Rob's Pile of Transformers: Rob's Best (and Worst) of Alt.Toys.Transformers 2001

Posted 1/06/02

"[Poll] Most Stupid Comic"
Nice discussion of ways in which Bob Budiansky's comics ain't so bad after all

THREAD: "How Many ATT Transfans Have Significant Others?"
Predictably, this spawned a lil exchange of flames, but also a couple of funny bits:

From: hydrad304@aol.computron (Hydra Darkwings)
Yes, I have a C-9 Girlfriendacon which seems to be so rare in these parts... it
is the rare Chinese edition, circa 1981, and one of the most valuable items in
my collection. I have owned it for over a year now. It was sealed and like new
when I got her, but I naturally can never resist playing with my toys, so now
it's loose. It received about a point of wear over the last year from eating
its own cooking, but I think I can attempt repair.

From: (Robowang who tastes mighty good)
Well, I had one, but she pissed me off, so I shoved her off a cliff. She died
on impact. So I proceeded to cut off her limbs and tie them to the "Just
Slaughtered" sign on the back of my car, like wedding trash. Jingle Jangle.

Fun with Sanrah:
THREAD: "I'm Thinking About Leaving ATT"
THREAD: "Good Bye To You All"
Sanrah threatens to leave. ATT says, don't let the door hit you in the
butt. Sanrah takes great offense at ATT's use of the words "door" and

Normally I ignore TrypticonX, but this just cracked me up:
sanrah writes:
> especially being one of a very few number of women here. I seriously
> considering leaving this site and never posting here again!

Have fun storming the castle! Don't let the ponies kick you on the way out
of the non site of the place!

Newsgroups! A contempt for prancing newsgroups!

THREAD: "On BM how did Megatron take over?"
Nice speculation thread on how BM Megs got home and took the control.
Included the idea that maybe he just used his fire breath to propell
himself through space, inspiring the following thought:

Anthrax, who had a vision of Megs saying "I'll huff and I'll puff 'til all
the sparks are MINE!" as he travels backwards in space.

Jack Caligari wrote:
>And here I thought I just collected toys because it was enjoyable. Well
>thank you for finally showing me the error of my ways.

No, I think he's right. The only reason I hoard toys is because I'm
desperately trying to fill a gap... For example, there's still space on my Beast Machines shelves for Rattrap...

THREAD: "Why Didn't Megatron try to steal the B.E.T.?"
From Walky:
Hooks wrote:
>Please. The corporate heads of BET hold more firepower in their holsters
>than the entire Decepticon army.

Yeah, but Megatron would just stick their arms on buildings.

THREAD: "The Taxables and the Credit Bonds"
Holy shit, this is the funniest thing I've seen in many months. Zob puts
AOL's voice recognition software to the test with lines from TF:TM, and it
fails spectacularly:

Behold: gal went wrong! In the show human beings: Scored contractor, and
defenseman sweeps... Cycle was the warrior, and his arm on a. In this
show readership.

Correlation stars frames this is & Co. Megan Chavez that you? Here's the

And for some reason, I'm highly amused by this bit of Xiphos's sig:

"Bear the position, it will good for yourselfs, ain't it?"-HotRod, making
even less sense than usual

NEWS: The TM2 Cheetor repaint "Tripedacus Agent" is, apparently, Ravage.
And so was Shadow Panther. Cool!

THREAD: "Essay: Starscream, Part1", "Essay: Starscream, Part2"
Nice discussion of Starscream and Megatron.

Lady Razorsharp wrote:
Well Galvatron is like the National Enquirer. So gruesome, you can't look away,
so sensational and in your face you can't really escape him. Twisted, yet entertaining.

THREAD: "the one thing that always cracks you up.............."
From: William Ramsden <>

Ghost in the machine, has to be:

Cyclonus: Scourge attacks Galvatron, and now travels to Cybertron to join
the Autobots. Galvatron needs to *know* about this.

It's jus... I know what he means, but the way he says it suggests
he doesn't think Galvy knows that Scourge attacked him. I know Big Purple
with Orange Gun is a bit out of touch with Sanity FM at times, but, Cyc
old friend... I think he noticed.

From "3Y3" <>, replying to a post that commented that Ratchet and Ironhide can't stand up:

what? how on earth can you start a discussion about ironhide/ratchet being
the worst toys and start by making reference to their LEGS?!?!?

good god man...lets look at the more pressing issues with the 2
figures...THEY AIN'T GOT NO HEAD!!!!!!

From Kuno Christoffel <> [re: the Rally's promo TF]:
Dusty ( wrote:
> oh PUH-LEASE!!!!!
> Just let it go. There is no way any sane person can say this toy is
> better than ANY of the beast machines toys, including the Beast riders.
> Have some common sense.

Well, I believe that this toy is superior to all of the Beast Machines
toys, the Aerialbots except for Air Raid *and* The White Album, and
I'm perfectly sane.

THREAD: "[META] [TV] I'm very concerned... (Gundam and Transformers)"
A good question... what's Gundam got that Transformers don't?

THREAD: "[TOY] Rotorforce: World's Greatest Cat Toy!"
A one-joke thread that took on a life of its own.

THREAD: "[BM] Did the Generals Know?"
Proof that discussion still lives on ATT!

THREAD: "ive got a pencil"

Also, happy G1 fans everywhere pick up the new PVC figures. And weigh them.


From Zob, in "Essay: Starscream, Part1"
Anyway, the only reason I really don't see Starscream as a domestic abuse case
is because of his motives, which I ascribe to his desire for Decepticon
leadership. That, more than whatever pathological need he may very well have
to continually place himself within fusion cannon range, is what drives him, I
think. I mean, you don't hear about too many battered spouses muttering under
their breath, "Just you wait... one of these days, I *will* rule this
household. The checkbook shall be MINE!" :)

ATTCMod THREAD: "megatron vs galvatron"
From corvus:
But, what IS clear is that for Prime to die on that table it took
Megatron using wreckage, a laser-sword, and a convieniently placed
gun. Prime beat Megatron's metal tail and reduced him to near-oblivion
with only the power of his fists. :>

From Thylacine2000, in response to DVD's Battle Convoy review:
And, the totally senseless trailer deco.
"Optimus Prime Octane" only makes sense if you know about the series-2
triplechanger.... and even then, it doesn't make *that* much sense. Plus,
apparently burning down is the right of all sentient forests. Uh... huh.

From Polaris, on RTTMod:
Okay, so a few people have labelled BM Megatron's dragon tail arm in
robot mode as a spark extractor. What I found out is that it actually
_works_. Well, not in the press-a-button-and-watch-ripping-out-spark-horror-action...

From William Ramsden, on RTTMod:
On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, foster_lager wrote:
-> William Ramsden <> wrote:
->> Always my favourite. Somehow I found the Decepticon Micros easier to
->> swallow... no joke intended- my cat found it easy to swallow one of the
->> Race Car Patrol, but that's all-
->Don't leave us hanging after a setup like that? What happened to the guy
->from the Race Car Patrol? Did you find him in the litter box three days
->later? What shape was he in?

Do not grieve. He is one with the Matrix. All that we found.. was
his left foot, chewed off and spat out. He is, I believe, in the same
place as Zarak's arm, most of the small Protectobot pistols, and several
lego bricks. That cat was Megatron's greatest warrior... he even knocked
Starscream off a table.

THREAD: "[OT] Re: Piertje Numeereo qwuatro !!!!!!!!"
Proof that ATT & controlled substances don't mix. Never post drunk, kids,
no matter how funny you think it is at the time.

Nevertheless, I admit, this quote from Hooper made me laugh:

>Try to remember that next time you get ambushed by hurling Devvi's chasing
>ghost Apelinqs.

I will give a dollar to ANYONE who can tell me, in plain English, what the
*fuck* this sentence is supposed to mean.

THREAD: "What's the most abusive act you've ever performed on a TF?"
I haven't even read it yet, but come on, how can this NOT be a great

THREAD: "Evil Hasbro"
Hasbro takes legal action against the owner of domain name "". Right or wrong? ATT plays judge in this exciting little drama.

THREAD: "Question for Decepticon Fans"
Yes, this oldest of fan debates is STILL capable of wringing intelligence out of the fandom.

NEWS: Hasbro's pre-ToyFair press release announces Robots In Disguise,
returning to the themes of the "classic" TF line from the 80s.

NEWS: confirms: Robots in Disguise will consist of the Car Robots line. Fans rejoice or weep, depending on whether or not they already spent heaps of cash importing the toys from Japan. The newsgroup goes absolutely NUTS with speculation and reactions in the following days. And various persons cross their fingers hoping Devil Gigatron will be included in the lineup. :]

From Doug Dlin, tranlsating Super Fire Convoy's voice box:
Saibatoron senshi, toransufohmu! (Cybertron warriors, transform!)

Or, if you prefer the alternate interpretation of that third line
offered to the group a while back, "I'm a goldfish! Golf ball!" :-)

From Tengu, on Japanese lines vs. U.S. lines:
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, I
always say. Or in this case, the grass is always greener, translucent,
limited to 3000 pieces, and associated with some bizarre manga
sweepstakes that involves the correct naming of singing cuttlefish.

THREAD: "My toyfair access denied."
DeathaTigerMegasauruswhatever gets kicked out of Toyfair a week before it
starts. We love you, man.

From William Ramsden, re: More Than Meets the Eye
Megatron: you've lost Prime! The Decepticons have won!

Ironhide: Yeah! Who-hoo!

Bluestreak: <cough> Uh, Ironhide... we're the Autobots. They're the

Ironhide: Huh? Oh damn.

Prime: There's a thin line between being a hero and being senile.

THREAD: "Wait one damn minute here..."
Go Film <> makes the brilliant, inspired, and CERTAINLY never-before-heard claim that Hasbro should re-release G1 EXACTLY THE WAY IT WAS because BEAST WARS SUX D00D!!!! And Brian Kilby started his response thusly:

TRUK NOT MUNKY wrote in message news:961f3k$efb$


From Walky:
>Oh well, at least they'll look like a bit foolish when it's all said and

Yes. Ben stands behind the massive ally known as Truth. And none
can defy Truth. All who laugh at Truth will eventually look like

So swears Walky.

