Rob's Pile of Transformers: Beast Quotes

Welcome to the most thorough collection of Beast Wars Quotes on the net! This list got started through the work of M Sipher, whose original list is on Rob Jung's Transformer pages; it runs through the first part of Season 2 or so. I've since expanded, corrected, and re-organized it myself, and updated it for the remainder of the series. Enjoy!

"It was really so very nice of you to come. So glad you could stay! Oh, we'll have such fun, ho, yeah, ha ha ha!"
-- Rampage gleefully destroying Depth Charge's ship, "Deep Metal"

"...we gotta be talkin' just one thing: robots in disguise!"
 -- Cheetor, "Beast Wars" I

"The Decepticons were our ancestors. For centuries they warred with the Autobots..."
"...The ancient ancestors of the Maximals."
 -- Blackarachnia and Megatron, "Possession"

"More than meets the eye..."
 -- a loopy Waspinator, "Dark Designs"

"Once, we were merely robots in disguise..."
 -- Tigatron, "Call of the Wild"

"Oh man! That ship wasn't built; it was poured!"
"Die cast construction! It's a lost art."
 -- Rattrap and Primal, "The Agenda" III
[Even the G1 toys get a nod! :]

"Remember the Great War, Rattrap. If the Predacons gain enough Energon they could start it again."
 -- Optimus, "Beast Wars" Part One

"The only thing worse than a stinkin' Pred is a stinkin' Decepticon!"
 -- Rattrap, "The Agenda" I

"Ah, Megatron. Greatest leader of the Decepticons. My namesake. Yours is the first chapter in the history of Cybertron...."
-- Megatron face-to-face with the original Megatron, "Master Blaster"

"It seems I have once again been cheated of my victory. But beware the dragon's wrath!... Vengence will be mine!"
-- BW Megatron under the influence of G1 Megatron, "Master Blaster"

"Allow me to present myself: Air Commander Starscream of the Decepticon battle fleet!"
 -- Starscream via Waspinator, "Possession"

"I fell while defending my leader Galvatron against the giant Transformer Unicron!"
 -- Starscream, "Possession"

"I scanned your file. You weren't blasted to scrap by Unicron; you were blasted by Galvatron -- after you betrayed him!
 -- Blackarachnia to Starscream, "Possession"

"Ah, yes. Incipient treachery from Unicron's spawn may yet turn the tide..."
-- Megatron, "Nemesis" Part 1

"What in the name of my great aunt Arcee is goin' on here!?"
 -- Rattrap, "Transmutate"

"Waspinator negative negative negative! I am Shrapnel, Decepticon hero-o-o-o!"
"Shrapnel? That was a Decepticon from the Great War three centuries ago!..."
 -- A loopy Waspinator and Blackarachnia, "Dark Designs"

"Attention! Rampage Spark detected nearby."
"Subgrid Zarak."
-- Depth Charge and his computer, "Feral Scream" Part 1

"Decepticons... FOREVER!"
 -- THE Ravage, "The Agenda" II

"What... IS it?"
"That, bowser boy, is called... the Ark."
 -- Silverbolt and Blackarachnia, "The Agenda" III

"Ah, Teletron One is still operating!"
 -- Megatron, "The Agenda" III

"It's TeleTRAN!"
 -- an exasperated Rattrap, "Nemesis" Part 2

"By the Matrix, what's - happening?"
 -- Tigatron, "The Probe", the first of many such references

"All the Energon locally was either detonated or transformed to Energon cubes."
 -- Rhinox, "Coming of the Fuzors" II

"The universe cowered once at the name of Megatron, and it shall do so again!"
"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, Megatron!"
"Then they better stay out of my way!"
-- Megatron and Optimus Primal, "Optimal Situation"

"Predacons, retreat!"
-- Megatron imitating Megatron, "Go With the Flow"

"Suggestion noted -- and ignored!"
-- Megatron directly quoting Megatron, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Well. That's just prime."
"Uh, what's left of him, anyway."
-- Primal and Rattrap on seeing Optimus Prime's damaged body, "Optimal Situation"

"You Optimuses do love to sacrifice yourselves, don't you?"
 -- Megatron, "Other Voices" II

"Whoah, whoah whoah whoah whoah WHOAH, wait, stand by here! Who died and made YOU Prime, scaleface?"
 -- Rattrap, "Chain of Command"

"It's time to transform and roll out!"
-- Optimus Primal, "Optimal Situation"

"Primus help us all if that thing survived..."
 -- Rhinox brings Furman into the cartoon, "Bad Spark"

"That which is not part of the one, shall become void."
 -- the aliens, "Other Voices" I
[Gotta be a REAL Transnut for this one -- maybe it's a coincidence, but Unicron's TF Universe quote was "That which does not become part of me, shall become one with the void."]

"Where'd you go, anyway?"
"Where... all are one."
-- Rattrap and Rhinox, "Coming of the Fuzors" II

"Mmm, impressive."
"Oh, it is far more that that, my malevolent minion. That is the most powerful Decepticon warship in Transformer history. The ship that shot down the Ark itself. The Nemesis!"
-- Dinobot 2 and Megatron, "Nemesis" Part 1... oh, okay, so they didn't exactly get everything right... give 'em a break. :]

And you thought it was a kids' show...
"Think I touched a noive!"
 -- Rattrap, "The Agenda" I

"Hey!... Ya emasculatin' femme bot!"
-- Rattrap loses his tail to Blackarachnia, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Yeah? And, uh... what if he goes ape-slag on us?"
-- Rattrap, "Gorilla Warfare"

"Alright! WHO WANTS SOME?!"
-- Optimus gone berserker, "Gorilla Warfare"

"What, is my gearbox hangin' out or somethin'?"
 -- a newly (and unknowingly) Transmetalized Rattrap, "Aftermath"

"C'mon, baby, c'mon, give it up for the rat..."
 -- Rattrap [to the computer!], "The Probe"

"This guy's got bearings of chrome steel."
-- Rhinox on Dinobot, "Beast Wars" I

"You took the driver. Where is it?"
"Gone. Ain't that a kick in the lug nuts."
"Snotty little flounder, idn't he?"
-- Megatron, Depth Charge, and Quick Strike, "Feral Scream" Part 1

"That Pred's about as 'female' as a piston!"
[BLAM] "That's my sugar bot!"
 -- Rattrap and Quickstrike on Blackarachnia, "Tangled Web"
[Note, a Freudian interpretation says that a piston is about as un-female as you can get! :]

"Huh heh ho... EAT SLAG!!"
 -- Dinobot to Megatron, "The Probe"
[As someone on the newsgroup put it, I don't think there's any doubt as to just what it is that Dinobot wants Megatron to eat. :]

"He's mine. I shall feast upon his still-pulsating Spark!"
-- Rampage, "Feral Scream" Part 1

Waspinator: "Waspinator not think this job so important."
Inferno: "Every job from the Royalty is a gift!"
Waspinator [to himself]: "Ant-bot is MAJOR suck-up!"
 -- "Tangled Web"

"You may've stepped in it, kid, but you came out smellin' like a rose!"
"All part of being perfect!"
 -- Rattrap and Cheetor, "Equal Measures"

"Hey, if you took that broomstick out of your tailpipe every once in a while, you might have some fun for a change!"
 -- Rattrap to Silverbolt, "The Agenda" I

"I ain't starin' at no hairy cat butt!"
 -- Rattrap, "The Probe"

"Listen, kid. If I told Optimus about your little playdate with Tarantulas, he'd kick MY sweet pink butt too!"
-- Rattrap, "The Web"

"Yeah? An' you can kiss my skidplate, fearless leader. I ain't goin' out there and gettin' MY pelt punctured!"
 -- Rattrap, "Beast Wars" I

"So. The Tripredacus council still smooches the skidplates of the Maximal Elders."
 -- Megatron, "The Agenda" II

"Waspinator find spider-bot and tear him a new waste-disposal unit!"
 -- Waspinator, "Other Voices" I

"Oh man, I feel naked without my gun."
 -- Rattrap, "Before the Storm"

"So, ah, where ya been, bird dog?"
"Scout patrol."
"Oh, yeah, yeah, heh heh, scouting the enemy, yeah. Heh heh. Find any new positions?"
 -- Rattrap to Silverbolt, "The Agenda" I

"Looks like that Pred friend of yours finally did something right."
"Yes, my beloved has... many skills."
-- Rattrap and Silverbolt, with a VERY sly inuendo, "Changing of the Guard"

Character Lines
"It's my duty, ma'am! As a Maximal... and as a heroic character."
 -- Silverbolt, "The Agenda" II

"It's not revenge I'm after. It's justice."
-- Depth Charge, "Deep Metal"

"The High Council turned [Rampage] over to us instead. Depth Charge wasn't too happy with the decision."
"Eh, so he's got a lot of angst."
-- Optimus and Rattrap, "Deep Metal"

"I have no time for you, X."
"Like you had no time for Starbase Rugby? You had friends there! As I recall, tasty ones, too."
-- Depth Charge and Rampage, "Nemesis" Part 1

