Rob's Pile of Transformers: The Transformers Drinking Game!

Okay, folks, grab your old Tranformer cartoon tapes, plenty of your favorite beverage (presumably alcoholic), and sit yourself down for an evening of hearty imbibement. These lists should have you taking sips aplenty. Enjoy, and remember, this list is not only meant not to discourage underage drinking, it actually hopes to promote it. ;)

G1 cartoons (1rst two seasons)
Drink anytime:
-- Someone gives an order to transform
-- Twice if it's not Op Prime or Megatron
-- an Autobot flies in robot mode (jetpacks don't count!) (This one 
   is all you'll need if you're watching "More Than Meets the Eye".)
-- Shockwave transforms
-- Soundwave says any sentence without the words "eject" or "operation"
-- Starscream declares himself leader of the Decepticons
-- twice if he's usurped by Megatron in the same scene
-- any group of TFs merges into a mongo-sized robot
-- twice if they all shout the robot's name before doing so
-- a robot grows or shrinks exponentially in size while transforming
-- a Dinobot doesn't want to do something
-- the stock shot of Autobot Headquarters is shown
-- the stock shot of Decepticon Headquarters is shown
-- the stock shot of Cybertron is shown
-- Wheeljack invents something
-- twice if it works
-- a TF brings out some handy attachment perfectly suited to the 
   situation at hand
-- twice if it's Ironhide
-- Ironhide shoots one of his "miracle liquids"
-- twice if it's liquid nitrogen
-- Megatron declares victory
-- Megatron threatens to rise again 
-- Megatron calls anyone a traitor
-- Spike is in trouble and must be saved
-- either of the Generic Rock Songs are heard
-- twice if they're heard at the same time (Blaster Blues)
-- Rumble and/or Frenzy do the pile-driver trick
-- Skids, Buzzsaw or Frenzy (the red one -- FIRRIB!!!) are shown
-- Teletran One makes an amazing declaration 
   ("Warning. Evil presence now infiltrating Autobot Headquarters.")
   (Attack of the Autobots)
-- A TF speaks in rhymes
-- A TF has bad grammer ("Menasor crush, destroy!") 
   (Yes this includes the Dinobots!)
-- the earth is threatened with destruction
-- Omega Supreme transforms out of nothing but the rocket
-- Prime's trailer appears out of nowhere
-- the laws of physics as we know them are clearly violated

 Finish your drink if a scene directly contradicts the scene 
 right before it (see "Enter the Nightbird", "Desertion of the 
 Dinobots").  It'll make more sense in the long run.

post-movie episodes (third and very short fourth season)
Drink any time:
-- Rodimus tells anyone to transform
-- Rodimus has a problem with being leader
-- Rodimus becomes Hot Rod (or vice-versa)
-- the Matrix is shown
-- Galvatron attacks one of his own troops
-- the Quintessons trick Galvatron (or any 'Con)
-- Galvatron destroys something
-- Springer uses his car form
-- Unicron's head floats by
-- Sky-lynx boasts about himself
-- Trypticon gets whipped by Metroplex
-- anyone gives a speech before or during a battle
-- any first-season TF is shown (Op, Megs, Jazz, Bumblebee ect)
-- the existance of first-season TFs is even acknowledged
-- Ratbat is shown
-- a formerly invincible robot (Menasor, ect) is now a wuss
-- the Sweeps act (or sound) like wimps
-- Someone insults Galvatron
-- Cyclonus stands up for Galvatron
-- Anyone says "hail Galvatron" or some variant thereof
-- Galvatron SCREAMS
-- Wreck-Gar mumbles incomprehensibly 
-- Grimlock causes trouble ("You wrecked my lab!")
-- Bizzare aliens appear in the show
-- Blaster or Soundwave transform without shrinking
-- Wheelie, Daniel, or Blurr are on-screen for more than five 
   seconds without becoming annoying

 Finish your drink every time Daniel almost dies, but 
 doesn't.  It'll help ease the pain.  Chug for Brawn's 
 appearance in "Carnage in C Minor".

Beast Wars
Sip any time:
-- Megatron beats up on his troops
-- Explication is given about the energon fields on the planet
-- Rattrap says "hey" or makes that "ehhh" noise.
-- Rattrap announces that all present are soon to perish
-- Waspinator complains about his lot in life
-- any reference to the original series is made
-- a robot roll call of tranformations is shown 
   ("Rattrap, maximize!" "Rhinox, maximize!" etc.)
-- someone questions their leader's orders
-- Inferno talks about fire
-- Dinobot talks about honor
-- Dinobot quotes (or paraphrases) Shakespeare
-- someone loses a limb (arm, leg, head, etc.)
-- someone appears to die, but doesn't
-- a blast sends a Predacon flying off over the horizon
-- an explosion sends a Maximal spinning through the air
-- drink twice if it's in slow motion
-- Energon blows up
-- an old computer model appears as a new character 
   (Ravage, Cyber-raptors, etc.)
-- Rhinox, Tigatron, or Tigerhawk do anything mystical
-- Airazor or Dinobot 2 show any sign of a personality
-- Primal gets shot down
-- Cheetor spouts a dumb phrase like "golden rocket" or "ultra gear"
-- Blackarachnia gets the drop on someone
-- Depth Charge mixes up his activation codes
-- a Transfan/ATTer appears as a grid, subsector, etc.
-- the Cyberbee, the Metaphoric Butterfly, the Allegorical Crow, 
   or the Rubber Ducky are seen
-- Wierd sparkly flashing stuff occurs
-- A Transmetal 2 uses some bizarre power
-- the aliens do something totally inexplicable
-- A robot's Spark is seen
-- Someone mispronounces "Teletran"
-- Rattrap comes up with a nickname for someone or something
-- Inferno or Rampage uses a completely different voice 
    than the last time they spoke
-- two drinks any time someone actually does die

Beast Wars ULTRA, for when you're in a hurry to get drunk:
Sip every time:
-- Megatron adds "yesss" or "no" at the end of his sentences
-- Anyone says the word "Prime" (twice if it's not Optimus)
-- Anyone says "maximize" or "terrorize"
-- Tarantulas giggles
-- Dinobot and Rattrap insult each other

 Finish your drink every time Waspinator gets blown up, shot down, 
 chopped up, beat down, flattened, battered, bashed, beaten, blasted, or 
 otherwise abused.  Chug a whole drink for the end of "Nemesis" Part 2. 

Hope this gives you a nice buzz. Additions welcome!!

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