Also from Walky:
Prime IS a wimp! When they revived him in RoOP, what was his plan?
That's right! He had no plan! A real man never admits he doesn't have a
plan. A real man would change the subject to something like sports or

THREAD: "I got into hasbro toy fair building"
Oh man. Don't ever leave us, Deathy. We LOVE you.

*Sigh*. News of Robots In Disguise spreads and pictures from Toyfair go up on the web, prompting ATT to erupt into flames and chaos.

Also... someone calling themselves "TRUKK_NOT_MUNKY!" posts a lot of nothing, repeatedly, prompting Brian Kilby to write the following:

"Unicron" <> wrote in message
> No you fool! It's, "Trukk not fire trukk!"

NO! It's "Trukk not FIRE munky!"

Fiiiirrrrrreee Munky!

Then Thy added:

No, no, no.



The sun rises, prompting ATT to erupt in flames and chaos.

From Darwinian Road Kill:
Pyre[Rock] ( wrote:
: I still can't shake the feeling that they're going to put G2 Prime's
: electronics into FC. Maybe Black Convoy will get G2 Megs. "Black
: attack!"

So basically, it's a toss-up between "I hm Hmtimus mmmfff!" or "Take a
Goldfish! Transform!".

From Walky:
<Bob> Wow, I miss those old G1 toys! Starscream, Prime, Jazz....
<Jason> Yeah, me too! Octopunch, Fangry, Treadbolt...
<Bob> ....who?
<Jason> They were G1ers too! Remember the octopus guy, the hairy
wolf, and the guy who couldn't transform?
<Bob> What? That's not G1!
<Jason> Sure it was! It just came out in the later years.
<Bob> Hey, I"m talking about the REAL G1. Cars. Planes. Cassette tapes.
<Jason> Yeah, I really like Venom, myself.
<Bob> Who?
<Jason> Deluxe Insecticon!
<Bob> Dude, don't get me started on that Beast Crap!
<Jason> But... Grimlock is from 1985!
<Bob> That's not real G1!
<Jason> So... let me get this straight. G1 is only the first two years of
minus the Dinobots, minus the Insecticons--
<Bob> Only the "Deluxe" ones.
<Jason> Okay.
<Bob> Yeah, those were REAL G1. That's the classic stuff.
<Jason> Yeah, like that time they cut off Prime's arm and put it on the
Empire State Building!
<Bob> ...what? Is that when he goes falling down the cliff?
<Jason> No, no, that's in More Than Meets The Eye.
<Bob> Oh, yeah. That's what I'm talking about. More Than Meets The
Eye was REAL G1.
<Jason> So the rest of it isn't?
<Bob> Hell no.
<Jason> Not even the comic?
<Bob> ...comic?

From Finkmeansgoo:
The hologram was a
projectile that made Ravage run away during the first fight in the
parking lot. He had some expositional thought bubble, along the lines
of "Lo! How angry will he be, this Ravage, when disovereth he that he
runs from merely a hologram! Verily, forsooth."

From ViceGrip:
I had someone point out to me tonight that you aren't a Transfan if you're
happy with the product. :)

From Zepherimus:
>>I wonder if making love to Botanica is like making love to a fern or
>Well, she's more like a fern in plant mode and more like a tree in robot
>Just be careful when you plant it all the way up to the root, since she'll
>sap all over you.

So if she's related to a pine, would that be cone-ilingus?

From Zobovor (waiting for Siph to find his pictures of the unproduced Gobot molds):
M Sipher wrote:
>> I'm still waiting for M Sipher to cough that one up myself. Lazy
>> bastard.
>This is why I will not kill you personally, Zob. It will be done by other
>methods. And you will not see them coming. Oh yess.

Have your assassin call my assassin and they can do the poison goblet thing.

[and after the pictures were finally posted...]
>M "Happy Now?" Sipher

No! Where's the Takrara Arcee prototype photo??? You never do ANYTHING for
us! Takara loves us and Sipher HATES us... *sniff*

Seen in a .sig file:
Michael R. Baraniecki
Space Ghost sounds and Videogame MIDIs
- Voted #1 by those asked which site they never want to see again

From Zob, on ATTCM:
Removing Starscream from the equation, though, Megatron really never punished
anybody effectively. The Decepticons didn't really fear his wrath, which
usually consisted of something to the effect of, "You fools! I hate you. I
should melt you down or something. Well anyway, here is your next mission..."

From Punicron:
> > Ok, I know most TF lingo, but what is a "retcon"?
> That's because "retcon" isn't TF lingo, it's comic book lingo (that
> has been adapted to a wider venue as time went by).

I think it should be TF lingo - how about a toy line of Evil Retcons(tm),
led by the despicable Skir-otron? :)

THREAD: [TFTM] TFTM the "Greatest Movie Ever"?
Brian Kilby tackles some ludicrous claims about TF:TM.

THREAD: "Why RiD Will Destroy G1"
Discussion of RID's impact on continuity and future G1 product from Hasbro.

From M Sipher:
> This isn't a terrible thing. This won't kill G1, but rather ensure its
> survival to 2002 and beyond.
I can't imagine how you can actually "kill" G1. I mean, unless RiD will come
into each of our houses, melt down our toys, erase our hard drives, steal
our tapes and erase our memories... G1 won't be "dead".

From Zepherimus:
Just give up Zob, there is no continuity. You have long stretches of paved
road, and then strips of dusty, bumpy, muddy dirt road.

From Zob:
> Zobovor... howsabout next time, they make Optimus Prime transform into a tank?
> That would certainly be new and exciting. Why call him Optimus Prime at all,
> though? Next time, I think the leader of the Autobots should be called Frank.
> Frank the tank. Hey, as long as Hasbro's keeping the Transformers name alive,
> we shouldn't complain, right?

From Zepherimus:
I'm not a Star Trek fan, but i've watched it on occasion. IIRC, there was
an episode where Paris and Janeway did go into Warp 10, went everywhere
simultaneously, and then got turned into lizards for their trouble.

Also from Zeph:
And for any curious newbies, a member of Breastforce is called Kill Bison,
which then became compared to such names as : Club Seal, Shoot Spotted Owl
and the like.

From Thy, on the Astrotrain scene in the Movie:
Zob wrote:
> Well, obviously "survival of the fittest" really means "we've got a team of
> expertly trained medical personnel waiting just outside the ship, so go ahead,
> they'll get you fixed up in no time."

And "No, please don't!" means "Why of course, it *is* just about time for
my annual physical!"

THREAD: "[META] The Whereabouts of Nixtr"
From Darwinian Roadkill:
CoolSlider ( wrote:
: Have you seen our good friend The_Nixtr around lately? Because lord knows
: the authorities have:

Oh sweet Primus in a chicken basket...

[and that's all I have to say about that.]

From Zob, on "The Ultimate Doom":
Zobovor... and I'm sorry, but the dialogue still sucks tremendously in this
trilogy. "I can't even see the road! I'm going to reverse the polarity of my
windshield to repel all rain and hail molecules! Aah, that's better." This
makes me sick to my stomach! I'm going to expel the contents of my stomach to
ease my nausea. Aah, that's better.

From Hooks, on the video to "The Touch":

From Hooligan:
> but what's a actopn master ? ;)

An ancient fungi warrior that, in his later years was
known for his ability to regurgitate diced vegetables
into the shape of small geese. Or so the legend goes.

The Trannies finally arrive! Hooray! Some favorite quotes:

From the "Best Combiner Team" category:
Combiner teams just don't thrill me, but Blot's a giant nose monster,
and Rippersnapper is a landshark. I can't argue with that.

From the "Best Character Name" category:
Diagnostic Drone. Why? Because that's just what he is. It's like
calling Optimus Prime "Leader Truck" or Blackarachnia "Immasculating

From "Character You Most Want to Lobotomize with a Runaway Arc Welder":
Jetstorm. Best of all, it actually happened!

From "Worst Tech Spec Quote":
"Let's get ready to make some noise!" -Nightscream.
How's about we start with the sound of me ripping your hair out?
--Daniel "Suspsy" Suh

From "Most Breakable Toy":
Not just G1 Smokescreen, but his brothers Prowl and Bluestreak, as
well as Jazz, Skids, and Sideswipe, all for the same thing. One wrong
turn gets you the undocumented third mode - a convertible.
--Aaron Hong, Red Dragon AuraThunder Ranger

From "Best Fight Scene in an Episode":
Depth Charge. Rampage. Revenge in the Pit. Think the fight in
Nemesis was cool? Wait'll you see this! Only on pay per view live!
Don't miss it!

From "Best Fight Scene in the Movie":
Well, it has to be the Optimus/Megatron Final Showdown (tm). "I shall
crush you with my bare hands! And this javelin! And this cutting tool!
And this... oh sod it." *BLAM*
--Ryan "Darwinian Road Kill" Hawe

From "BW or BM?":
Beast Wars. Beast Wars is ice cream. Beast Machines is ice cream
covered crap. Beast Wars is sparkling water. Beast Machines is sewer
water. Beast Wars is a nice juicy porterhouse. Beast Machines is
--Philip N. Zeman

Whenever this topic comes up, I come to the same conclusion...Beast
Wars greatest strength was HEART. And that's something BM *never*
had. BM couldn't take itself lightly. It couldn't unwind. It was
too busy trying to make us realize how "KEWL" the show we were
watching was. Beast Wars was FUN. The characters were endearing, the
stories had a light feel. BM wanted you to hold your breath in
suspense...BW wanted you to enjoy yourself.
--John DeLuna

From "Character Who Should Be President":
Big Daddy. He'd turn this country around, Big Daddy-style.

