Rob's Pile of Transformers: Megs vs. Megs

In the happy spirit of Urac 'Ratbat' Sigma, I present the 
following two "Top Ten" lists.  People often remark on how cartoon 
Megatron -- a scheming, charismatic villian -- was very different 
from comic Megatron, of whom some of the nicer descriptions 
have included "raving loony" and "epitome of evil".  Personally, 
I think they both have their merits.  To that end, let's look at...

Why cartoon Megatron is better than comic Megatron: 
11) Killed Ratchet, instead of being beaten by him all the time 
      (don't get me wrong; I _like_ Ratchet...)
10) Didn't need a human to make fuel for him.
9)  Didn't need a human to FIRE him. 
8)  Could fly.
7)  Actually was in command of the Decepticons for a while.
6)  Doesn't threaten to kill his soldiers for not transforming
5)  Blasted Starscream repeatedly (and never once brought him back
      to life.) 
4)  Never killed Bludgeon.
3)  Lived in a cool undersea base made from a wrecked spaceship.
2)  Two words: Frank Welker.
1)  Never spoke a single word written by Bob Budiansky 

Personally, I'm a comics fan, so naturally I came up with 
plenty of reasons...

Why comic Megatron is better than cartoon Megatron:
11) He brought the Laser Rods to life!
10) Cartoon Megs fought Bruticus and lost. Comic Megs fought
      Predaking and WHIPPED him.
9)  Never became Galvatron. 
8)  Actually managed to kill some Autobots, and didn't need a movie
     to do it.
7)  Didn't have an origin story in Five Faces of Darkness.
6)  Cracked one-liners throughout G2 comic
5)  Clobbered the Dinobots without missing a beat
4)  Was never overthrown by Starscream... not even for a few minutes.
3)  Killed Optimus Prime without lifting a finger
2)  Two words: Simon Furman.
1)  Never once said "Decepticons, retreat!"

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