"I came only to talk, yeeess!"
 -- Megatron, "Fallen Comrades"

"Oh! I like you, yes!"
 -- Megatron, watching a berserker Inferno, "Spider's Game"

"So you act out of hate! Excellent. That's an emotion I can trust."
 -- Megatron, "Other Visits" I

"What sheer ruthlessness. What disregard for sentient life! I rather like these aliens."
 -- Megatron, "Other Voices" II

"I'll say one thing for my namesake -- he liked his artillary big and plentiful. Now, where was I? Uh, ah, yes. Mindless destruction! Good for the Spark, I always say."
-- Megatron, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Waspinator sees helpless target. Oh, happy day!"
-- Waspinator, "Go With the Flow"

"Waspinator like signal!"
 -- Waspinator enchanted by Terrorsaur's 'sparkly', "Law of the Jungle"

"Mmmmnn... Waspinator hate bird-bot."
 -- Waspinator reflects on Airazor, "Spider's Game"

"Waspinator not serve; Waspinator rules!"
 -- Waspinator, "Maximal No More"

"Waspinator will speak for the defense."
"Oooo, Waspinator like defense! A little more defense and maybe Waspinator not get blown up all the time!"
-- Megatron and Waspinator, "Other Victories"

"Looks like Waspinator's on a sugar binge. How long's he been doing that?"
"Long enough to make my head spin."
 -- Optimus and Tigatron, "A Better Mousetrap"

"Hey - YOU go an' get yourself scrapped. 'Cuz I ain't -- huuah!! Alright. Alright!"
 -- Rattrap under coercion by Rhinox, "Beast Wars" II

"...You WIN, you depraved wad a' stinkin' slag."
"Cultivated as always, even in defeat."
 -- Rattrap and Megatron, "Fallen Comrades"

"Educational stuff. Me, I'd rather watch things explode."
-- Rattrap, "Go With the Flow"

"Looks like the Beast Wars are over.... for the Preds! Heh heh heh!"
-- Rattrap, "Other Victories"

"Hunting from the air with automatic weapons. Now that's a sport!"
 -- Terrorsaur, "Call of the Wild"

"Whoa. Cool!"
 -- Cheetor's reaction to Terrorsaur's disappearance, "Equal Measures"

"Okay, okay, I'll never do that again!... Until the next time."
 -- Cheetor, "Equal Measures

"This is a real dumb plan, web-head. I don't have any real blood... just mech fluid."
"Oh, my filters will adjust. It's the act I enjoy more than any nourishment..."
 -- Cheetor and Tarantulas, "The Web"

"You're insane."
"So they say!"
-- Tigerhawk and Tarantulas, "Other Victories"

"Still, Megatron's pretty tough..."
"I see... you fear him."
"There is NOTHIN' that crawls, walks, flies or swims that I'm afraid of!"
 -- Quickstrike and Tarantulas, "Tangled Web"

"Airazor! You're hit!"
"Nnn ... Drag... isn't it?"
 -- Optimus and Airazor, "Call of the Wild"

"Fool! Pain is my friend! Allow me to introduce you to it!"
 -- Inferno to Quickstrike, "Coming of the Fuzors" I

"You're no match for me! Burn, traitor, burn!"
 -- Inferno to Tarantulus, "Other Voices" II

"I was explaining what it means to be a Predacon! Deceit. Treachery. Mindless loyalty."
"Loyalty comes first!"
 -- Rampage and Inferno, "Transmutate"

"Ignore the pain. It's only going to get worse!"
-- Rampage, "Deep Metal"
(good motto for a swimmer, BTW)

"Ah, such pain. I must help... deepen it."
-- Rampage, "Crossing the Rubicon"

"You'll live to regret this, crab legs!"
"I regret everything... my sweet. Struggle as much as you like. I'll enjoy it!"
-- Blackarachnia and Rampage, "Master Blaster"

"Now, hold still - this will hurt."
-- Dinobot 2, about to open up Blackarachnia, "Proving Grounds"

Megatron: "I am alpha and Omega, Optimal Optimus. Now and forever. Until the end of time!... Destroy them!"
Dinobot II: "Negative."
Megatron: "What?! What possible reason do you have to disobey me? I am your master! I am your creator!"
Dinobot II: "And I... have my honor!"
-- Dinobot II's last-minute reformation, "Nemesis" Part 2

"[BLAM] You [BLAM] will [BLAM] leave [BLAM] the wild [BLAM] ALONE!"
 -- Tigatron trashes Inferno, "The Law of the Jungle"

"You can't stop that thing alone!"
"Perhaps... but it is my destiny to try. I will hold the line here. Go!"
-- Optimus and Tigerhawk's parting words, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Dangit! I hate hidin' from them Maxies. Can't I just shoot one?!"
-- Quickstrike, "Nemesis" Part 1

"I stuck it to 'im, Megatron! And GOOD!"
 -- Scorponok, "Gorilla Warfare"

"What does he mean, YOU command? I'M second in command!"
"So... command."
 -- Scorponok and Tarantulas, "Power Surge"

"Heh heh heh heh... heeyah ha ha hah... HeeYAHHAHAHAHA!!"
 -- Tarantulas, pretty much any episode he's in

Wisdom of the Beast Wars
"Man, and I thought Optimus's speeches were bad."
 -- Rattrap on Silverbolt, "Tangled Web"

"Isn't life full of surprises?"
 -- Tarantulas, "The Probe"

"Nevertheless, let the record show that I advise against this action. It will eventually lead to your destruction."
"Eventually... eventually can be a long time, Optimus Primal."
 -- Optimus and Dinobot, "Victory

"Destruction's good. I like destruction!"
 -- Quickstrike, "Coming of the Fuzors" I

"Yup, destruction is always good."
 -- Predacon Rhinox, "Dark Designs"

"That is the law of the jungle. The hunters and the hunted. Scrap or be scrapped!"
"Animals hunt to SURVIVE!"
"And what do you think war is about?!"
 -- Dinobot and Tigatron, "The Law of the Jungle"

"We should welcome what is different... not fear it."
 -- Silverbolt, "Transmutate"

"It shouldn't be this easy... But! Mustn't complain."
 -- Megatron, "Dark Designs"

"...and even now you're teaching me a valuable lesson."
"Yeah? What's that?"
"Sometimes Predacons gloat too much!"
 -- Megatron and Predacon Rhinox, "Dark Designs"

"When Predacons talk truce it just means they need time to reload their weapons."
 -- Optimus Primal, "Before the Storm"

"Victors do not spurn opportunity!"
 -- Dinobot, "Bad Spark"

"Generally speakin', being a guinea pig ain't exactly a long-term career gig, ya know what I'm sayin'?"
 -- Rattrap, "The Trigger" Part Two

"Destiny has one great test in store for us all... has mine already come? And have I failed it?... A deed, once done, cannot be undone. But perhaps... it may yet be mitigated!"
 -- Dinobot, "Code of Hero"

"When one is serving bait, presentation is everything."
 -- Megatron, "Before the Storm"

"Treachery keeps the wits sharp."
 -- Megatron, "Maximal No More"

"I can suffer your treachery, Lieutenant... but NOT your incompetence!... Treachery requires NO mistakes."
-- Megatron to Tarantulas, "Master Blaster"

"The wise tyrant always insures that his prisons are designed for his personal escape."
 -- Megatron, "Double Jeopardy"

"Ain't there a rule that us hero types gotta get more dignified transportation?"
 -- Rattrap, "Before the Storm"

"Isn't there a rule that heroes have to face destruction with dignity?!"
 -- Airazor, "Before the Storm"

"Oh, great. We're all gonna die."
"It happens... but miracles happen, too."
 -- Rattrap and Rhinox, "Coming of the Fuzors" II

"Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home."
 -- Tarantulas, "Tangled Web"

Well, That's Just Primal
"Shut up, Rattrap."
-- Optimus Primal, innumerable occasions

"So, this yer first day on the job or what?"
"Shut up, Rattrap."
"Oh, yes sir! Oh, I just feel heaps better knowin' that our lives are in yer capable hands... [flinches] We're all gonna die.
 -- Rattrap and Optimus, "Beast Wars" I

"But if your caution circuits are overriding your courage, then SMELT YOU ALL!!"
 -- berserker Optimus, "Gorilla Warfare"

"That's right, says me. You wanna question my orders ONE MORE TIME?"
 -- Optmius to Rattrap, "Beast Wars" II

"And suppose he blasts you to itty-bitty pieces? It's a long way down!"
"Sure is."
"[*Sigh*] I hate a wise-bot..."
 -- Rattrap and Optimus, "Power Surge"

"You do know that was crazy."
"Well, sometimes crazy works."
 -- Rattrap and Optimus, "Power Surge"

Primal [after saving Rattrap from a collapsing bridge]: "You're welcome ."
Rattrap: "You're the leader; it's yer, ahh... job!"
("Beast Wars" II)

"Defeating them does not mean we have to annihilate them! You seem to have trouble understanding that."
 -- Optimus to Dinobot, "Equal Measures"

"You'll get used to everything in time, including them. Maybe."
 -- Optimus to Airazor, "The Spark"

