Rob's Pile of Transformers: Punsformers!

Read each description first or you'll ruin it! Then highlight the space next to "code-name" to reveal the gut-wrenchingly awful names.

This heroic Autobot is a master of disguise! He conceals himself in the public school system to protect Earth children from Decepticon attack, and disappears into waterfront districts to protect British industry! He transforms from robot to globe to calculator to waterside loading dock and back!
Code-name: E-Quay-tor

The evil Decepticons spy on Earth's cities! This agressive, enthusiastic warrior converts from robot to powerful cannon and back. He conceals himself within his human pretender shell, prowling the streets disguised as a member of the world's oldest preofession!
Code-name: Gun-Ho.

A new aerial warrior joins the Autobot ranks! This manic-depressive triple changer, by turns arrogant and defeatist, converts from robot to high-tech fighter jet to fire-breathing rooster and back!
Code-name: Cockpit.

A fearless warrior joins the Decepticon ranks! Transformed into a mighty artillery emplacement, he charges into battle with no thought to his own survival! When the need for stealth arises, he disppears into rural areas disguised as a hog feed trough!
Code-name: Cannon Fodder.

This Deception spy is one badass mothaf*cka! He steals office secrets then escapes to the bad parts of town where he deals dope and hangs with his homies! Don't mess with him or he'll cold pop a cap in yo' ass! Converts from robot to word processor to boom box and back!
Code-name: Stereotype.

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