From M Sipher (re: Mutant Soundwave):
Walkerton <> wrote in message
> > > Besides, you want quiet intimidation, how do you beat
> > > an alligator?
> >
> > I give up. How do you beat an alligator?
> With a bat.



Bad news: is shutting down. No surprise, considering they haven't updated in about two years, but still disappointing.

THREAD: "Tokyo Toy Show "Bad News" "
Boy, I never get tired of seeing people declare that Hasbro and Takara suck for not doing exactly "what the fans want". No, wait, it's watching those people get shredded afterwards with logic and facts that I never get tired of.

Saved for the benefit of posterity:

Subject: here's my inside contacts info
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 15:33:35 -0400 (EDT)

( MARV) I cant reveal those names of the inside contacts I know. I like
ben yee have been told not to post advanced information or inside names
on the internret. ( MARV) how do you think I was always right about up
comming toys & such. I was the first person to reveal the secret
information about the NEO Dinobots comming to america. I was the first
to announce TFCR comming to america in both toy & show form. now for the
benefit of ATT I will reveal more advanced info. . Hasbro in the year
2002 will be doing another G-2 theme & will release some old school TF
toys. right now there is in depth discussion on what particular stations
will air the repeats of the TF G-1 cartoon seasons 1-3. FOX & Cartoon
network are trying to air the series. season 3 of TF G-1 seems to have
the most appeal to these stations & there is talks about releasing some
season 3 toys like rodimus prime,galvatron,hot-rod ,blurr
,clclonus,scourge & many others.
Thats all the info I can give to ATT right now.
keep checking my post on ATT for more news as it comes available to me.

From Hooks:
Because everyone loves G1. _EVERYONE_. I mean, who wants to have new toys
that are original, posable, and look damn good? Who wants to continue on
with new mythos, new stories, new characters, and new adventures to enjoy
for all ages? WE WANT A BIG, RED FACE ON EVERY TOY. That is what
Transformers is about, baby. A big, red face.

THREAD: Why wasnt skids used much in the cartoon?
Fun little discussion of this mysterybot's near-total absence from the show.

From Hypertron, on "A Prime Problem":
Okay, look teletran1 has dinobots kicking it, contructicons pouring acid on it,
and Chip Chase reprograming it. I think it could miss a few small details.

-Teletran1 one- These robots are perfectly similer.

-Wheeljack- Um, thats Bumble Bee, and that Iron Hide

-Teletran One- Oops.

and from Prowl:
THe best idea would probably to go and kick Megatron's @$$, and then see which
Proime still remains walking and talking.

THREAD: "Do TFs count as anime?"
From Zob, on animated characters actually being animated:
(Beast Wars is great for this, too. In any scene in which
the Maximals are doing absolutely nothing, Rhinox will still be waving his arms
around and wobbling back and forth a bit for no good reason. It actually
*doesn't* make sense for robots to be in a constant state of motion, but it is
excellent animation.)

THREAD: "Ark+Earth=Ice age."
Science is hard!! But pseudo-science is pretty easy. Stand back, citizens, while Thylacine2000 and Finback kick biological booty.

THREAD: "[FOX] Fall schedule - They did *WHAT* to TF:CR?"
More speculation on the coming of RiD, and a round denouncement of female Starscream fanfic characters. Yay!

From watsiejankins@aol.comblock (Watsie):
Swindle as a used car salesman is pretty accurate, but it begs mention of his
competition, Crazy Galvatron's Used Autos, If he can't put you behind the wheel
of one of his previously owned gems, he'll grind you under his heel like the
fleshling insect you are. Why? Because he's crazy!

THREAD: "Yay! It's official: Transformers are a fad."
Some interesting rumination on what made TFs so popular, then and now.

They [Transformers] weren't a fad like the pet rock, they were a fad like....bread.

From Doug Dlin:
On Apr. 13, 2001, Zobovor wrote:
> So, the gigantic Primus head at the center of Cybertron is... what?
>A cardboard cut-out?

Sssh! :-)


THREAD: "[Cartoon] Insecticon Question..."
Where did they come from? And *what* was the name of the Decepticon ship again?...

From Zob:
I don't consider Prowl to be an
>especially poetic or compelling name for a strategist who never prowls
>anywhere. But it's still his name.

No, it's not. His name is Man. Jazz calls him by that name in "The Ultimate
Doom" when he says, "Worry later, Man! We've got some rescuing to do!"

And from Thy:
See, Hook and Scavenger switched bodies briefly in that episode. What else
could explain that what Megatron tells Hook to implant inside his vital organs
an object with enough explosive power to destroy the entire world, Hook just
*drops it in*?

"It is do--"


THREAD: "Japenese Metals Ravage price"
What's the solution to tons of stupid fans willingly paying way too much for Japanese toys? Why, screaming at dealers, of course.

THREAD: "Lines that crack you up?"
Transfans savage some of the dumbest words ever spoken by a Transformer. Uhhhhh... we are HERE!

THREAD: "New Names for the Combaticons??"
From Crazysteve:
I think they won't change a thing because they're trying to milk the nostalgia
factor. But here are my guesses:

Vortex: Vort-'X' or 'Astrotrain-X' (to milk the better known character's name)
Brawl: 'B'-rawl or possibly 'Supreme Megatron Assault Vehicle'
Swindle: Swind-'L' or 'Evil Hound'
Bruticus: 'Combaticon Agent' or 'Ultimate Combining Decepticon Team'
Onslaught: 'Super Tough Action Rig' or simply 'S.T.A.R.'
Blast-Off: 'B.O.' or 'Astrotrain-X' (to milk the better known character's name)

[The really sad thing is, these aren't much worse than some of the ones that actually got used...]

"So...are Galvatron and Megatron the Same Guy?"
"PROOF that Megatron and Galvatron are the same 'bot!"
"Stop bashing Galvatron, the greatest leader!"
With over 120 posts between 'em, it's proof that ATT doesn't need Raksha to fan the flames of the MIG/MING debates.

From Brian Kilby:
the Decepticons don't NEED medics. They fix themselves. If they can't
they're thrown out the shuttle. /:)

From Finback, on the dumber Constructicons as medics:
<Scavenger> What the... hey guys, come over and check this thing out I
found! Look! *rips out vital piece of machinery*... uhhhhhh, that was a
wrong thing, wasn't it?
<Hook> Go put a quarter in the Don't jar, Scavenger.

First round of the Fanfic Reviewing... erm... thing. Cool!

The AOL Troll returns yet again. Proof that those who most need to die, never do.

THREAD: "Almost Arrested with Browning"
Fun with cops and toy guns! Well, fun if you're into being handcuffed. :O

From: Goldbug <> [aka Deathy] wrote:
> ODDLY enough I used gun Megatron to rob a gas station, you should have
> seen the look on the arabian buys face. I got $1000 dollars & went on
> a huge transformer toy buying spree.
Then he was abducted by an alien carrying Shockwave. ;)

THREAD: "[META] As-yet-unused TF names"
Who needs name-recycling?

THREAD: "blue bw tm2 megatron on ebay"
An incredible Photoshop job? Unlikely. So what the heck IS it??

THREAD: "ATT VS The All Spark."
Oh dear.

From Polaris:
Polaris, with new elite signature!

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From Thy:
Very beginning of "Burden Hardest to Bear".

Broadside is getting chased through a body of water by Devastator and

One of the latter two (likely Predaking, just because it doesn't sound
like Dev) says something like:

"Eat our cheese and PERISH, Broadside!"

THREAD: "Childhood Mistakes"

From Punicron:
I took my toys apart in my teenage years too to see how they worked, and
managed to lose the screw that held Metroplex's torso together, and
eventually after a few more years in a toybox the rest of his innards
followed...I still have him on display though, having the shattered hulk of
a 'bot that size surrounded by Decepticons looks pretty cool :)

I've tried putting Fixit next to him on the shelf, just on the offchance
that toys really _do_ come alive at night, so far no improvement in his
condition...maybe I need to invest in a Ratchet or a Wheeljack...

THREAD: "Transformers clips in The Professional"
Ahhh, topic drift! A restatement of an already-well known TF pop culture references wanders off into fun discussion of Nightbeat/Minerva, Japanese romanization, humor in BW/BM, angsty characters, and dragons, before naturally culminating in some interpersonal flaming.

From Walky, who has a deep and profound knowledge of dinosaurs:
Dinosaurs are big scaley lizard things, and dragons are big scaley lizard
Dragons even had wings before we found out dinosaurs are birds! They're
all so connected. Like the mob.

From Jackpot, on a line from "Only Human":
I seem to remember a little "heh" in there between "still" and "only."
It's as though Springer's impressing himself with his own reference
to... the title.

(But I suppose if anyone could have enough ironic distance to realize
that he's in a cartoon, it's Springer.)

THREAD: "Question on Time Continuity"
From Jackpot:
"Walkerton" <> wrote in message
> Thanks, Jacky. That's what I was trying to say despite my verbal
> ineptitude.

No problem. "Eptitude" is my middle name.

- Jackpot (who had exceptionally cruel parents)

That Rob Cypher guy returns. It's rumored that some people notice. Most ATTers do not believe these rumors.

Rikard Bakke comes through again, with an in-depth interview with G1 voice actor Jack Angel. Awesome!

From (Gabi T.M. D'Galvatron), quoting Mr. Angel:
>But having said that, I applaud your interest in
>[Transformers] or anything else you choose to develop an interest in.

Soundwave : He scrambled the massage Starscream .
Screamer : Then UN-scramble it . I don't trust our voice actors !
(click , gurgle , scratch)

Replay : PLEASE *do* develop OTHER interests . Please ... )

[heh. Scrambled the *massage*? :]

THREAD: "I Miss Beast Wars"
Fun and silliness returns to ATT! Act now, limited time only! Spawned the following short-lived imitators:
"I Miss Furman Dialogue"
"I Miss Beast Machines"
"I Miss Machine Wars"

From Thy, quoting his co-workers, re - Beast Wars:
But by far the most popular character was Tigatron, who was, quote, "one
spiritual mothaf***a", and whose repeatedly-stated-in-the-show motto was
"I must kill you, because God told me to."

