THREAD: "TFs as Muffins"
Ha. Ha ha ha. Ha!

ATTCMod discusses "City of Steel" for the October CVC. Oh, pity on you if you missed the ritualistic shredding of this clunker of an episode!

Most laughs for my money: Turin's Radio Free Cybertron review.
I have a theory that the Alligatacon is actually a sentient Decepticon, that Starscream was in love with... oh, wait. Wrong episode."

Best quote from the discussions, from Skyflight:
>The most gratingly bad line of the episode is when one of the Autobots (I think it was Mirage) says "This alligator is big and heavy." I expected him to follow up with "Putting one foot in front of the other makes me go forward."

Runner up, from Polaris and Zob:
>- "The Autobots may have destroyed our city of New Cybertron..." Er, actually it's still in pretty okay condition.

MEGATRON: Oh. Er, the Autobots may have mortally *wounded* our city of New Cybertron...

SOUNDWAVE: Actually, I think it might pull through, sir.

THREAD: "Beast Machines: Evil and Vicious"
An article by a paronoid parent sets off an annoyed and longevitous reaction from the TF fan community

THREADS: "G1 Sucks" / "I Hate G1"
Rattrap60 says, "Hi, I'm a troll. Flame me." ATT obliges.

THREAD: "Zob's Thoughts on Interpretting Canon"
Interesting thread, going on yet again about the validity and extent of personal interpretations of what we see on our TV screen.

THREAD: "Fans of Cheesey G1 eps--UNTIE! I mean, UNITE! :)"
Happy fun G1 discussion by folks not afraid to stand up and say "I LIKE 'Child's Play'!"

THREAD: "How can dealers sleep at night?"

THREAD: "New TF online Store!!"
Controversy over Dan Khanna's TF artwork and its legality. Rough year for Dan, this.

Good news! Rhino TF:TM DVD and G1 DVDs from Japan!

Bad news! The Brave Maximus recolor of Fortress Maximus will not include his main guns and some other bits. Stupid!

Zob strikes: "Soundwave is Opportunistic, Backstabbing Scum"

BW Sidecutter proposes to manufacture replacements for Brave Maximus's missing guns. How cool is that??

Whiz Bang Toys holds a huge rarities auction on Ebay, including character animation cells from the cartoon!

From Robowang
Zob wrote: >Answer for 10/3: Motormater's roller car is identical from the front and back.

Motormater? Is this the counterpart to Dusty's Dildacon?

Zob strikes again: "Decpticon Medics Don't Exist. PERIOD!"

And DVD replied:
Dave Van Domelen, if it doesn't blow things up or make one's enemies do your bidding, a Decepticon isn't too interested in researching it.... ~

From ShadowWing, in "Furmans defence case - the expensive lawyers moving in"

Crespo99 wrote
>My Reply to all the statments in the message above the message above:

Who the what where why? :) Oh, wait, I get it now. Let the games...go forth or somethin...

Transformers: The Movie on DVD hits stores and the hands of happy Transfans everywhere!

THREAD: " 'Hot Rod screws things up' quotes everywhere..."
A long discussion of Hot Rod's role in the movie and subsequent ascention to leadership.

THREAD: "We are getting carrobot in 2001"
Once again, people fail to notice that ALL Japanese TF lines last about one year, and then go away.

From Joona Palaste, in the "just got GOD MAGNUS from planetanime" thread, which had spiralled into a massively off-topic mess about violence, guns, and bullets:
BW Sidecutter scribbled the following:
> No. See, the ballets are illegal because they have a law there that

Ballets are illegal? This American mocking of European culture has definitely gone too far this time. =)

THREAD: "G1 Megatron in USA? I think not, nooooo."
Holy cow - a claim with actual EVIDENCE. Damn. Too bad... a re-release would've made a lot of folks happy. Now we've got lots of slavering speculators waiting to move in...

Continued disappointment and controversy over G1 Megs not being legal for sale in the US.

THREAD: "[OT] Battle Suit Rouge"
A topic that should never have been posted here sets off yet another flame war over topicality. Yippee.

THREAD: "Why Bigger=Simpler?"
Good question about the toys. Why IS Supreme Cheetor so simple?

3H Enterprises announces: Botcon 2001 is in Durham, NC. Hooray, say the East Coast fans. debuts, as well.

12/10/00 returns on-line with new toy pix (Strika, Noble, and Stealth Cheetor) and news of the rumored Transtech Transformers line's demise. ATT rejoices.

THREAD: "What About TF's Annoys You?"
Your chance to gripe about the less-than-perfect facets of Transformers.


From a Christmastime .sig file:
"Christmas is the right of all sentient beings" - Santa Conoy
"Is that, cheer, you're feeling, poster?" - A Festive Rampage

THREAD: "OK, who called Rush Limbaugh?"
Proof that politics and ATT don't mix. "Major Transformer collecting dittoes"??

From: William Ramsden

On 15 Dec 2000, KIDkoRRuPt wrote:
->does anyone know the real life counterparts of the minicars...example-bumblebee ->is a volkswagon beetle..thanks!

Well, Cosmos is a Betelgeuse Trading Scout Class Saucer... :)

Dec. 19

From: Joona I Palaste
Subject: Re: What happened to Jazz and Bumblebee?

Spamticon King of the Potato People scribbled the following:
> Oh? an what do you think was in that vat of Unicrons?

"Vat of Unicrons"? Must have been a really big vat.

THREAD: "Where to put your off-topic posts! (v1.0)" The latest shot in the long-running OT wars, which have been particularly fierce of late.

From Devvi, in that thread:
ObTF: Everyone who's seen my Brave Max has liked it. Everyone. I'm not crazy about it, as you may know. After thinking about it for a second, the reason why everyone likes it became quite clear. They didn't pay $143.00 for it, I did. :)

Dec 26th
THREAD: "What's Your Haul?"
It's Christmastime on ATT!

Dec 27th
THREAD: "New WLmrt Ex.: Tripredacus Agent"
Just in case you didn't have enough versions of Cheetor toys. And let's bash each other over Takara vs. Hasbro, too.

Dec. 29th
TrypticonX makes a stunning debut on ATT, to the mystification and bafflement of all.

Dec 31st
On this, the final day of the year, we have the following flame wars:
THREAD: "[DUTCH] RE: Hooper_X Vs The Dutch" (34 posts)
THREAD: "Argus vs Hooper_x, a minor statement to ATT." (42 posts)
THREAD: "oh my god...Frank Welker is a god" (27+ posts)
THREAD: "Do all TF fans," (28+ posts)

Ain't this place great?

Oh, and we got Supreme Primal and Unicron toy prototype pix on Ebay. Joy!

The end! Happy 2001, everybody!

And one last bit, from the Botcon 2000 MSTing:

DINOBOT: No. On Cybertron I will merely be a Predacon criminal. But on this planet I have no equal.

SIPHER : Just some Sweet 'N' Low.

[I guess it's only funny if you can recall how Dinobot said the line... :]

RATCHET & MIRAGE : This alligator is big and heavy!
PRIME : From the looks of it, I'd say a little of both.

SIPHER & ROB : This plot is dull and stupid!
DOUG : From the looks of it, I'd say a LOT of both.

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