"...Have some faith in me!"
"As much as you'd like to think so, Cheetor, this isn't about you."
 -- Cheetor and Optimus, "Equal Measures"

"Let me! I can do it!"
"You've done enough."
 -- Cheetor and Optimus, "The Web"

"[*sigh*] I used to be young like that."
"I uh, I mean, we've got trouble. Oh yeah!"
 -- Rattrap and Optimus Primal, "The Agenda" II

"If you EVER pull another stunt like that again, I'll have your tail in sling!"
 -- Optimus to Cheetor, "Equal Measures"

"Besides, you wanted exploration, and here we are, on an unknown planet. What more do you want?"
"Well, call me picky, but a working spacecraft might be nice."
"There's just no pleasing some people."
 -- Optimus and Rattrap, "Beast Wars" I

"You can learn a lot from Rattrap. If you can stand him."
 -- Op Primal, "A Better Mousetrap"

"By the Pit! How much of this drivel must I endure?!"
 -- Dinobot, "Maximal No More"

"And let it be called... BEAST WARS!"
-- Optimus Primal, "Beast Wars" II

"...For now the power gauntlet has been cast."
-- Megatron, "Beast Wars" I

"One minute I was tumbling down a dark pit. The next there was this... light. Then I saw Silverbolt in danger."
"And rushed off on your own, as usual. Not a very Maximal approach."
"Even when I'm good, I'm still bad."
-- Blackarachnia and Optimus [the latter salvaging what would otherwise be a very cheesy conversation], "Crossing the Rubicon"

"Attention all Predacons -- pull yourselves together."
-- Megatron to his various dismembered followers, "Optimal Situation"

"I have to tell ya, Starscream, you're giving space debris a very bad name!"
 -- Optimus, "Possession"

"Cool your gears, tall, dark, and gruesome."
 -- Blackarachnia (who paid special attention to Brawn in "The Ultimate Doom"), "Spider's Game"

"You can't fight my cybervenom, kittycat!"
-- Blackarachnia, "The Spark"

"Wait. Look. Down in the sky. Is it a bird?"
"Maybe a plane!"
"Nahh. It's Optimus!!"
 -- Dinobot, Rhinox, and Cheetor, "Victory"

"Hasta la vista, Starscream."
 -- Optimus Primal, "Possession"

"Well I'll still hose your head with high-powered ammo if you come another step closer."
 -- Blackarachnia to Tarantulas, "Coming of the Fuzors" I

"No! By Primus, no!"
 -- Optimus Primal, "The Agenda" III
[I dunno... it just sounded a wee bit forced...]

"Transmetal power. Better get used to it."
-- Blackarachnia, "Crossing the Rubicon". Only $9.99 at Toys R Us, kids...

"From the tempest's fury, the Spark ignites, to sire new life - Transmetal 2 life!"
-- Megatron goes into advertising, "Feral Scream" Part 1

"Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war!"
-- Megatron unleashing his cyber-raptors, "Cutting Edge"

"...It shall be their final battle, in the Beast Wars!"
-- Megatron, "Gorilla Warfare"

The Delicate Ways of Dinobot
"Yeah, heh heh. All five of us. You mean Chopperface -- is goin' with... We're all gonna die."
 -- Rattrap on Dinobot joining the Maximals, "Beast Wars" II

"I prefer to beat my opponents the old-fashioned way: brutally!"
 -- Dinobot, "Beast Wars" II

"Don't tell me my duty, furball, or you shall soon be occupying several recycling bins!"
-- Dinobot to Cheetor, "Gorilla Warfare"

"Will you still defend your friend? Or will you see him for what he is: a traitor?!"
"You're a fine one to talk!"
 -- Dinobot and Rhinox, "Double Jeopardy"

"You see? We've learned something."
"Yesss! From now on, I shoot my dinner salad before I eat it."
 -- Optimus and Dinobot, "Gorilla Warfare"

"Bedside vigil, Dinobot? Not like you."
"It was... my shift!"
 -- Optimus and Dinobot, "Gorilla Warfare"

"Sentiment! The more time I spend with you Maximals, the more I wonder how you survived so long."
 -- Dinobot, "Law of the Jungle"

"Ah, Maximal sentiment. Oh, I must have been defective to defect!"
 -- Dinobot, "Coming of the Fuzors" II

"In case you had not realized, needle-nose... I am not a team player!"
-- Dinobot says good-bye to Terrorsaur, "Equal Measures"

Dinobot: "Fear not, Optimus. I shall ensure that your funeral is a glorious one, as befits a warrior who died in battle!"
Optimus: "'Fraid I'll have to miss it, Dinobot. I'm not scrap yet!"
Dinobot: "Mmm... are you certain? It would be a triumphant passage!"
Cheetor: "Will you knock it off?!"
("Fallen Comrades")

"I don't think so!"
"And I REALLY don't think so!!"
 -- Rattrap after blasting Scorponok, and Dinobot about to REALLY blast Scorponok, "The Probe"

"I will not do this!"
"FINE! Then DIE."
 -- Tigatron and Dinobot, "Law of the Jungle"

"For a Predacon, you have qualities I could like!"
"And you have proven to be a worthy adversary! I shall have you recycled with full honors!"
 -- Optimus and Dinobot, "Beast Wars" II

"I'm afraid he's gone for good. A shame, really... he was such a handsome creature... and, rather tasty." [BELCH!]
"You're disgusting!"
 -- Dinobot and Optimus on the clone Dinobot, "Double Dinobot"

Nicknames, Taglines, and Subtle References
"You just said my favorite phrase!"
 -- Rattrap, "Other Voices" I

"Let boss monkey and the chopper face duke it. No fur offa my tail."
 -- Rattrap renames Dinobot, "Beast Wars" II

"Oh man, I'm starting to sound like Optimus Pinhead..."
 -- Rattrap, "A Better Mousetrap"

"Yesss..." [tilts head, wiggles foreclaws]
 -- Megatron, just about any episode you care to name

"A treacherous, underhanded sneak attack! Hohoho, I like you, pussycat. Yess."
 -- Megatron, "Beast Wars" I, a good example of the above

"Starscream, and Blackarachnia?! I'll have both their treacherous hides, yeeess! I'll, I'll melt them down and use them for aluminum siding! Oh, yes inDEED!!"
 -- Megatron, "Possession"

Terrorsaur: "Megatron is scrap! Yess! I am your new leader! Does anyone want to argue about it?"
Scorponok: "Nope!"
Waspinator: "Not me!"
Tarantulus: "No no no."
 -- "Power Surge"

"I think Megatron's bitten off a little more than he can handle. Yeeeess."
 -- Optimus Primal, "Dark Designs"

"It's called irony, sport. I take over, and you head straight for the recycling bin! Yessss."
 -- Predacon Rhinox to Megatron, "Dark Designs"

Rattrap [convinced that Dinobot has changed sides]: "...Now where is he?!"
Optimus: "I left him back at base! Alone..."
Rattrap: "Well! That's - just - prime!"
("Double Dinobot")

"Oh, terrific! Now we can all get reduced to hot burning slag together."
"Shut up Rattrap!!"
 -- Rattrap and Airazor/Primal, "Other Voices" II

"It's like I always say -- we're all gonna die."
[everyone glares at him]
"I know, I know. 'Shut up, Rattrap.'"
 -- Rattrap, "Other Visits" I

"Yes, my queen."
"I wish he wouldn't call me that..."
 -- Inferno and Megatron, "Before the Storm"

Megatron: "Inferno, aid Quickstrike."
Inferno: "Yes, my Queen."
Dinobot: "I was not aware you had given yourself a new title."
Megatron: "The ant has some - faulty programming. Uh hm."
("Maximal No More")

"Say the word, my Queen, and he shall burn."
"Not just yet. And for the last time, STOP calling me that!"
"As you command, my -- auhhk!!"
 -- Inferno and Megatron, "Other Visits" I

"Never mind the rat! We have better prizes for our Queen. Return to the nest."
"That 'bot sure does talk peculiar."
 -- Inferno and Quickstrike, "Maximal No More"

"Well then, partner, let's head 'em up an' move 'em out!"
 -- Tarantulas does his best Quickstrike, "Tangled Web"

"Better clear the area, little mouse. X and I play rough."
"No can do, Captain Minnow. I'm on a mission!"
-- Depth Charge and Rattrap, "Changing of the Guard"

"Cheetor! Maximi-- did that already."
-- Cheetor, "Equal Measures"

"Ohman oh man, if I wanted to fly, I would've become a bat, not a rat!"
 -- Rattrap's unwitting homage to Batimus Prime, "Power Surge"

"Hey hey hey, it's Tigatron the barbarian!"
 -- Rattrap's unwitting homage to Polar Claw, "Victory"

"Always haulin' scrap. I must be a pack rat!"
[Well, yes, but only at WalMart...]
-- Rattrap salutes his BotCon '97 recolor, "Master Blaster"

"Of course you realize... this means war."
 -- in keeping with his habit of getting squashed beneath large rocks, Tarantulus does yet another Warner Brothers salute ["Tangled Web"]

"I think my name's... Silverbolt. Yes. Pure. Strong. And fast."
 -- Silverbolt acknowledges his G1 namesake, who introduced himself by saying, "I used to be a courier ship, but now I think I'm... Silverbolt?" ["Coming of the Fuzors" I]

Computer voice (for the fourth or fifth time): "Danger. Stasis lock eminent."
Rattrap: "Yeah yeah yeah..."
("Power Surge")

Rattrap: "We've been in robot mode too long! Beast Mode!"
Cheetor: "Like we needed you to point that out."
 -- the BW writers slam on their own exposition, "Chain of Command"

"Six little Maximals. Well. I've almost collected the whole set!"
-- Megatron, marketing promoter, "Master Blaster"

Hey, Folks, We're Famous!
"Transformers Consultant: Benson Yee"
 -- closing credits of "The Agenda"

"Oh, come ON! You can't tell me old Megs would've forgotten a booby trap."
 -- Airazor makes an a.t.t. nickname into canon, "Call of the Wild"

"...He's wacko."
"Wacko? No! WONKO! Wonko the SANE!!!"
 -- Blackarachnia and Waspinator salute poster Ben Yee, "Dark Designs"

"Attention Megatron. This is a code a - t - t alert."
 -- the Pred computer, "Before the Storm". Coincidence? I think not!

