Rob's Pile of Transformers: Beast Machines Music

Beast Machines features the most musically constrained soundtrack of all the Transformer shows. Variously described as "techno" or "electronic", it's entirely synthesizers and drum machines, with various electronic noises used simply for atmospheric effect. It's therefore hard to describe the pieces in words ("there's a synthesizer, then a drum, then some more synth, then more synth....") There are, however, at least a few themes that clearly show up and are repeated at various points.

I once had .WAV files for these themes, but first I ran out of space, then they got lost, so, no more. As of early 2007, I'm slowly working on a series of MP3 recordings off the DVD sets, but it's very much a spare time project, and my spare time is pretty sparse.

Phat Planet: No kidding, that's really the name of the track. It's the percussion-heavy piece that plays over the opening credits. Performed by Leftfield.

Flight: Probably the most common of all the pieces. Heard frequently throughout the series when there's a battle -- most notably in the opening scene of "The Reformatting" as Primal flees the tank drones; also in "Forbidden Fruit" during the first fight with the Aerodrones; "Fires of the Past" as Ratty and BA hide in the pipe; "Mercenary Pursuits" during Tankor's attack in the Council Chambers; "Revelations Part 1: Discovery" as the Maximals flee the shell yard explosion. A funked-up version plays during Optimus's vision in "Revelations Part 3: Apocolypse".

There's a little secondary bit, with two repeating off-key notes, that also plays in "The Reformatting" (heard in the first clip), as well as "Mercenary Pursuits" and "Spark of Darkness" when Silverbolt asks "What is powering this behemoth?" at the shell yard.

Onslaught of Technology (Tankor's Theme): Typically heard when phalanxes of tank drones are rolling across Cybertron on some grim, mysterious mission. Opening scene of "Survivor"; "Fires of the Past" as the tank drones destroy the Optimus statue, and again as the Maximals retreat from the archives; "Mercenary Pursuits" as Megatron lectures the Vehicons.

Single Elegant Machine (Megatron's Theme): Heard in "Master of the House" as Megs uncoils spookily from the ceiling.

Clock is Ticking: Tense driving action piece. "Reformatting" after Cheetor hooks up with Optimus and Rattrap. Heard combined with "Flight" in "Revelations Part 3" as Thrust is transporting Blackarachnia's body.

Speed: Tense action piece. Heard in "Weak Component" when Cheetor's outrunning the tank drones' shots.

High Speed (Nightscream's Theme): Peppy, upbeat, driving sort of tune, with a trilling, rising bell-like series of synth notes every few seconds. Heard in "Forbidden Fruit" as the Maximals pursue Nightscream down the tunnels, and several other times when NS is flying around solo in other episodes.

Run: Related to Nightscream's music; heard in "Forbidden Fruit" during the same chase scene as above.

Kewl, D00D: Mostly percussionistic beats. Heard as the Maximals are being reformatted in "The Reformatting"; maybe also in "Master of the House" as Blackarachnia and Cheetor prepare to go topside, and as Megs reveals himself to Primal.

Depths of Cybertron: "Survivor" after the Diagnostic Drone and company depart from Megatron, as the camera pans down through the planet's layers.

Nightmare: Off-key, odd little march heard during Primal's fuzzy Spark dream near the beginning of "Revalations" part 3.

End Times: Rising synth notes. Heard in "Survivor" as the Vehicons depart with the captured Nightscream; finale of "Endgame"; beginning of Primal's second vision in "Fallout". A darker variation is heard at the end of "Survivor" as Tankor/Rhinox communicates with the Diagnostic Drone.

Last Stand: A combination of "Endtimes" and "Clock is Ticking". Heard in "Endgame" Part 2 during the initial, silent battle.

Hopeless Future: "The Reformatting", right before Primal throws his terra cotta brick at the bag of darkness; ending of "Master of the House"; "The Weak Component" as Rattrap grouses to the unconscious Optimus, and "Revelations Part 3" just before Rhinox/Tankor takes leave of the Maximals. Often segues into:

Hope for the Future: Soft, anthemic piece, often heard as Primal reassures one or another of the group that things will work out, no matter how dark it all seems. "Catalyst" as Blackarachnia swears to save Silverbolt; "Survivor", when Optimus and Nightscream are in the cave of bones. Is also related to:

Techno-Organic Future: Soft, almost angellic piece. Heard during various bits of wonder performed by the Oracle, including the end of "Endgame" Part 3 when Our Heroes are just starting to wake up and realize what happened, and "Fallout" after the Oracle's technovines sprout. Very similar to:

New Hope: Soft, anthemic piece. Heard at the end of "In Darkest Knight" as Silverbolt and Blackarachnia watch the sunrise.

Military Strategy (the Generals' Theme): Sort of a percussionistic pair of repeating notes, heard whenever Strika and Obsidian have the stage, such as when they stage their ambush in "Spark War 1: The Strike". A strange variation is heard in "Endgame" Part 2 when the Maximals all get their Spark-boost.

Creeper: High pitched percussion. "Fires of the Past" as BA sneaks into the spaceport; "Savage Noble" as the Maximals look for Savage (?? or am I thinking of Spark of Darkness's search scenes?)

The End: Triumphant rising synth notes heard over the post-reformatting scenes in the last episode.

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