Rob's Pile of Transformers: Megs vs. Megs again

With a little Top Ten-style G1 vs. BW debate going on elsewhere, I think
it's time we took a careful look at...

The Top Ten Reasons Why BW Megatron is Better Than G1 Megatron

10) Launches would-be usurpers over the horizon instead of keeping 
     them around until they succeed
9) Doesn't need to get out of his chair to win a war
8) Unlikely to become Galvatron in the past, present, or future
7) Living under the ocean vs. living over a LAVA PIT.  Which is 
    more hardcore?
6) Teeth actually look GOOD on Megarex
5) Will NEVER inspire endless debates over whether he's good or evil
4) Shot squishies (Code of Hero) instead of bargaining with them 
    (Megatron's Master Plan)
3) He's not just a leader, he's royalty!
2) Three little letters: C G I
1) Has managed to kill every Optimus he's ever met!

Of course, I'm not inclined to take sides in this debate, so I feel I should
also toss out...

The Top Ten Reasons Why G1 Megatron is Better Than BW Megatron

10) Got off of Earth after only four episodes, while BW Megs
     was stuck there for three whole SEASONS.
9) No fleshy parts!
8) C'mon, look at who had the name first!
7) G1 Megs conquered modern-day Cybertron. BW Megs can't even 
    handle prehistoric Earth...
6) A few of his troops actually DIDN'T try to overthrow him
5) His toy was so cool that its like is now officially BANNED
4) Dino head gun verses atomic powered fusion cannon -- 
    fusion cannon wins every time.
3) Actually had the guts to bargain with UNICRON!
2) Two little words: Frank Welker
1) Was NEVER defeated by a RHINOCEROS FART!

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