"Megatron voice code a - t - t override."
 -- another salute to newsgroup from Megatron, "Before the Storm"

"Yeah. Old Blender Butt there misunderstands my need to kick his keister!"
 -- Quickstrike makes another newsgroup nickname official, "Coming of the Fuzors" I

"Cat patrol to 'bot base. Got a blue plate sighting in Tengu sector."
 -- Cheetor, "Code of Hero"
[Just what does it take to get a mention on the show? An attention-getting 'net handle for starters, apparently. :]

"Rampage. Position yourself in subsector Hooks."
 -- Megatron, "The Agenda" I

"There is a storm coming. A storm of such power, such magnitude, it is beyond imagination!"
 -- Megatron obrefs JHooks' website, "Before the Storm"

"Optimus to Rhinox. Grid Darcerin complete."
-- Optimus, "Feral Scream" Part 1

"Silverbolt and Blackarachnia are combing sector Tallories."
-- Optimus, "Feral Scream" Part 1

"Quarry detected, grid Joona."
-- Dinobot 2, "Go With the Flow"

"This is Depth Charge. Pred activity spotted in grid Scylla."
-- Depth Charge mispronounces an ATTer's screen name, "Nemesis" Part 1

"This is Optimus, encoding transmission M Sipher."
-- Optimus salutes the guy who got this list started, "Nemesis" Part 1

"Targetting grid 3H. Full pulse spread!"
-- Megatron salutes the organizers of BotCon, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Hey, take it easy with the power pizzas!"
-- Cheetor sort-of makes my nickname for Depth Charge's chest gun official, "Feral Scream" Part 1. Probably not a true reference, but I can always dream... :]

Even in the Quietest Moments...
"You bellowed?"
 -- Blacharachnia to Megatron, "The Agenda" I

"Good-bye, Snowstalker. May your hunting grounds shelter you now."
 -- Tigatron says farewell, "The Law of the Jungle"

"Did we get our signal to the probe? Are we goin' home?!"
"Not today, Cheetor... But some day."
 -- Cheetor and Optimus, "The Probe"

"My actions do not imply loyalty, Optimus. I owed you my life. Now we are merely... even."
 -- Dinobot, "Beast Wars" II

"I salute my former leader, and my former Maximal comrades. Good bye."
 -- Dinobot about to be left behind, "Victory"

"Cat's tough. He went out fighting."
-- Depth Charge, on Cheetor's apparent demise, "Feral Scream" Part 1

"Whaddaya mean 'go after Rattrap', you mean rescue him?"
"Why... let him go."
 -- Cheetor and Rhinox, the latter convinced that Rattrap's changed sides, "Double Jeopardy"

"We were given a paradise! All we had to do was live there in peace. But we proved unworthy... and the paradise is no more."
-- Tigatron, "The Trigger" Part 2

"The question which once haunted my being has been answered. The future is not fixed, and my choices are my own. And yet, how ironic -- for I now find, I have no choice at all! I am a warrior... let the battle be joined."
 -- Dinobot, "Code of Hero"

"Talk about your crispy ice-cold slag..."
-- Cheetor, on seeing the Axalon destroyed, "Optimal Situation"

" That was some cold slag."
 -- Rhinox, "Fallen Comrades"

"You're a Maximal now, and we'll see that you're treated as one."
"And what makes you think that I want to be?"
 -- Optimus and Dinobot, "The Probe"

"Status report."
"In a word... busted. She won't fly again."
 -- Optimus and Rhinox on their crashed ship, "Victory"

"May I be forgiven for what I must do..."
-- Tigatron about to obliterate the flying island, "The Trigger" II

"Let the paths lead where they may. I will follow."
-- Tigatron, "Fallen Comrades"

"A Spark!"
"Yep. The very thing that makes us what we are. Every Cybertron, Maximal, or Predacon has one, and each is different. When a Spark goes on-line, there's great joy. When one's extinguished, the Universe weeps."
 -- Cheetor and dream-sequence Rhinox, "The Spark"

"With this little bauble, we will write a new chapter in the history of our race."
"Or destroy it..."  Either way, I will know the truth at last.
 -- Megatron and Dinobot, "Maximal No More"

"Like I said, you're just a blasted slag-spoutin' saurian... but it's... nice to know where ya stand."
"Upwind... of you, for preference... vermin. Tell my tale to those who ask... tell it truthfully, the evil deeds along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest... is silence..."
 -- Rattrap and Dinobot's final words, "Code of Hero"

"I was your assignment, and you failed!"
"...Raw energon. Right through your twisted Spark. Take it! Take it straight to the Pit, you sickening piece of SLAG!"
-- Rampage and Depth Charge's final exchange, "Nemesis" Part 1

Optimus: "Tigerhawk, do you copy. I repeat, do you copy?! Tigerhawk!"
Computer: "Unit Tigerhawk... terminated."
Optimus: "Nooo!!... This ends here, Megatron. No more good friends will be sacrificed to your insane ambitions, I swear it. No more!"
Rattrap: "Uh.. you knock?
("Nemesis" Part 2)

"For everything that ever was..."
-- Rhinox, prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Alas, poor Tarantulas. I knew him, Cheetor. This is the leg that stalked so many victims... that it should come to this."
 -- Dinobot eulogizing Tarantulas, "Victory"

"Awww, do you need a hug?"
 -- Cheetor's reaction to the above, "Victory"

"I won't disgrace his memory with lies! He was a stinking, omnivorous pestilence! Still, in some perverse way... I will miss him."
-- Dinobot eulogizing Rattrap, "A Better Mousetrap"

"Oh boo! Boo hoo! Oh!... don't stop now... you motorheads're killin' me."
 -- a surprisingly alive Rattrap, "A Better Mousetrap"

"Yeesh! Where's my cyber-violen?"
-- Rattrap watching Silverbolt mourn the non-death of Blackarachnia, "Optimal Situation"

"Hey, you're lookin' good... for a dead guy."
-- Rattrap to Cheetor, "Feral Scream" Part 2

Rats and 'Raptors
"They'll either learn to work together or they'll destroy each other. Right now, I don't really care which."
 -- Optimus Primal, "The Low Road"

"Maximal base, this is Rattrap... HelLO, you READIN' me, Chopperface?"
"Speak, VERMIN."
 -- Rattrap and Dinobot, "Fallen Comrades"

"For bootin' up cold, you know how I feel about lizard-breath! You can't trust him. And -- and he smells bad. Then there's the teeth -- you ever seen him eat?"
 -- Rattrap, "Maximal No More"

"Man, hee hee! When we get back to Cybertron, I am gonna take you to this sweet little hole-in-the-wall, where I guarantee -"
"Eh, he ain't gonna be there."
 -- Rattrap and Rhinox, "Victory"

"Mmph! If it ain't the irracible raptor."
"The base remains infested with vermin, I see."
"Yeah, funny, you know, not much changes around here... except maybe the occasional ALLEGIANCE."
 -- Rattrap and Dinobot, "Code of Hero"

"Nice find, Dinominer. You're even better at this than Rattrap!"
"Mmmmm. I'm better at everything than Rattrap!"
 -- Cheetor and Dinobot, "Dark Voyage"

Cheetor: "How are Rattrap and Dinobot? Are they okay?"
Rattrap [to Dinobot]: "Man, y'know, it's your fault that I ain't kickin' back on Cybertron right now, you overgrown stinkin' iguana."
Dinobot: "Mmm. I've done the planet a favor!"
Rattrap: "Hey. Hey! You want me to show ya just how velociraptors got extinct?!"
Optimus [to Cheetor]: "They're taking it well."