Damn I love my job.

From (michael nicolai):
Al Gore: (reaching into his locker) Oh yeah, well, Supreme Cheetor

George W: (reaching into his napsack)!!! Ultra Jetstorm .... um,

Both: Toy transforming sounds and agonized grunts!

George W: Jetstorm missle launch!

Al Gore: Cheetor shelf-warming action!

George W: Uggh! Okay you win. (leaves White House)

Al Gore: Score one for the American electoral system!

Kool Aid Man: Oh, Yeah!

From Walky:
Wildman is an excellent, excellent artist. Just not the best choice for
Transformers. He draws nice people in trash cans and helmets.

However, as his sense of emotion and action are wonderful, I generally
overlook the shortcomings.

NEWS: Supreme Primal is definately most likely cancelled. :[
NEWS: Rhino will release the entire first season of G1 on a DVD box set! :]

THREAD: So. Very. Tired.
From ObTF to a full-blow discussion of how and if TFs sleep.

From Tiger Hawk:
Zob wrote:
> It's funny. I used to delude myself by actually *believing* the parenting
> magazines that said that the four o'clock feedings et al. would be a thing of
> the past after about 12 months of age or so. But for me, personally... it
> NEVER ends. :P

I guess we got lucky. Our daughter sleeps through the night. So for
me, the 4 AM feedings (except for the odd night) are OVER. FINISHED.

Recharge wrote (re: BW2 Galvatron):
Yeah, but we've determined that most of the JTF stuff is goofy. The power
nappin' Con overlord who likes to get drunk and codependantly beat his brother
rules though.

From Ben Cremeens <>:
So G1 Comic Ratchet pushes himself too hard and falls asleep at the
operating table. Prime tells him to take a nap. (Sound advice: Naps solve
everything that cannot be solved with duct tape, WD40, JB Weld, large
amounts of grain alcohol, or a mixture thereof.)

From Warwolf:
Speaking of the comics, I'm fond of the sound effects. Here's a sampling
from the US comics ...

BUK-WHOOM! (Unicron 'sploding in TFTM #3), which is not to be confused with ...

BAWHOOM ('splosion from #47), which true sound effects connoisseurs would never
confuse with ...

BAWOOM (Starscream blasting Omega Supreme in #50), which is subtly different
from ...
BAKOOM! (Megatron blasting an unknown Autobot in #57), which shouldn't be
confused with the less explosive and just plain ...

KOOM (Galvy blasting Megs in #78). Am I the only person to have spent sleepless
nights wondering how many KOOMs make one BAKOOM?
SPATCH! (Grimlock smacking Fangry in #77. Fangry's terse response, "KKKT!")

But for sheer outrageousness there's no beating the sound of Fireflight firing
in #50 ...



A religious figure. Also a TF sound effect. So wacky.

THREAD: "Gobots Generation 2"
Thank you, Rob Cypher, for the inspiration AND the thread title! Sadly, you do not figure into my future plans!

From Jackpot:
It's not about _finding_ some mythical pre-existing meaning. It's
about the challenge of _creating_ a meaning that broadens a children's
cartoon into something deeper and more satisfying to the
twentysomething mind. It's about some damned intellectual fun, the
spirit of which is ruined when someone decides the spell must be
broken with the mindless reproachment that "it's only a cartoon." As
though we're all supposed to just slap our foreheads, chuckle with
epiphany, and give up this silly game because _we're_ somehow the ones
who missed the point.

From Daniel Suh <>
"People of the world, I am Robot-Master!" -DF
Laugh at me, give me a wedgie, and stuff me into a locker!

THREAD: [ART] There be Mugshots
Starts as a web update announcement. Evolves into a heated discussion of the nature of art and representation. Will it degenerate into outright flames?! Stay tuned!

From Punicron:
I have to admit, I'm a bit confused by DBZ - every time I watch, it's the
same thing:
Floaty Bad Guy: ' will never defeat me!'
Floaty Good Guy: 'Raaaaaah!' (starts glowing, makes ground explode)
Floaty Bad Guy (emerging from smoke): 'Hahahahahaa.'
Other stuff happens occasionally, does it? :)

Antarctic Press's TF guide Cybertronian ships. Cool!

From one of Deathy's replies to DVD's review of Cybertronian:
(DuoMaxwell) Does the words DISEASE mean anything to you. Kids get sick
all the time.
A lot of people have aids & other deadly diseases. I dont see the lure
in buying a beat up toy in a opened box. Loose toys are not worth buying
because there generally gone through the mill. That's why so many buy
the Takara re-issue because they want a GERM FREE toy.

THREAD: "Absolutely unbelieveable G1 TV series news."
Could the UK maybe someday get DVDs of the Japanese cartoons?

Skir posts some news passed along by the producers of RiD. And the misconception that he's working on the series himself is forever enshrined in the fandom.

THREAD: "Call of the Intelligentsia"
Discussion of Furman's religous references

THREAD: "RID 2 pack minicars on eBay!"

From Deathy, in reply to How to Win Friends and Influence ATT:
(STEVE) How many times are you going to post this thread. I have seen
the same damn thread once a week for 2 years. Enough is enough, please
cut it out.

To which Hoop replied:
HELLO? It's the newsgroup's FAQ. These are SUPPOSED to be posted. It's a law
or some shit.

From Tonyfitz:
And of course, there's those inadvertant bids that sometimes happen. Like
the time I outbid John DeLuna on Submerauder. Hey, how was I supposed to who
his handle on ebay wasn't even close to what he uses on ATT or IRC? Sorry
John. :)

--Ant, btw, Submerauder says hi John! :)

THREAD: "[TOY] Pretender Monsters--what the heck is wrong with these ROTTEN things"
Wildfly says: "Iiiiii'm melllllllltinnnnnnnng....."

From Hooks:
You know, if those [Find Your Fate] books were being published today, I'm sure some advocate somewhere in the United States would try to say they're rotting the kids'
minds. I mean, what kid wouldn't be tormented by choosing Gears to press
the red button, flipping the page, and seeing, "READER YOU FOOL. YOU JUST

Also on this day in history: DAWN OF THE WAR FORK.

THREAD: "More Skullduggery from"
Does have *any* content that's not nabbed from somewhere else??

From a troll post springs an in-depth discussion of Cheetor's characterization in BM and the role of supernatural entities in TFs. Truly, we are mighty!

[6/25/01 -- damn, this thread is still going!]

From Zob:
Part of the problem with Beast Machines Megatron is that he's not *really* a
character. We don't get to know him on a personal level like we do in Beast
Wars--stuff like catching him in a nap or brushing his teeth or playing with
his rubber ducky. It's not so much that Beast Machines Megatron would never do
these things, but it's not our place to see them, since he's more of a Force of
Evil than an actual character. He's simply the Bad Guy--the source from which
all bad things come, who also happens to have a name and a history. He's treated very differently than your standard Transformers villain--he's Dr.
Claw. It's enough to know that he's there somewhere, and he's evil, and that
he is the author of most of the events that put the story in motion.

From Sipher:
> How did
> Rampage eat an entire colony?

He didn't fill up at the salad bar first.

THREAD: "Blue Megatron I know it's old but..."
GOD I hope this thing shows up at BotCon in some form, if only to head off an endless and fruitless debate.....

THREAD: "Re: Drunk people (was: Re: [FAQ] How to win friends and influence ATT)"
HOW could this happen?? How could a flamewar come from THIS of all posts?? Are you people braindead?!?

6/14/01 -- oh well, at least it's spawning some discussion now.
From Hoop:
(*Was* there ever actually a stigma about collecting the [Go-Bot] toys? I mean, it
seems to me that if I can get over the fact that I'm a grown adult who buys
children's playthings, precisely what *kind* of transforming robots I'm into
shouldn't matter too much...)

From Merytneith <>, on G1 Megatron:
I don't care what you say, Walky, he may have had his whiny moments,
but you gotta hand it to a guy who chooses Death By Horrific Consuming Disease
against his enemies. Damn Wheeljack and his duplicator!!

From Vice Grip:
Zobovor wrote...
> the piasma energy chamber...

You suppose that's where Mirage got his piasma mine biaster? ;)

THREAD: "RiD non-show characters? What will hasbro do?"
Say DAMN, Trent. Jeez.

From Merytneith <>:
> And then there's TM2 Megs' problems.
> One -- his neck is useless.

What's it *supposed* to do? "Here kids, all new TM2 Megatron With Action Neck
that detaches into pieces to form an army of Neck-ro-Bots"??? It holds up his
spiffy dragon head! That's all it needs to do!

THREAD: "Five G1 TF's you MUST own..."
THREAD: "Five BW TF's you MUST own..."

THREAD: "Since when in the hell???"
MISB G1 Prowl goes for $1000 on Ebay. ATT calls for the nice young men in their clean white coats. Skyflight (on ATTCM) offers up an interesting discourse on the nature of shill bidding.

From Deathy:
According to my calculations Prowl was not
re-released for G-2.

[yes, but according to my calcule, less than 10 steses pods had not crashed to the earth during the alien blast.]

THREAD: "Things To Avoid At Botcon"

THREAD: "HEY ROB CYPHER! Here's one Prowl's been saving for you!"
How not to trap a troll!

THREAD: "(OT) Hard Drive damage caused by "Prowl"'s device"
...and how to reply to a lame troll trap. *ZING*.

From Zob, in the Fanfic Reviews of DVD's "Skyjack Trilogy":
I've come to despise adverbs. Hate them, hate them! If you ever catch me writing another
"he said, conspiratorially" or "she noted, nonchalantly" please feel free to
kick me in the head.

ZMFTS: "I'm so sick of fighting with FTP," he said uploadingly.

