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For a long time, I've noted that the typical newcomer to the on-line fandom might have a hard time finding a particular bit of information on Transformers, even if it was easily available on the web. What if you were looking for a tech spec? An instruction booklet? An intro to the UK comics? A plot summary of a G1 episode? Where would you turn?? Well, look no further. The links below cover just about every facet of Transformers past and present. Enjoy!

    Unofficial Information Conduits

    Ben Yee's page covers in thorough detail every Transformers line to come out since Beast Wars debuted, and is the most reliable source on the web for new information.
  • Dave van Domelen's Beast Wars pages
    If Ben's page doesn't have it, Dave's does. Excellent reviews of new TF toys and info on upcoming stuff.
  • BotCon Home Page
    BotCon is THE convention for Transfans. Jon and Karl Hartman and Glenn Hallitt are the organizers, and all Transfans should sing their praises. No, Botcon can't be held in your home town next year.
  • Transforce
    These guys have hosted two big Transformer conventions in Europe, and their page has lots of other goodies too.
  • Lukis Brothers page
    Another good source for pix of upcoming toys. Also has amazing images of toys altered to resemble their cartoon incarnations.
  • Raving Toy Maniac's web site
    Sometimes has info on upcoming Beast War toy releases.

    Basic Transformers Information

    toy catalogue scans toy box art toy ID & pix archives toy sticker repro labels toy commercial downloads cartoon downloads (G1, BW, BM, Japanese series) cartoon screengrabs Cartoon summaries and reviews US comic scans UK comic scans TFU entries comic reviews

  • The Transformers FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions file for newsgroup and for Transformers in general, maintained by Steve Stonebreaker. If you are new to on-line Transfandom,
  • Transformers Links Index
    As Steve-o puts it, it's like Yahoo! for Transformers.
  • The Complete Transformers Listing Page
    Links to tons of TF web sites. This was once a useful resource. Now it's a clogged mishmash of haphazardly grouped links.
  • More than meets the eyes!
    Iggy Drouge's huge listing of TF links. Badly out of date, alas.

    Comic Info
  • Arc of Cybertron
    The definative listing of Transformer comic scans on the web, run by Senex Prime and James Wilson. From here you can find links to both the US and UK comic runs in their entirety!
  • The Transformers Multiverse
    Tengu's page has all the Transformers Universe profiles, not to mention the hysterically funny Badass Transformer of the Month page. Brawn lives!!

    Fan-related sites

  • Transmasters UK
    This UK fanclub has fanfic, artwork, and fanzines, but best of all there's a thorough guide to the stories that appeared in the UK comics! The guide is incomplete at present; however it's slowly but surely getting there.
  • Lexicon
    Charlotte Brogden's site is a clearinghouse of sorts for fan fiction. Tons of fanfic links to stories on her site and others.

    Cool Fan Sites

  • Dan Khanna's Robot Art
    Professional Transformer drawings. Must see!
  • The Protoform Project
    Neale Davidson's Beast Wars fanfiction. A series of long story arcs that manage to (for the most part) fit seamlessly between episodes. Definately worth a read. Files are zipped, unfortunately.
  • The World's Worst Fanfic Archives
    You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder what the hell they were smoking. And then you'll wonder where you can get some.
  • The TF Militia
    These people are diseased. I mean that in the nicest possible way.
  • Walky's TF Pitstop
    Fan-drawn TF illustrations in a very distinctive style. And his BotCon report has better pictures of me than I do. Don't miss the shrine to Straxus, or the infamous Diapered Fort Max!
  • Skyjammer Enterprises
    Transfandom's first all-online 'zine. Lottsa good stuff.
  • The Critic's TF Comic Reviews' most exacting reviewer unleashes his literary fury upon Simon Furman's US comics run and various Beast Wars episodes. He's harsh, he is without mercy, and he'll have you begging for it. His reviews raise a lot of good points.

Things I'd like to see:
Site linking to and reviewing on-line TF dealers, both importers and used resellers.
Site linking to multiple reviews of TF episodes.

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