"Thanks for the info, Dinobrain. You want your expert consultant fee now?"
"No need. I can simply extract it from your hide!"
 -- Rattrap and Dinobot, "The Trigger"

"Blehhh! To think that a warrior must become a... a rat patrol."
 -- Dinobot, "Coming of the Fuzors" II

"Maximal taxi, on the way home. You need a ride?"
"So, I am to be punished after all."
"...Nice to have ya back, Dinobutt!"
"The pleasure is all yours, vermin."
 -- Rattrap and Dinobot after the latter's return to the Maximals, "Maximal No More"

"Hey, cloud kitty! Eh, we woulda been here sooner if Dinobutt wasn't such a porker."
"The vilest ride of my life!"
 -- Rattrap and Dinobot, "Coming of the Fuzors" II

"And groan, for cryin' out loud; you're supposed to be half dead!"
"If you don't shut up, rodent, YOU shall be my role model!"
 -- Rattrap and Dinbot, "Possession"

" know this tunnel's gotta lead to his lab!"
"I know nothing of the sort. Unlike you, I am not used to crawling through sewers!"
"Well, a sewer smells better than your breath, bronto-brain!"
"You'll soon get used to it -- after I bite your useless head off!"
 -- Rattrap and Dinobot, "The Low Road"

"No excuses, you pathetic rodent ! Keep moving!"
"HEY! You can just kiss my pink hairless--"
[Transmission cut off]
 -- Dinobot and Rattrap, "Fallen Comrades"

"Sheesh! They call me the immature one."
 -- Cheetor, "The Low Road"

Pow! Sock! Blam!
"Ooooo! That's gotta hurt."
 -- Rattrap, "The Low Road"

"Diiiieeee, Maximals --"
"SHUT UP!!" [POW!!]
 -- Tarantulas and Rattrap/Dinobot, "The Low Road"

"Oh, well, come on, let's have it. The usual 'destiny and honor' speech..."
"Speech this." [POW!]
-- Megatron and Optimus, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Waspinator one, doggy bot -- zippo."
-- Waspinator, "Changing of the Guard"
[didn't we already hear this line once before?]

"You've gotta be faster than that to bag this cat!"
"You don't know what fast IS, furball!"
"I know what UGLY is, and yer it!"
"Fast cat one, spider -- zippo."
-- Cheetor and Blackarachnia, "The Spark"
[yeah, I thought so!]

"Consider that my resignation from the Predacons, Megatron!... [to Optimus] May I join you?"
"Well... [glances at Megatron falling off a cliff] ...I like your resume."
 -- Silverbolt and Optimus Primal, "Coming of the Fuzors" II

Silverbolt: "Wprry not, my love... it's just a... scratch...
Optimus: "Maybe. But I'd say your due some time in the CR chamber."
Silverbolt: "Sir, I'll be fine! I just --"
Blackarachnia: "Shut up and obey your commander, bone brain."
Silverbolt: [as his head falls off] "Yes dear."
-- Silverbolt pulls a Monty Python, "Nemesis" Part 1

Pred. Rhinox: "When I slagged you and Bug Eyes, he was watching and smirking!
Terrorsaur: "Th-that's a lie!"
Rhinox: "Then how come you're looking so shifty all of a sudden?"
Scorponok: "He's a smirker! Ha ha ha. Mangle!"
-- "Dark Designs"

"Shredded, or sizzled. What a choice!"
 -- stuck in the middle with Cheetor, "Equal Measures"

Blackarachnia: "Ugg. Do Maximals always talk such slop?"
[Airazor punches her lights out]
Rattrap: "My sentiments exactly."
("Other Voices" II)

Rattrap: "OH yeah! He doezzzzn't like that. ROBO-NOOGIE!! [whack! whack! whack!] Now get lost! "
Waspinator: "Waspinator... thinks area... is secure now..." [flies off]
Optimus: "I swear, I can't take you anywhere!"
 -- Rattrap beats up on Waspinator, "Other Voices" I

"Oh, my achin' head!"
 -- Terrorsaur, after having his head blasted off by Rattrap, "Double Jeopardy"

"Nyehhhoohhh... Waspinator has a headache in his whooole body."
 -- a headless Waspinator, "Possession"

"DeFEND the colony... deeeeefend the colony [*WHUMP!*] Dfnnnnn..."
 -- Inferno's head, "Spider's Game"

Plain Old Good Scriptwriting
"Good? What in the Inferno was good about it?!"
 -- Dinobot, "Dark Journey"

"Now I enter these hallowed halls... a conqueror."
 -- Megatron, "The Agenda" III

"And carved into this lofty peak, where tempests dwell... a noble birthplace."
-- Megatron, "Feral Scream" Part 1

"And now I bequeath you half a Spark... the very core of a nightmare!... Ah, hungry for life, yes!"
-- Megatron creating Dinobot 2, "Feral Scream" Part 1

"Autobot technology is different from ours. Mixing the two is... tricky."
-- Rhinox, "Changing of the Guard"

"Are you damaged?"
"Just enough to make me... interesting."
 -- Silverbolt and Blackarachnia, "Bad Spark"

"She would not betray us."
"And I hate cheese!"
-- Silverbolt and Rattrap, "Proving Grounds"

"So! The juicy rat has been running his maze!"
 -- Tarantulas to Rattrap, "Double Jeopardy"

"Greed and self-interest, eh? Excellent! I discern a protege!"
 -- Starscream to Blackarachnia, "Possession"

"And there came a hero who said, 'Hurt not the earth. Nor the sea. Nor the trees. Nor the very fabric of time!' But the hero would not prevail!"
"Finish the quote, Megatron. 'Nor would he surrender!'"
-- Megatron and Optimus, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Black ship. Bad place for this white cat."
 -- Tigatron, "Before the Storm"

"Heh heh, ehhhh get over yourself... it's just some kinda nutty snake thing, no need to panic..."
-- Rattrap freaked by an eel, "Changing of the Guard"

"There must be a malfunction in the image decompression protocol array."
"Gee. I hope it's under warranty."
 -- Megatron and Predacon Rhinox, "Dark Designs"

"Strip my gears and call me a floor lamp..."
 -- Rattrap, "The Probe"

"Like some rat's sneakin' info --"
"Um, speaking metaphorically, of course."
-- Cheetor and Rattrap, "Double Jeopardy"

"Oh man, I hate these glory charges! What say, gorilla guy, any chance for a negotiated settlement?"
 -- Rattrap and Optimus, "The Trigger" II

"Whoa. Bad karma at the Loser Lair!"
"...That's dissension, all right."
"Now aren't you glad we got cable?"
 -- Cheetor and Optimus watching the Preds in their base, "Victory"

"Eh, just in case you don't come back... can I have your quarters?"
 -- Rattrap and Optimus, "Other Voices" II

Primal: "In the meantime, I've got a lot of catching up to do. People to meet, things to do. Specifically, to have Rattrap clear all his junk out of my quarters!"
Cheetor: "Rattrap! Really!"
Dinobot: "Opportunistic vermin!"
Rattrap: "Come on! Gimme a break, willya? Th' guy was dead!"
 -- "Coming of the Fuzors" II

"Terrorsaur has not given signal!"
"ATTACK, you embicile!"
[aside to camera] "Waspinator will engage enemy."
 -- Waspinator and Terrorsaur, "The Law of the Jungle"

"Not only that, but the serving 'bots are walking around minus their torso plates, you know what I mean?"
"Yes. Obviously a veritable nexus of culture and refinement. How can I refuse."
 -- Rattrap and Silverbolt, "The Agenda" I

"Were that innuendo not beneath my contempt, you would be required to give satisfaction!"
"I forget -- did he talk like this before, or did falling in love do something to his circuits?"
-- Silverbolt and Rattrap, "Cutting Edge"

"The Vok! A simple name for so arrogant a race."
-- Tarantulas, "Other Victories"

"I said, we made it to the waterfall!"
"What a startling revelation!"
 -- Rhinox and Dinobot, "Dark Voyage"

"Stand your ground, traitor!"
"You're ON my ground, insect!"
 -- Inferno and Dinobot, "Maximal No More"

"Stand and fight, vermin!"
"Oh yeah? Shrivel up and die, ant!"
-- Inferno and Rattrap, "Changing of the Guard"

"Optimus - back off, okay?! You're embarrassing me..."
"Oh joy... cyber-puberty."
-- Cheetor and Rattrap, "Feral Scream" Part 2

"Oh, be still, my spinnerets..."
-- Tarantulas admiring Blackarachnia, "Double Jeopardy"

"So, ah, let's pillage and plunder!"
 -- Rattrap, "Victory"

"...Then I'll... send in the clone!"
 -- Megatron, "Double Dinobot"

"Optimus will rue the day he left this clone alone!"
 -- clone Dinobot, "Double Dinobot"

"Am I missin' the interface here?!"
-- Rattrap, "Other Victories"

"One lonely turncoat, battling on against impossible odds. I'm almost... touched! Fortunately such moments pass quickly."
 -- Megatron, "Code of Hero"