From Doug Dlin:
Steve-o wrote:
> I am pure eVIL. The proof is on some guy's website:

I dunno, Steve. I don't think pure eVIL (or EVIL, Evil, or even just
evil) looks so much like it's stifling a giggle. Maybe 65% pure evil.
But keep trying.

THREAD: "Am I seeing things, or"
How do TFs do it?

From Jackpot:
Punch does it in the front or the back.

Vortex does it with two connector pegs.

- Jackpot (who does does it by sheer luck.)
"Thylacine 2000 does it with yo' mama."

NEWS: "God Ginrai to be among the re-releases"
Good news... if you're into sucky block-like G1 suck figures that suck.

Kickass essay from Zob: "Unicron: Character or Plot Device?"

THREAD: "The Fast and The Furious movie"
d00d we can post whatever we anwnt on att and u cant stop us hurr hurrrrr

Thylacine2000 pontificates on Wheelie's discovery of fire.

NEWS: Supreme Primal is almost certainly coming out! TRU exclusive?

NEWS: RiD is nearly here!

NEWS: PVC Act 4 is announced. The fandom... yawns. Where's my Brawn, dammit?

THREAD: "Questions to ask at Botcon 2001 hasbro panel."
Or, to clarify that a bit, questions NOT to ask at the BC Hasbro panel.

Do Transformer comics and cartoons exist within the Transformers' own fictional universe?

From Punicron:
But the main thought I had is, would there be any Decepticon toys at all?
The Autobots, perhaps, being visible heroic figures an' all, but would they
have Megatron toys if there was a real one going around actually comitting
atrocities? It'd be like selling 'Slobodan Milosevic and the Serbian Death
Squad' action figures, can't see it going down well at all...

NEWS: PVC Act-3's Fortress Maximus will be broken into 6 parts, each of which will then be distributed across the face of the globe or shot into orbit or into the EARTH'S MOLTEN CORE. You must travel the world and capture each piece, to prevent Cobra from assembling Fort Max and gaining total global domination!

July 4th, 2001

From Zob:
Zobovor... remember, everybody, that the G2 GoBot named Firecracker is not
actually supposed to be lit on fire. Although it could be fun, I suppose.

THREAD: "Overlord question"
Deathy wrote:
why are you interested in a MISB overlord?
If you are like the typical ATTer then your going to ripp the box open.
the typical ATTer applies all off the stickers too. If you are going
to do the 2 mentioned above things PLEASE get the damn toy loose.
spending $300 for a overlord & depreciating the value by adding stickers
is a pure shame.

And later, he also wrote:
CONTRARY to ATT belief I am no FUCKING IDIOT. Sure I like mint is
sealed box toys.
I don't buy TF toys over the internet or E-bay.
I go to the toy conventions & buy my MISB TF toys. I must open the box
flap of any TF toy I buy & see the toy sealed inside or in proper order.
Trying to to put a bunch of rocks in a TF box will never ,ever get
passed me.

And then, on top of all that:
THREAD: "Spqqky has botcon 2001 exclusives on e-bay."
A total fiction. The key part of a *joke*, people, is that it has to be *funny*.

Now then, folks... are we *sure* Deathy's for real?

From Zob, on Megabolt Megatron:
>Why is this bad news?

That's what I'm trying to figure out. The bad news would have been that this
thing wasn't going to be released at ALL. Me, I'm looking forward to it with
great... lookingforwardtoishness. Or something.

From Sipher:
I wonder if the Hasbro reps dread the BotCon panels. I half-imagine it's
Hasbro's equivalent of the Goofy suit at Disney.


THREAD: "PVC Chase figures--why bother?"
Good question. Good grief.

THREAD: [TOY] [bad news] JRX's RiD name

From Walky:
> - Jackpot (who thought Delbo's stuff actually didn't look half bad
> when he inked himself in issue sixty-something (the Moby Dick one), but
> otherwise... blah.)

I once inked myself. But that was after a little too much alcohol.

From Jackpot, after posting an art piece:
- Jackpot (who will take every comment as a personal attack. Even
the good ones. ESPECIALLY the good ones, you lying pack of
sweet-talking suck-ups.)

Followed by:
> Coooo'. I dig.

God, everybody just HAS to take a dig at me. YOU WON'T HAVE YOUR

YES. We MUST tell everyone else how to own and collect their toys. Because OUR way is the ONLY RIGHT WAY. And EVERYONE WHO DISAGREES IS A FUCKING MORON. YES.

THREAD: Mugshots (?)
Some total nimrod announces that he's one-upping that silly M Sipher by making his poster images available free on the web. Boy! What a nice guy! That'll show those damn artists, and maybe teach THEM to actually try and make a profit on their own labor!

From Zob:
Incidentally, I do own one Go-Bot that a friend gave
>me... he's silverish grey and blue, but I can't tell if he's Megatron or
>Blowout. The only pics I was able to find made the two look identical.
>What's the difference?

Tell the toy that you're going to take out the trash because the bag's gotten
full. If the toy fails to respond, "What supreme irony!" then it's not


NEWS: BotCon exclusives are white BW Ravage --> Tigatron and pink TM2 Blackarachnia --> Arcee; 2 cool posters; 2 cool t-shirts, 3 Vince DiCola CDs.

NEWS: Blue Megatron *is* real, is a new character named Cryotek, and will be a store exclusive this fall.

From Duo Maxwell:
The last time a new toy put me in really good spirits was getting Thrust
around this time last year. I had been looking for him for so long without luck, and I
finally found one. It was around 8PM and I had the thing in my hands and was flipping it
off, telling it that "I've finally got you MOTHERFUCKER!! BWAHAHA!!!"

From Bobbi Carothers:
> Anybody know exactly how to make Arcee speak?

Sunlight seems to work better than artificial. We had to keep our hotel
curtains drawn to keep her from babbling all day.

-Bobbi... wondering if the hotel cleaning staff was freaked out by
hundreds of talking boxes all weekend...

NEWS: Robots in Disguise starts showing up all over the country. Hooray!

From Brian Kilby:
>thing is, there are a lot more intelligent people then you might think

Yeah, there are more intelligent people than I think. That's true. Of
course, there are far more stupid people than I could ever fathom. /:)

From Merytneith:
> Zobovor! Dear, non-clownlike Zobovor!
> Renounce the God of Strictly Partitioned Continuities and be SAVED!
> Embrace the God of Intertextuality, enthralling zillions of zealous literature
> lovers everywhere! Take up the crusade for the Holy Retcon! Squash together
> comic book terms with cartoon terms with fan-made terms, and do it with
> reckless, bacchanalian abandon! There will be much rejoicing!

GARDNER(bunchanumbers) makes an auspicious debut on ATT by posting the same anti-RiD rant to twenty threads. Beautiful.
[okay, he made up for it later. Welcome aboard, dude.]

NEWS: Characters, voice actors for RiD cartoon announced

From "Brendoconandonandonandon" <>: [heh!]
"prince j3" <> wrote:
> Devil Gigatron - Gigatron

So Megatron = Devil Gigatron in Gigatron colors; and Devil Gigatron in Devil
Gigatron colours = Gigatron...

but if Gigatron = Megatron, that means that *Brendocon's head explodes*

YES. Hasbro should cater to US and nobody else. Because what WE want is what EVERYONE wants. And WE are ALL the buying power. All few-thousand-or-so of us overshadow the millions of kids out there. Hasbro should do what WE WANT THEM TO.

...what was it that "we" want them to do again?

THREAD: " [BotCon] Hooper_X's BotCon 2001 Review: Sunday"
THREAD: "Hooper_X: Now 150% More Hated Than Rob Cypher!"
Over 120 posts total. Hoop sure knows how to get the people talkin'. Topics include: Star Drive vs. Nemesis, writer intent, Dutchbotters, and some lovely Skyflight-bashing. Oh joy.

THREAD: "The Touch is an inspirational song"
From Brian Kilby:
Wow, I'm not the only one. "The Touch" REALLY helped me when I was depressed
and suicidal back in late '96. I've always been confident in my
intelligence. I'm good at just about everything, always did well in school
with absolutely no effort, could multiply and add big numbers and stuff in
my head and stupid stuff like that. When I got into college, I finally had
dedicated Internet access. One day I took an online IQ test. I scored 128. I
was devastated. Not that that's a bad score, it's just _way_ under what I
was expecting. I gave up school, I gave up my friends, I gave up EVERYTHING.
At the time I had the impression that if I didn't have my mind, what did I

I gave it all up. I felt like the stupidest person on Earth.

Then my friend bought the TFTM soundtrack. He let me borrow it.

Upon hearing "The Touch" my life was changed. I wasn't the stupidest person

I got my act together and had a professional IQ test, turns out that
original IQ test was bull hockey, I was a lot smarter than I even thought. I
felt a lot better.

From Duo:
So a fave character dies, it happens.
People die in war, even fake robot people in fake robot wars that take place
on cartoons and funnybooks.

From Sipher, on the word "fuck":
And it's such a handy, VERSATILE word. It does so much with just four
letters. It's a Swiss Army Word.

From Benjamin A. Cremeens:
I opened SideBurn first, and soon found myself with a half-car, half-robot
and no way to go forward or back.

THREAD: "Living with a psycho sucks"
Oh, Jetbolt. Sometimes you almost make me regret killfiling you.

THREAD: "Sometimes First Impressions Can Be Wrong"
Holy shit. Is this... *peace and haromony* on ATT??

THREAD: "Are any RID's female???"
Great discussion of the characterization of female Transformers.

From ShadowWing:
>No, not at all. If that's how she is, that's how she is, and I'm not
>going to say she should be different. My mom's the same way. But
>neither of our mothers is a soldier in an army of alien robots, right?

Actually, mine is. :)
The thing is they *DO* exist. There *WERE* Indians who didn't know proper English.
There *were* and *are* blacks who like watermelon and Germans who like
sourkraut (God knows why), and there are female soldiers who have maternal
instincts and can still blast your face off.

From N-Bomb:
>I don't see how your Sky Lynx example is relevant. The space shuttle
>*is* white. It's entirely appropriate for Sky Lynx to be white.
>(Astrotrain and Blast Off could learn some things from him! :) )

Well, why *should* it be white?? If that ain't another example of "the MAN"
putting down the brothas, I don't know what is... :P

From (Zero Ichimei), on female characters being just like one of the guys:
Rattrap and Rhinox are definately two perfect 'bots to use as a base, a smelly
rude obnoxious rat, and a big rock breaking peaceful yet violent at times
rhinocerous. These are definately the real role models for todays female
transfan to follow after...

From Shadowturtle:
BTW if J'NWann is where all the cool "dead" TFs go, is J'NToo where
all the not-so-cool, repainted in very strange colour combinations
"dead" TFs go? :)

From HooperUnderscoreX:
One of the few REALLY cool things Yaniger drew was the Dinomodes. Yaniger's Dinobots
looked like badass fucking metal monstrosities, here to kick your ass and eat
your babies.

From Thylacine:
Oh, btw, thanks Coolslider for raping my childhood. Nixtr has NOTHING
on you. I loved that Snaptrap. I *CHERISHED* that Snaptrap. He was my
best friend in the whole wide world. When nobody else listened to me,
Snaptrap listened to me. When nobody else cared, he cared. He dried my
tears away and told me everything would be fine. And once I grew up
(.......), I decided that it was only right to let a great, loving
friend like *MY* Snaptrap be a caring companion and nurturer for some
other kid out there who really needed one. So I sold one to you, CS.
And what do I see at Botcon? Why, it's CS, selling the Snaptrap that I
sold him. Probably to Capething, who ate him.

Then again, what should I have expected from a Canadian.

From Pyre[Rock], running TFTM dialogue through Burnmaker:
"This bullshit is my hairy command: you are to fuckin' destroy the
fucking Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Oh, my God. You are a cracked
wanna-be used up fuck. That piece of shit is the fucking one shit, the
fucking *only* shit, that can stand in my fucking way."

THREAD: "My complaints about Botcon"
...are stupid, thoughtless, shallow and self-centered.

From TonyFitz:
> held in a large city like NY "Manhattan" when I proposed this they thought
>I was crazy.

If there was a "Botcon" in your so-called "Manhattan" it would be enormously
"overpriced." Personally, I'd love to hop on the "subway" from "Queens" and
be at Botcon in a little "under" and "hour" for the "cost" of a "$"1.50, but
then "cost" of what I "would" spend on a "hotel" room and a "plane" fare
would be deferred "to" "Botcon" Admission and Exclusives.

From Hoop:
Jameel wrote (quoting somebody or other):
>> I just don't like the area's Botcon is held in. 3H is affraid to hold it NY
>> because when I said it to the they rolled there EYES. Almost all the areas
>> Botcon has been held where depressed. If I want that I will goto Harlem or
>> the South Bronx hey there is an Idea the South Bronx real cheap hall space.
>> And within walking distance of Bill Clinton office.Make me Yak

>What? Can someone translate this for me?



THREAD: "An idea how they could reissue G1 Megatron"
Wow.... the depth of non-understanding here is breathtaking.

From Kilby, on Hasbro making G1 Megs available through special ordering:
"Mail Away Death. Toy Company Resorts To Postal Service To Deliver Deadly

Also: Rikke Bakard leaves ATT. :[

THREAD: "Hasbro screws up again!! Boycot Rid!!"
Holy damn, it's every bad fanboy stereotype ever, all in one run-on paragraph.

Posted by DeltaStar, following up his own post:
Subject: Re: Punch repro labels now availabel!

And in case you're wondering, "availabel" is a typo, not a really bad pun.

The insanely perky Jen One leaves ATT. I blame myself... but I guess it's TOO LATE FOR APOLOGIES.

Raksha drops by for another fun-filled flame fest. MeanATTersSuck won't let us forget that once she made some post about two types of ATTers.

From Sipher:
MeanATTersSuck <> wrote in message

> To Devvi and anyone that met his post with similar vulgarities,
> Do you shake hands with those fingers you are typing with?

Because we all know the dangerous Profanity Germs are so easily spread
through contact with inanimate objects. Oh, FUCK, I can see them crawling
all over me! They're squealing "Freemasons run the fucking country!"

And from Hoop:


-HX, so quit jumping off the roof with mom's bathtowel around your neck.

From Walky:
> It was suicide that killed Ironhide. Think about it. You just got shot
>in the chest, not dead...yet. What do you do? Paw at Megaton's feet? Or
>keep your mouth shut and hope an opportunity opens to surprise them in a last
> ditch effort? Or just lay there and die?

Ironhide would rather stay and die than live with the knowledge that
he ran, abandoned his comrades!

From Sipher:
I'm half-hoping 3H gets a little more... strict, in some regards. They give
so much and take so much shit. Why they haven't had anyone brutally killed I
don't know. (Or maybe they have and we just don't know it. Where WAS Barger
this year?)

From Walky:
> > I bought the NEW mold RID
> > toys again.
> Why? If you've already got the CR versions, why would you want the RiD
> versions when, for all intents and purposes, they're the SAME THING.

No way, man. When Hasbro brought them over, they automatically
turned into crap!

THREAD: "[RiD][Show] Voice Cast List"

From Zob:
>As long as you don't start calling yourself a Junkion or a Lithonian in
>real life, I wouldn't worry.

Hey, I'll start using Kranix dialogue in everyday life!

"Arblus, look! It's the mailman!"

"I'm late for work! The CAR! Get to the car, it's our only chance!"

From negative <>, on ATTCMod:
At this show I picked up a gun clip to
complete my loose Galvatron toy. I showed the toy to my Mom and said I
wasn't sure if I would keep it or try to sell/trade it. She said :

"He looks like a snowmobile battering ram thing that drills into

THREAD: "Girls and the Transformers Who Love Them."
Rose-Tursi's roommate kills ATT's LONELY.

From Tim Skirvin, on RTTMod:
Of minor added amusement is the text blurb used as generic space-filler
around each character's name. It reads, "Convoy that restoration was
made saves compaines together with the sky Linx." Ah yes, it all
becomes clear now...

Reports from Transforce 2001 filter in. Lucky UK bastards.

THREAD: "[RiD] BIG news (Not concerning *Maximus)..."
The rumor mill says Black Scourgevoy will have his electronics restored; the Combatrons will have Decepticon symbols. Let's have a nice round of d00d t@k@r@ roolz hasblow suxxxorz, shall we?

From Zob, on that topic:
Zobovor... because you can't actually be a fan of *both,* you see. They are
mortal enemies, and you must love one at the expense of the other at all costs.
You're not a True Fan if you don't hate one or the other.

From Doug Kern:
You know now that I got my nice digital camera, I can show the world
pictures of the extremely rare, green variety of JRX! Yes Takara
released this rare variety in the first batches to cater to the early
buyer fans! Those dried out paint bubbles? They are really battle
damage! The sloppy windows? Those are really paint effects to show
off the fact these are bullet trains and can go fast! The paint flaking
when the hands move? That's a special nanotech snow flake weapon!

From Charles Calhoun:
> >stupid mold changes,
> Like... altering colors. Oooh. And fixing Optimus Prime so all his missiles
> don't fire at once, making them INFINITELY harder to lose. That's one mold
> change I'm GLAD for.

Naw Hoop, they also remolded Prowl's door joints so that they won't
break immediately. Which I'm sure undermines the integrity of the
character, or some other otaku crap.

THREAD: "No gnus are good gnus"
Thread about news media and spin. OT, but fun.

THREAD: "Another PREDICATION comes true"
I hate you! You hate me! We're a Usenet family!

From Paul Segal: (Deathsauras) wrote in message
> No , I don't have a time machine That was mere fiction. I figured I could
> make a lot of ATTers laugh with my Time machine TF fanfics.

You don't? This is worse than finding out that Santa Claus and Optimus
Prime aren't real was...Deathy, you really should've put spoiler space
on that...

From Thy, on ATTCMod:
I've met insane
people, and Galvatron is nothing like them. He's just permanently pissed off,
and convinced that no force in the universe can oppose what he thinks of as
good ideas.

And you know, when you're strong enough to destroy planets, is that such an
illogical view to hold?

From Jackpot, on ATTCMod:
Thylacine 2000 wrote:

"Convoy that restoration was made saves companies together with the sky Linx."

I'm glad Trypty-X has found a productive outlet for his talents.

The debut of Robots in Disguise! And a corresponding flood of reviews on ATT.

From Whirlaway, on RiD Megatron's name:
And- it's just *so* much of a coincidence- as the
series unfolds I wonder if there will be any way to relate him with
his 'pred'acessor (joke. funny.)



The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center spawn innumerable threads, since, y'know, the logical place to discuss matters of military strategy and international relations policy is a newsgroup about little plastic toy robots.

NEWS: Toyfare publishes a bit in response to Trent Troop's idea for a Toyfare exclusive. TRENT TROOP'S. NOT BIGBOT.COM'S, despite what content-thieving, idea-swiping Renaud would have you believe.

From Rikard Bakke, who thankfully returned to ATT:
> Personally, I'd love to design and maintian a TF site...I'm a professional
> web designer, and a huge TF fan...I just don't have enough content on
> my own to make a kickin' site.

Apparently, neither does

Also, it's Deathy vs. Marv, or more precisely, Deathy vs. Deathy-disguised-as-Marv. A true battle of the wits, folks. Try not to bruise 'im too badly, Marv.

THREAD: "Vehicle Transformers suck!"
ATT never could take a joke. </bombshell>

From "Cerebros, Headmaster Extraordinaire":
> >Actually, they were mis-carded. The light blue one is Megaplex, in
> >reality.
> How do you figure that?

If you were Megatron, and went to the trouble of making a decoy, would *you*
go into a package that had *your* name on it? Thats what the decoy is for.

Tons of RiD discussion, after over two weeks of nonstop new episodes. Hooray!