"I suppose given my eminent godhood, these primitives should really be beneath my attention. Ah, still, no score is too small to settle, I always say --"
"You would turn the full fury of this mighty warship on a lone anthropoid?! Tell me, Megatron: where's the honor in that?"
"You dare use the H word to me?"
"I -- I... I apologize. I merely felt our power should be conserved for the larger battle."
"Duly noted... and ignored." [BLAM!]
-- Megatron and Dinobot II, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Wait! Need plan! Waspinator in charge."
"I am the plan."
-- Waspinator and Dinobot 2, "Feral Scream" Part 2

"Even after his demise, the spider's treachery remains my best asset..."
-- Megatron, "Nemesis" Part 1

"Ah, would I could have that sound to lull me to sleep each night..."
 -- Megatron on Optimus's screams, "Other Voices" I

"Listen, tabby -- you're a nice kid. Which is two strikes against you."
"I'm not a kid... and maybe I'm not so nice, either."
-- Blackarachnia and Cheetor, "Cutting Edge"

"Tarantulas! Where are you?... ahhk!!"
"Heh hee hee... I'm here! Inside your pretty little head, controlling your pretty little thoughts!"
 -- Blackarachnia and a bodiless Tarantulas, "Aftermath"

"The question is, has Megatron made the same calculation?"
"Well, if I was a bettin' rodent, which I am... OH yeah."
 -- Optimus and Rattap, "Code of Hero"

"Idiot! What have you done?!"
"The idiot does not respond. The idiot is comatose!"
 -- Megatron and Waspinator standing over a crushed Scorponok, "Dark Designs"

"In that case... the lady shall ride a tiger."
 -- Tigatron, "The Trigger" II

"You're a real piece of work."
"Ain't it the truth."
 -- Optimus and Rattrap, "The Trigger" II

A Witful Widow
"You're smooth, Blackarachnia. Very smooth. It does not inspire confidence, no."
 -- Megatron, "Possession"

"Let's get this straight, okay? I'm a black widow spider. I don't make friends, I can't stand kids, and I truly despise cute ."
-- Blackarachnia, "Cutting Edge"

"I'm the brains of this group... not the brawn."
 -- Blackarachnia makes a polite threat to Terrorsaur, "A Better Mousetrap"

"Now those are what I call lines."
"Uh. Someone get him a kitty treat before he drools all over your computer."
-- Cheetor and Blackarachnia, "Proving Grounds"

"Come out, kittycat! I won't hurt you... much."
 -- Blackarachnia, "The Spark"

"Oh. Great. I get stuck with the one cat in the world who lands on his head."
-- Blackarachnia, "Cutting Edge"

"Not Scorponok! Scorponok loyal to Megatron!"
"Then you are an even bigger fool than you look."
-- Scorponok and Blackarachnia, "Double Jeopardy"

"Tar-annnntulus?... YO! Legs!... Free! For a minute anyway. Computer! Download and triple encrypt, stat!"
 -- Blackarchnia, "Coming of the Fuzors" II
[Really, it's the delivery on this one... from taunting, to sarcasm, to delicate vunerability, to flippancy, to all-business, to maniacal laughter, all in under ten seconds. Wow!]

"Two choices. One, bail out of here like any self-respecting spider. Two... play little miss hero like some sort of pathetic warm-blood. Uhh! Sometimes I disgust myself."
-- Blackarachnia, "Cutting Edge"

"Besides, you're so cute !"
 -- Blackarachnia's assessment of Tarantulas, "Spider's Game"

Blackarachnia: "We're almost through."
Silverbolt: "Then... stand back!"
Blackarachnia: "Wait. We just have to--"
Blackarachnia: "Never mind...What *is* it with guys and high explosives?"
("The Agenda" III)

"Guys. Oh, they're only young once but they can act juvenile forever."
-- Blackarachnia, "Cutting Edge"

"'Just as Megatron said', 'Just as Megatron said'... don't you ever get tired of groveling to that saurian?"
 -- Blackarachnia to Scorponok, "The Spark"

"Uhhh. Monitor duty again. Being loyal to Megatron sure is boring*"
 -- Blackarachnia, "Other Visits" I

"I'm tired of tests and secrets, and hanging around this depressing dump! And I'm sick of your stupid crush."
-- Blackarachnia losing it, "Proving Grounds"

"Why do you always talk to yourself?"
"I simply have a penchant for intelligent conversation."
 -- Blackarachnia and Megatron, "The Low Road"

"This must be my day for cats."
 -- Blackarachnia, about to take on Cheetor, "The Spark"

"Let there be... LIGHT."
-- Blackarachnia, about to release a LOT of firepower, "The Trigger" II

"Are all your dreams in Technicolor?"
 -- Blackarachnia to Starscream, "Possession"

"'ve betrayed me!"
"I studied with the master."
 -- Starscream and Blackarachnia, "Possession"

"Let's talk about futures -- yours, and mine. Mine's gotten complicated. Silverbolt is every bad girl's dream. But his Maximal pals would rather slag me than let me be what I am... So I guess this gig's over -- like your future..."
-- Blackarachnia communing with the wild, "Proving Grounds"

"Great choice. Be a Maximal, or drool oil for the rest of my life."
-- Blackarachnia, "Crossing the Rubicon"

"Mood... setting... all I need now is my dance partner."
-- Blackarachnia prepares to spar with Dinobot 2, "Proving Grounds"

"Come on, fight back! How far will you carry this silly chivalry? 'Cause this dark damsel is not impressed!"
 -- Blackarachnia to Silverbolt, "Bad Spark"

"Just admit there is a spark of goodness deep inside you, and then --"
"Shall I... elaborate?"
 -- Silverbolt and Blackarachnia, "Bad Spark"

"Your inner Maximal goodness prevented y--"
"Shut up. Shut up, SHUT - UP!!"
"I know how you're feeling. You don't know whether to kiss me, or... kill me."
"I'm a black widow spider, you idiot! I can do both."
 -- Silverbolt and Blackarachnia, "The Agenda" II

"Sappy as always. What did I ever see in you, anyway? Oh yeah... I remember."
-- Blackarachnia to Silverbolt, "Crossing the Rubicon"

"There just ain't no figgerin' a female."
"A fact of life, Fuzor."
 -- Quickstrike and Tarantulas on Blackarachnia, "Tangled Web"

Are we sure they're in Earth's PAST?
"Yes! One moon now! Planet changed. And that means...
"Earth. Yes..."
 -- Waspinator and Dinobot, "Coming of the Fuzors" I

"Hooooooly Swiss cheese, we're in for it now..."
 -- Rattrap, "Other Voices" I

"Hello, you've reached Good Guy Central!"
 -- Rattrap, "The Trigger" I

"This is your rovin'  robot reporter. You want the bad news or the worse news?"
 -- Rattrap, "Possession"

"Keep your fur on, Rin Tin Tin."
 -- Rattrap to Silverbolt, "Maximal No More"

"Either the grunge look is coming back, or those two ran into something hot."
 -- Airazor, "The Trigger" I

"We get beverage cart service on this flight?"
"Just make sure your seats are in the fully upright position."
 -- Rattrap, clinging precariously to Optimus's back, "The Trigger" I

"It would seem you built... a better mousetrap."
 -- Dinobot on Sentinel, "A Better Mousetrap"

"Yo, everybody! Out of the pool!"
 -- Rattrap, "Dark Designs"

"I am Alpha and Omega. The beginning, and the end... I am that which is, which was, and is yet to come. And you will know my name is Megatron, when I lay my vengeance upon you."
-- Megatron, fan of the Bible or Pulp Fiction, "Nemesis" Part 2

Rattrap: "Your turn to think of something."
Optimus: "We could try knocking."
Rattrap: "Yeah! Like Megatron is gonna invite us in for oil and cookies."
[The doors open]
Rattrap: "Not that I couldn't use a snack."
[Quickstrike and Tarantulus open fire on them]
Rattrap: "Yeah! Now this is the party I expected!"
Optimus: "Let's mingle."
("Other Visits" II)

"Aw, man! If that don't take the chrome-plated cookie."
 -- Rattrap, "Other Visits" II

"Give Waspinator more room! Tarantulas fat enough already!"
"If Waspinator does not stop cuddling me like a stuffed toy while he sleeps, I'll eat him as well!"
 -- Waspinator and Tarantulas, "Victory"

"Don't get your bananas in a bunch!"
 -- Rattrap, "Call of the Wild"

"This hard headed hound just went postal on me!"
 -- Rattrap, "The Agenda" I

"I'm blowin' this taco stand."
 -- Rattrap, "Double Jeopardy"

"Ready to rock and roll, insect?"
"I don't rock and roll. I burn."
 -- Blackarachnia and Inferno, "Other Visits" I

"This mouse is goin' cat hunting. Kneivel mode!"
 -- Rattrap, "The Agenda" III

"I'd sure hate to sell encyclopedias in that neighborhood!"
 -- Rattrap, "Before the Storm"

"Looks like the nutty erector set took a walk."
 -- Rattrap (on the Transmutate), "Transmutate"

"If that don't cut the cheese..."
 -- Rattrap, "Coming of the Fuzors" I
[Though perhaps in light of "The Low Road" we could let this one slide... :]

D'OH!! Revisited
"I looked up... blam."
 -- Scorponok, "Dark Designs"

"So much for plan A."
"Does that mean that there's a... plan B?"
-- Optimus and Rattrap, "Changing of the Guard"

"Ah, Rhinox, a pleasure to see you again."
"Always a treat to see you, too."
"Yep. You got a point there."
-- Megatron and Predacon Rhinox, "Dark Designs"

"Aww, man! It's a-MAZIN' how sweet we're all bein' these days."
 -- Rattrap, "Other Voices" I

"Ahhhhh. I hate water."
-- Cheetor shot down, shorted out and stranded, "Deep Metal"

"Any sign of our tabby?"
"Not so much as a whisker. Your... concern does you credit."
"I'm full of surprises."
-- Blackarachnia and Silverbolt, "Feral Scream" Part 2

"Remember that transwarp cell explosion?"
[Primal just gives him a LOOK]
"Okay, stupid question."
 -- Rhinox, "Code of Hero"

"I just knew I smelled a rat. And it wasn't even me!"
 -- Rattrap, "Double Dinobot"

"And a mighty warrior came down from the sky. And a rainbow was upon his head. And his feet as pillars of fire. And the great dragon was cast out unto the Earth. And his followers were cast out with him."
"What in the seven spiral galaxies are you jabberin' about?!"
-- Optimus (reading the Covenent of Primus) and Rattrap, "Nemesis" Part 1

"I -- I been lookin'... everywhere for ya." [clonk!]
-- Quickstrike, crushed by Rampage, "Changing of the Guard"

Blackarachnia: "Let go! I don't wanna hurt you but I will!"
Silverbolt: "You've already hurt me... and you are going to hear the truth if it --"
[CLONK! as she head-butts him]
Blackarachnia: "Warned ya!... Ohhh, not such a great idea."
Optimus: "You... both look like scrap."
("Proving Grounds")

"It would appear that only Optimus can truly think like Optimus..."
 -- Dinobot on a blundered tactic, "Gorilla Warfare"

Blackarachnia: "We -- I did it!"
Airazor: "Hoo-raaay for you."
Blackarachnia: "Did you know we have a truce?"
("Other Voices" II)

"That's an order!... C'mon, PLEASE?!"
 -- Rattrap, "Chain of Command"

"...Yes! Main thrusters now connected to Teletron One."
"It's TeleTRAN!"
-- Rattrap and Blackarachnia, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Without a shield program to guard the base, we're trapped in a defensive position. This war could go on forever. We'll never get back to Cybertron."
"Nyah -- d'oh! You just had to say the C word, didn'tcha."
-- Primal trying to persuade Rattrap, "Changing of the Guard"

"He's done it! Depth Charge has done it! It's all over!"
"Yee-ah-ha! Ain't I always said that tin minnow is one of my favorite people?"
-- Optimus and Rattrap, "Nemesis" Part 1

"Megatron has deduced our strategy! Such as it was."
 -- Dinobot, "Coming of the Fuzors" II

"Do not worry! He has been... disarmed."
"To say the least."
 -- Silverbolt and Blackarachnia on finding one of Tarantulus's limbs, "Bad Spark"

"Well - switch to - glide mode or somethin'!"
"I don't have a glide mode, mouse!"
-- Rattrap and Depth Charge, "Go With the Flow"

"I thought you were smarter than that. And where did you get the driver?"
"I... kind of... borrowed it."
-- Optimus and Blackarachnia, "Crossing the Rubicon"

"While spider-bots argue, Waspinator and Inferno finish job! Megatron will be pleased."
"And we do live to please Megatron."
 -- Waspinator and Tarantulus, "Tangled Web"

Optimus: "Good thing you didn't just blast this bee."
Cheetor: "Well, I would have, but it was carrying one of Airazor's feathers."
Rattrap: "'Sides, he missed."
Cheetor: "Yeah... that too."
-- "The Trigger" Part One

"Veer left! There's a clearing about a hundred meters --"
"Ah, yes. Silly me."
 -- Optimus Primal reflects on Rhinox's navigation, "Beast Wars" I

"No-one's gonna hurt ya... us, I'm not so sure about."
-- Rattrap to a beast mode-dominated Cheetor, "Feral Scream" Part 2

"You cannot shoot! We have a truce, remember?"
"Oh, I remember. But you know my trigger finger; it just might forget!"
 -- Tigatron and Terrorsaur, "Before the Storm"

"Leaving? Who said anything about leaving?"
 -- Megatron and Terrorsaur, "Victory"

"Big water-bat totally shined you!"
"Seems to be a trend."
-- Cheetor and Optimus on Depth Charge, "Feral Scream" Part 1

"You and Rhinox are our last hope. Defend the -- [ZZZT!!] -- there he is, my little guuuuuy... there he is, my little guy. Isn't he cute."
"That's NOT what I wanted to hear."
-- cyber-venomed Optimus and Rattrap, "Cutting Edge"

"Don't you trust me?"
"Huh. About as far as an anvil can jump."
[BA throttles him]
"'Course -- I mean that in the best possible way..."
-- Blackarachnia and Rattrap, "Proving Grounds"

"You have already read the Covenent of Primus?"
"Just the good parts!"
-- Dinobot II and Megatron, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Perhaps this new biogen scan will --- AAAUGH!!"
"...Or, perhaps not."
 -- Rhinox, "Tangled Web"

"So you failed."
 -- Optimus, Rattrap, and Airazor, "Before the Storm"

"I'm open to suggestions."
"Oh. Okay. How's about we crash down into those mountains, and die horrible agonizin' deaths!!"
-- Depth Charge and Rattrap, "Go With the Flow"

"Oh! You're back on their side now? Gee, a guy can hardly keep track!"
-- Predacon Rhinox to Terrorsaur, "Dark Designs"

"Core implosion aborted. All systems normal. Have a nice day."
-- Teletran One, "Master Blaster"

"Well what?"
"If you're second in command, what is your... command?!"
 -- Waspinator and Scorponok, "Power Surge"

"He's gone into the vents! You'd better report this to Megatron!"
"Me?! YOU'RE second in command!"
"So, make it an order!"
-- Scorponok and Waspinator, "Equal Measures"

"Just when things are finally lookin' up... heh heh heh... we're all gonna die."
-- Rattrap, "Other Visits"

Rattrap: "What?! I thought we had this all sewed up!"
Optimus: "Megs just ripped it wide open. Optimus out."
Rattrap: "Aw man. Is it just me, or did he just kinda say, 'we're all gonna die'?"
-- "Nemesis" Part 1

"Huh. No power... no weapons...We're all gonna die."
-- Rattrap and Rhinox, "Nemesis" Part 2

Waspinator RULES!
"Ahh... I love that guy."
 -- Rattrap on a bug-sprayed Waspinator [but speaking for us all], "Maximal No More"

"Boss bot calls up with his gears in a grind, and suddenly I gotta pack up my Pred parts collection? Man, you know how many pieces of Waspinator I got?"
-- Rattrap, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Waspinator not want to be destroyed! Waspinator has plans!"
-- Waspinator, "Other Voices" Part 2

"Lizard-bot and Waspinator team up? Get disks together!"
"An excellent idea."
"Lizard-bot think so?"
"You go first." [BOOT!]
 -- Dinobot gets Waspinator trashed, "Coming of the Fuzors" I

"Down raptor! Bad raptor!"
-- Waspinator getting stomped on by an out-of-control cyberraptor, "Cutting Edge"

"Waspinator is in command. Waspinator will lead! Yeeeeeess."
"Well, since you're the one who knows the way, go ahead! Lead on."
"Hmph! You not tell Waspinator what to do! Waspinator in command!"
"Okay... fine. What is your command?"
"Doggy-bot follow Waspinator. Waspinator will lead."
 -- Waspinator and Silverbolt, "Coming of the Fuzors" II

"Two-Head throw Megatron in lava pit. Megatron angry. Think Two-Head a traitor! Want to slag Two-Head. Waspinator down with that!"
"Brilliant as always..."
-- Waspinator and Megatron, "Other Victories"

"The Royalty will triumph. All we need is a new colony -- and I shall find it!"
"Huh. Ant-bot not find own thorax with both hands and a road map."
-- Inferno and Waspinator, "Nemesis" Part 1

"Not fair! Waspinator minding owwwwwn business, when, bang! Gets whole stasis pod right up the kazootie..."
 -- Waspinator, "The Agenda" II

"Megatron will reward Waspinator for victory over Maximals. Give Waspinator vacation!... Waspinator having good day! Not been shot once--"
-- poor poor Waspinator, "Changing of the Guard"

"Waspinator has female fleshy bot. But there is problem!"
"She had better not be injured!"
"No! She injuring Waspinator!
"Ah, situation normal then, yes."
"Ohhh... Waspinator want to re-negotiate contract!"
-- Waspy and Megatron, "Go With the Flow"

"Oh sure, don't mind Waspinator, Waspinator just lie here and suffer, drag himself to CR tank..."
 -- cubified Waspinator, "Coming of the Fuzors" I