From Sipher, on the Build Team:
More than any other group, they suffer HEAVILY from "dubbiness"... the
tendency to speak several lines in a single tone, with a kinda rushed and
unnatural delivery. I half-expect one of them to blurt out "surely the
turtle Gamera cannot be far behind!"

From Jameel:
Yeah, popular stuff sucks! I used to like DBZ until lots of people
started liking it. It wasn't real anime anymore, and I'm a hardcore fan!

Uh, oh, looks like Cowboy Bebop is showing on Cartoon Network now. Can't
like that anymore!

From Sipher:
JORDAN wrote:
> So much for that... I think we can now say that
> the Zone ED is now the official "Gayest TF Song of All Time."

I'm just talking about the song by itself, not with the accompanying
animation of androgenous Japanese children. That's cheating.

I'd have to take another listen to the Zone ending, but I doubt it can beat
out "Flaming Homodrive" or whatever CR's song is called on its audio "merits".

From Suspy:
M Sipher wrote:
> > And ye gods, who would want another
> > Optimus Minor toy?

Feh. You can outwit him just by leaving bottles of Jack Daniels in his path.

From Jackpot:
- Jackpot (Damn, I just pictured a scene of Ratchet dying, maybe
asking Prime to kill him to stop a rampaging Megatron, Megatron doubling
over... and then rising, the Nucleon sustaining him as Prime anguishes
over having just sacrificed Ratchet for nothing. Heh heh heh. I'll be
having sweet dreams tonight....)

Various big threads, on-topic...
"[RID] More Random RiD Rumblings..."
"All Fall Down/comic questions" - nice later US/UK comics discussion
"Dumbest transformers concept?"
"Continuity, I shall miss thee"
"Coherent Continuity is for adults (and fans)"
"New Toyfare issue-Jampacked with tons o' TF stuff"
"Anyone know where I can see the Alignment comic online..."

...and off:
"Rattrap was right"
"Forecast for Kabuhl"

...and one that's both:
"Another TF Charity fundraiser!"

From Desparado:
>He does alright portraits, but doing strip art is something different,

<every ATTer> He does alright portraits, but doing strip art is something

Okay, it's official, I've seen "Airplane" one too many times.

From Squizzle:
Jackpot wrote:
>Polaris wrote:
> > Actually, I'm obviously not as well-informed as you are. Still, I'll
> > gladly fight you to the death to prove the ONE TRUE OPINION!
> That's always what it comes down to, innit? Like every time some
> imposter comes along and tries to take over my life, my friends always
> get confused and never ask good, telling questions. "Fight to the
> death!" every single damn time. "Ask me what my mom's maiden name is!
> My social security number! What my favorite Transformer is! Anything!"

How can we tell which is the REAL Jackpot? I KNOW!


THREAD: "More RiD Rumblings"

From Daniel Suh:
Dude, RID Megatron edges out G1 Megatron for the title of Pretender to the
Name. Sure, G1 Megatron was a big fat loser who wasted his time with stupid
contraptions like a blue griffin, a laser cannon that could flatten a
mountain range but hardly scratch Ironhide, and a robot ninja with the
intelligence of a pizza, but at least he wasn't a big fat loser who sat on
his ass all the time and treated his loyal troops like shit. Seriously, if I
were BW Megs, I'd be ashamed to share the same name with these amateurs.

>Need know price G1 Ultra Magnus.

Reply From:
>Rainier Wolfcastle.

It's a good I am also The Collector! He is frozen in a large batch of
carbonite. I can release him in order to buy G1 Ultra Magnus... but... is it
worth it?

[umm..... but does it saves companies together with the sky links?]

Also, Mery goes on some kind of insane bizarre mock-rampage, slaughtering everyone and everything, and expanding ATT's vocabulary beyond all known limits. Wow.

From Sipher:
Dan the Art Guy wrote:
>...look back at the beginning of Transformers issue #1.

Eyuw. Do I have to? It's got scary Primezilla on the cover with young Anakin
Skywalker's ghostly visage behind him!

THREAD: [ZMFTS] Donald F. Glut Interview

From Zob:
Rik Bakke wrote:
>Jackpot wrote:
>>But I just can't get excited when I see someone rave about their
>>interview with the guy who did Hauler's voice. Woo.
>Hmmm. :)

Aww, Rik, you didn't tell me that you snagged an interview with Hauler's voice
actor! Did you find out what his motivation was during the gripping "hauling"
scene? Was it just a coincidence or a deliberate decision that he later used
the exact same speeech pattern for Flywheels? :)

THREAD: "G1 Prowl Copyright"
THREAD: "More Solid Proof..."
Um... have we run out of things to discuss or what?? :]

Oh good lord, here we go again:
THREAD: "Nightbird . . . A-freakin'-GAIN!!!!"
THREAD: "Changing the Subject Line so Google Won't Thread it"
THREAD: "Mery Pulls Out the Big Guns On "Sapience" "

From Skyflight:
I mean if they said Prime was a three
inch tall potato with arms and a whistle, is that what he is?

From Jackpot:
Skyflight wrote:
An excellent post. I'm impressed, and I have nothing to add to it.
Except this.

> In many
> dictionaries, such as the Encarta World Engligh Dictionay

I wouldn't trust an "Engligh Dictionay" farther than I can throw Trypticon.

[sound of shattering plastic]

Hey, six feet!

- Jackpot (God, I'm a wuss.)

From M Sipher:
Mery wrote:
> So what if I've heard people use it? I've also heard people use "impact"
>like a verb;

Verbing weirdens language.

From Zob:
As for the one melted
by Slag, there's no evidence that he could think for himself. He had to
contact Shockwave *every* single time something new came up so he could get new
orders. This is hardly indicative of any ability to think for himself. He was
probably busy calling Shockwave's number when the Dinobots got free.
"Shockwave, the Dinobots have escaped! Shockwave, the triceratops is breathing
fire on me! Shockwave, I'm a melted puddle of glop!"

From Sky Shadow:
That's okay, I just did my own "man"-on-the-street poll. I asked people who
were *not* Transformers or Star Trek fans (both are subspecies with inherent
nescience when it comes to the word) two questions, asked in a random order.
One was "are you sentient," the other was "are you sapient." After this
comprehensive survey, I reached the following conclusion: most people stare
blankly at me regardless of whether I use the word sapient *or* sentient in
the previous context.

So there you have it. The silent majority isn't just silent, it's

From ShadowTurtle:
Webratta wrote:
> <snip>
> Apparently at one point in time in Britian (I don't know if its still said
> with the same meaning) "slag" was a word describing a very unattractive
> woman. It brings new meaning to being "Cold, hard slag". heh.

I now more than ever say...poor, poor Slag.

p.s. let me introduce my kids, their names are "Butt ugly chick" and "Damn!
What's with her face?"

From Aryeh Cohen-Wade:
This new mega-SCF thingamajig has a detachable hand for Optimus that's
spinning a basketball. I think this is perhaps the greatest thing ever.

THREAD: "The New Toyfare complaint"

From the "I Am Not Making This Up" Department:

Subject: Transforming of men "Wildest Desire"
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 09:37:43 +0200

I'm a transforming Queen. I can transform you to your wildest desires.
E-mail me and I will reply with previous transformations. Believe me it is
worth it!!!
Come on what are you afraid of!!! I dare you.......

THREAD: "Mery Pulls Out the Big Guns On "Sapience" (Was RE: Nightbird etc.)"
Thanks a lot, guys. Now, as with names of the big G1 Japanese dragon Decepticon leader guy and the leader of the female Autobots, I can never again safely use the words "sapient" OR "sentient."

THREAD: "Favourite/Hated TF character"
From Squizzle, on Optimus Primal:
I /love/ that he stopped looking like Generic Optimus by Beast Machines. You
could hear the paradign expanding from miles away.

THREAD: "semi OT: Raksha isnt human"
Oh for luv of...... and people wonder why the topic keeps coming up? >:\

From Squizzle:
"Aaron F. Bourque" <aaronbourque@aol.comstat> wrote...
> From: superspy
> >I just want to thank you for starting what's probably going to
> >be one of the coolest threads ever.
> How cool is it?

It's so cool, people will be flaming one another just to keep warm.

THREAD: "Decepticons are NOT a species (was Re: semi OT: Raksha isnt human)"

From Jackpot: wrote:
> And this is the same chain that won't sell me, a well-over-18 year old guy,
> that 'Armed Terrorist' figure from 21st Century toys.

Come on, Don. In a split second, how would a police officer know you
weren't holding a REAL armed terrorist?

THREAD: More Transformers: Armada from Storm06
Possible news of next year's Transformers line. And look, within about 5 seconds of the news, Renaud registered How long before the corporate sledge hammer falls? Stay tuned, folks.

THREAD: "What Hasbro Oughta Do With the PVCs"
Hasbro vs. Takara, what constitutes "normal", and who would want those dumb little plastic statues in the US, anyway?

THREAD: "Scuttlebutt on the 2002 TF series"
THREAD: "Armada news- Courtesy of Transfandom, Allspark, EZBoard, and the Letter P!"
A flood of rumored info on the upcoming show and toy line.

THREAD: "TF:Armada Toy assortments already???"
When it rains info, it pours. Sheesh.

THREAD: "Armada: Reality Check"
But are we SURE that info is really info? And do we even have any business knowing as much as we may or may not know, anyway? And what of the FLOOR SHOW?

From noname, possibly the most succinct summary of a revolting whining bratty spoiled obnoxious me-me-me d00d-@ssBl0w-SuXX0rz fanboy attitude ever written on ATT:
Let the fans know wtf is going on, then the fans wouldn't have to go
snooping around to find out info that hasbro does not want put out

THREAD: "Direct from your Transformer Insider: Transformers Armada!"
ATT's Patrick Stewart is still alive? Well, is, anyway....

From Malin Huffman:
> Heh, I just find this statement both incredibly hilarious, but not at all
> suprising. Maybe Neale's "sources" aren't just all voices in his head...
> then again, he and the good captain are probably the same person ^_^
> Too bad some people actually believe what Neale says...

You know it's the brotherly bond of Transfandom demonstrated in posts
like this that makes this such a truly special place to be.

Oh wait. No.

It's the sheer pettiness of this sort of remark that is welcomed and
embraced by the vast majority of posters here that makes Hasbro
dismiss TransFandom out of hand. I always get those confused somehow.

NEWS: BotCon 2002 will be in Fort Wayne! And there was much rejoicing!

NEWS: bites the dust, thanks to some not-so-|33+ H@XX0R3Ng d00d. Bad move, Vindicator. VERY uncool.

THREAD: "[RiD] Revenge of Random RiD Rumblings"
Yay! Sipher sez:
The O-Parts are the most pathetically-hidden Alien Devices
ever in the series. I'm suprised Koji hasn't found one in his Cap'n Crunch.
I'm suprised *I* haven't found one in my Cap'n Crunch.

MEGATRON : Hnnnn. I'm hungry. I must find some way of not being hungry
SCOURGE : I have a plan, my liege.
MEGATRON : What? What do you have in mind, Scourge?
SCOURGE : First, we take two pieces of bread.
MEGATRON : I'm listening.
SCOURGE : Then, we spread peanut butter on one of the slices.
SCOURGE : And THEN we place the other piece of bread on top of the other so
the peanut butter is in between them, making a SANDWICH!
MEGATRON : YES! With that sandwich's assumed filling power, I will NEVER be
hungry again! Do not fail me, Scourge!
SCOURGE : Yes, my liege.
MEGATRON : (turning to the monitor) SKY-BYTE YOU FOOL!!!
SKY-BYTE : (In his room) HWA?! WHAT?!
SKY-BYTE : I did? What's going on?
SKY-BYTE : Jelly? Sandwich? What the hell is WRONG with you?

Jackpot replied:
Siph, this should be sealed in a glass case and guarded by dour men with
sunglasses and earpieces.

And Irrellius added:
MEGATRON: My butt, I seem to have lost it!
SCOURGE: maybe if you use your hands to probe your nether regions...

From Tom Walsh, on opening a sealed BW Ultra Megatron:
I was never really considering _not_ opening it, more trying to ration
that new-TF endorphin rush, the last one I bought was only a week ago and I
probably won't be getting any more stuff before Christmas, so I just stuck
the box on a shelf and went and did other things...I don't think I did too
badly, I lasted 4 whole hours :)

NEWS: Toyfare gives credit where credit is due... to Trent Troop. Awesome.


Stranger, Irrellius, Desparado, and Irrellius, respectively, wrote:
<< ><< Searching for Trainbots
>Fruitless Endeavor burns deep.
>Too many Sky-bytes >>
>I feel your deep pain.
>Combaticons are very scarce.
>No small bots in sight.

I have all robots.
All are in Muncie right now.
Must suck to be you. >>

Don't you feel special
Having all the toys right there
You anger me now

THREAD: "Botcon 2002 Date change"
Uh... oops?

THREAD: "A Unicron Toy at Botcon? Nah . . ."
A tantalizing .gif file on

THREAD: "Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Attending Botcon"

THREAD: "Knockoff Bruticus/Ruination at Big Lots"
The ethics, or lack thereof, of bootlegs.

THREAD: "(Fanfic)The Pheonix Wars- Chapter 12"
It's art, I tell you! ART!!


Zob saw fit to share this wonderful bit of instructionism with ATT:
Yeah, the instructions for the Transformers Junior Soundwave bootleg. Funny

Fight! The Super Living Robot!

After overcoming the limitation of time and space, they came to this earth. The
super robot Cybertron and Destron are with life systems. The fighting story
between them is the world of transformer.

Destron Sound Wave

Assigned duty......Intelligence Staff

Capacity......The impulse sound of its computer can be heard. It knows the
counterpart's intention. And it is with a gun.

Transfigure......It may become a stereo cassette.

Feature......It may record any small sound for performing its own ambition.

Zobovor... Being finished!! It can hold the mini cassette.

NEWS: 3H is offering a giant Unicron cold-cast statue! Fans cheer, or boo if they're absurdly self-centered gits and can't understand that nobody's FORCING them to buy the goddamn thing.
THREAD: " update and the truth on Unicron"
THREAD: " UPdate! More info on unicron !"

From Hoop:
I hate you all.

You don't HAVE TO HAVE a fucking Unicron. You can live the rest of your
natural goddamned lives without a giant piece of porcelain shaped like a
retarded plot device from a crappy movie.

That being said, I'm buying two. One to keep, and one to play with.

Also from Hoop:
Of course, I guess they COULD call Takara. "Hi, this is 3H. We'd like your
unused Unicron prototype tooled into a toy for our convention."
"Moshi moshi? This is Takara. We are sorry that we cannot give you UNICRON
toy. However, feel free to take these fine warehouse full of the good and nice
Web Diver."

And from Sipher:
Now, it's one thing to not be interested in the statue. I'm not.

It's partly the price tag. I know it's not by any stretch an exorbitant fee
for the item, but it IS more than I feel like paying for pretty much ANY
single piece of TF merchandise right now, be it statue, toy, or Scott McNeil
Inflatable Love Doll for when I can't have the real thing.

From Jackpot, on changing his nick:
> Maybe 'DJ Astro-L and the Ocular Cavity Collective'?

Heh heh heh.

"Groove into my cavity," said the caveman to the superfly.

- Jackpot (Still, though, nothing beats "Honest Bob and the
Factory-To-Dealer Incentives." Best band name EVER.)

From Mery:
...everyone on ATT can pretty well detect a Deathy post, but that's only because over time people have identified a set of writing characteristics traditionally associated with his posts. Things like --->This. and RANDOM capitalizations IN strange PLACES, Not to mention sentences that need periods strung together with commas, than theirs the homonym
misspellings. Did you also notice the question sentences that end with just periods instead of question marks. HOW stupid. [i.e. declarative opinion immediately following question sentence improperly ending with a period.)

THREAD: "Vector Sigma"
Cool discussion of VS, its merging with Alpha Trion, and its motives and intentions.

THREAD: "[eBay] Black God Jinrai (Not Nucleon Quest Super Convoy!"
....Someone actually paid $990... for THAT????? A boring black recolor of the already crappy Powermaster Prime mold? Good lord and a half.

THREAD: "Production Art .... for anyone who cares."
Cool stuff!

From Derik Smith:
Anyone have a list of the Destron titles? 'Emperor of Destruction,'
'Ambassador of Destruction,' 'Mac Daddy of Destruction' and such?

From Zob:
ViceGripX wrote:
> The Target in Lakewood, WA had one Galvatron earlier today along
>with almost every imaginable deluxe, Megatron, all the Spychangers.
>and the Pred Megas.

I don't believe you. What street are they located on? What's the square
footage of the store? Who is this? What's your operating number?

From: (GrandpaNgrandma)
Subject: New Armada info at
Hi this is Renaud. I run the web site. I have received some info
regarding Armada. No,I didn't steal the info from anybody. Go to my web site
and enjoy. Apparently there will be no new molds for Armada. Armada will
consist of various Web Diver and Brave toys. Red geist's will be called
Prime will get the Web Diver train mold. Ben Yee has 5 prototype pics up on
his site.

From: (GrandpaNgrandma)
Subject: Hi im new here.
Hi everyone,I am 14 years old. I love beastmachines. How do I sign up for
membership on this news group. Is there a fee to be paid. I have one
question for Marv. Marv are you Gay? There were some post about you 4 months
ago. I am not a anti Gay. I just want to know.

[uh-huh. Hi Deathy, how's it goin', good to see the sedatives are still not working.]

From Paul Segal:
Jen One wrote:
> and how is it a disguise for a shark to fly though the air
>and dig in the ground???

Well, it's like a police may seem odd in the U.S., but they're
fairly common in Japan.

THREAD: "Leader-1 is in Transformers!"
Heh. Hasbro takes over the leader of the good guy GoBots.

From Paul Segal:
Commetor is an obvious name for the leader of the evil Spacebots, the
arch-nemesis of Spacecons' heroic Armada.
And yes, he will be a Cosmos repaint. With twin fiddleblap cannons in his
armular infrastructure.

From Iacon, quoting Jackpot:
> And the fact remains, it DOES just feel plain odd to see myself in fanfics.

If you think you've got it bad, imagine how I feel. There are like two hundred fanfics
out there in which I'm destroyed, invaded, mutilated, burned to the ground and otherwise defiled. It's really quite upsetting.

THREAD: "Armada: Will things get bloody when the cardboard cutouts start talking?"
I'm not sure how to comment on this one without offending somebody.... or everybody.

THREAD: "Why I think that Unicron statue sucks."
Didn't we already go over this?...


NEWS: A new TF comic from Dreamweave Productions, and the most solid rumors yet of a Transformers live-action movie possibly in the distant future. Is this a great time to be a Transfan or what??

THREAD: "What makes a fanfic bad?"

THREAD: "Transformers: Mythos or Canon?"
What's official and what's not, and who's to say?

THREAD: "Interview with Gregg "Grimlock" Berger - Part One"
Thanks, Rik! :]


THREAD: "New Dreamwave TF pics..."
Thanks to Zob, who convoys that restoration was made, for catching this one:
Jocelyn Maheu wrote:
>as for the sticker shlick I do think they were that stickers aware with
>it when they have done G1 Comics , shows lol

[....sorry, Jocelyn, don't mean to pick on you, but that was humorously incoherent. As you probably noticed later on. :]

THREAD: "Eegah! The heads are so small!"
Who is Rob Readling, and can he do anything besides bitch and moan about
Transfans bitching and moaning?

THREAD: "Why is no one excited?"
New TF comics! Anybody listening?

...........and that's all, folks! Considering there's no flame wars going on as of January 3rd, compared to the 4 or 5 that were going a year ago, I'd say we're doing pretty good right now.

Happy New Year, all.

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