"Waspinator. Salvage Inferno."
"Inferno blow up, Waspinator must salvage. Waspinator blow up, nobody salvage. Why universe hate Waspinator?"
-- Megatron and Waspinator, "Deep Metal"

Quickstrike: "How about you, bug boy? You ready to rip?"
Waspinator: "...No."
Quickstrike: "WHAT?!"
Inferno: "But the Royalty commands!"
Waspinator: "I said NO! Dragonbot command you, Subcommander Kissbutt! Dragonbot not command Waspinator! Not anymore! Waspinator sick of being evil! Sick of being Predacon! Oh, Waspinator especially sick of getting blown to scrap all the time!!! Soooo, Waspinator QUIT! As of now, which means Antbot and Two-Head can just pucker their mandibles, and plant big wet juicy one right here on Waspinator's big --  fat -- stripey ---"
-- Waspinator's righteous rage, "Nemesis" Part 1

Insult to Injury
"Flattery will get you flattened, vermin."
 -- Starscream, "Possession"

"I've gotta hand it to you, Primal. When you screw up you do it big-time."
-- Depth Charge, "Deep Metal"

"What's with him?!"
"Eh. Probably rust."
-- Cheetor and Rattrap on Depth Charge, "Deep Metal"

"Man, I swear, them polka dots go clear through to the brain."
 -- Rattrap reflects on Cheetor, "Call of the Wild"

"Heh. I ain't dead!"
"This day's just full of disappointments."
-- Rattrap and Depth Charge, "Go With the Flow"

"Program does not respond. Waspinator does not understand!"
"I'll bet Waspinator seldom does!"
 -- Waspinator and Starscream, "Possession"

"Don't bug me, kid, your forehead slopes."
-- Blackarachnia to a protohuman, "Cutting Edge"

"Eww, another insect. How depressing."
 -- Blackarachnia on Inferno, "Spider's Game"

"Well! Megatron! I'd say it was good to see you but my truth circuits would overload."
 -- Optimus Primal, "Before the Storm"

"Now whadda we do?"
"Well, given our proximity, I breath through my mouth."
 -- Rattrap and Silverbolt, "The Agenda" I

Depth Charge: "Big Preds are my specialty."
Rhinox: "Not too shabby."
Rattrap: "Mm. Still smells like fish." ("Cutting Edge")

"Don't cats ever get tired of being stupid?"
 -- Rattrap AND Tarantulas to Cheetor, "The Probe"

Tarantulus: "You have information I want!"
Megatron (listening in): "Yes, by all means, let's hear it."
Blackarachnia: "Fine, Tarantulus, here's the scoop. Megatron is a slag-sucking saurian!"
 ("Bad Spark")

"Dinobot! Do you accept the challenge?"
"Hmph. I would hardly call it a challenge! But I accept."
 -- Megatron and Dinobot (about to spar with Quickstrike), "Maximal No More"

"So, give us the scoop! What's it actually feel like, bein' a Pred?"
"Like you're three gigabytes of attitude on a two-gig hard drive. No wonder they got personality problems!"
-- Cheetor and Rhinox, "Dark Designs"

"What are you saying?"
"I'm sayin' that our little spider chum --"
[Silverbolt walks in]
"--is... a credit to her web-spinnin' species, and I don't know what we ever did without her."
-- Rhinox and Rattrap, "Cutting Edge"

"Power you got. Brains... is another story."
 -- Rattrap to Megaton, "Aftermath"

"Tin tyrant."
"Treacherous arachnid."
 -- Tarantulas and Megatron, "The Spark"

 -- Blackarachnia and Tarantulas, "Spider's Game"

"New packaging, same product. Losers."
 -- Megatron on Transmetal Cheetor and Rattrap, "Aftermath"

"What're you lookin' at?"
-- Depth Charge to the metaphoric butterfly, "Go With the Flow"

"Ha ha! Time to open me up a can of kick keister!"
-- Quickstrike, "Master Blaster"

"I'm in a bad mood. Understand?"
 -- Rhinox strangling Dinobot, "Aftermath"

"You wouldn't dare fire in here! It might upset history."
"We'd have four million years to clean you off the walls, Megatron. I might risk it."
-- Megatron and a newly-Optimized Primal, "Optimal Situation"

"...You will talk, or I will rip open your core processors and extract the information personally!"
"Well, since you asked so nicely ..."
-- Optimus and Depth Charge, "Feral Scream" Part 2

"Have I told you how much I like ants, huh? Especially fried in a subtle blend of mech fluid and grated gears?"
 -- Rampage to Inferno, "Transmutate"

"They're playing our song, Megatron. Time to dance."
 -- Predacon Rhinox, "Dark Designs"

"I let that sneaky lizard lead me straight into Megatron's jamming zone..."
"Your first mistake -- but not your last!"
-- Blackarachnia and Dinobot 2, "Proving Grounds"

"Ew! I don't wanna move in there! 'Got all them hairy critters in it!... Unless -- uh, unless you mean, we's gonna slag 'em! Oh! Oh please tell me that's what yer plannin'!"
-- Quickstrike, "Nemesis" Part 1

"It was you who caged me last time, wasn't it?"
"This time, I won't bother with the cage, creep!"
-- Rampage and Depth Charge, "Deep Metal"

"I seen better circuits than that on a maintenance bot."
"One more remark like that and it'll be rat on a stick for lunch."
-- Rattrap and Blackarachnia, "Proving Grounds"

"Just keep jawin', wolfie, whiles you still got yourself a head!"
 -- Quickstrike, "Tangled Web"

Waspinator [hiding behind Megatron]: "Waspinator not like new lizard-bot!"
Depth Charge: "I agree with the bug. But then, I'm not crazy about any of you."
Megatron: "Ah! We have a guest! A perfect opportunity to... hm... test your mettle, Dinobot."
Depth Charge: "And to think I was wondering who to shoot first."
("Feral Scream" Part 1)
[guess DC doesn't like puns, eh?]

"Well, well! It looks like some intrepid explorers have stumbled into a box canyon! Let's close the lid!"
 -- Terrorsaur, "Double Jeopardy"

"Let him go! The Preds'll change his mind. Or make him into fish sticks."
-- Rattrap on Depth Charge's departure, "Deep Metal"

"Uh-uh-uh! One more step, and it's raining bits of early anthropoid, yes."
 -- Megatron, "Code of Hero"

"Close the file on Optimus Primal, and delete!"
 -- Megatron, "Dark Designs"

"...the next time that big ape asks me to do something for him again, I am gonna shove my blaster so far up his--"
-- Rattrap, "Changing of the Guard"

"Now where is he --"
[spies Depth Charge's tail]
"Buried and helpless. Life is good!"
-- Rampage, "Changing of the Guard"

"Well, well. Look - who's - back! "
 -- Megatron to Terrorsaur, "Power Surge"

"Let me... share this with you, Terrorsaur. I am very, very unhappy, indeed. Oh yes."
-- Megatron, "Dark Designs"

"Go ahead, spider. Make a move. Pluh-lease."
 -- Airazor to Blackarachnia, "Aftermath"

"Waspinator detect stink of unnatural Transmetal."
"*gulp* Waspinator exclude present company!!"
-- Waspinator incurs Dinobot 2's wrath, "Feral Scream" Part 2

"Megatron will not twist this innocent to his dark designs. I will not allow it!"
"Hah! You will be too busy burning to prevent it!"
 -- Silverbolt and Inferno, "Transmutate"

"Your persistance is futile! I rise again..."
"In that case -- let us give you further to fall!"
 -- Rampage and Silverbolt, "Bad Spark"

"Now FLY, ya featherless freak, or I'll toast your tachyons."
 -- Rattrap riding Terrorsaur, "The Trigger" II

Pred. Rhinox: "No, here's the deal --"
Terrorsaur: "Terrors-- uuhrrk! "
Rhinox: " --you're gonna keep your big beak shut, and do exactly what I tell you. 'Cause one false move, and you're a new fast-food sensation: pterodactyl hot wings. GOT IT?!"
Terrorsaur: "Got it!"
Rhinox: "Good."
("Dark Designs)

"Are you sure this zombie-bot can pull it off?"
"Not only will I pull it off, but I will chew it up and spit it out!"
 -- Scorponok and clone Dinobot, "Double Dinobot"

"The base is undermanned and unprotected -- ours for the asking!"
"Awwwww now, we ain't gonna ask , are we? Hows about we just blast our way in, and slag everybody and TAKE IT!!"
"Mmm... okay!"
-- Megatron and Quickstrike, "Cutting Edge"

"I, ah... I come in peace."
"You're about to leave in pieces."
"I wish to talk."
"Go ahead. It's a free planet. I'm busy."
 -- Megatron and Rhinox, "Other Visits" I

Just Plain Funny
"Yes, I... I see. Ha ha. Most... amusing."
 -- Silverbolt, "Transmutate"

"Aw man, I'm leadin' a Pred parade!"
 -- Cheetor, "Coming of the Fuzors" I

"Jumpin' gyros, Optimus sure learns a new body fast!"
"Yeah, well whaddaya expect? He changes 'em often enough."
-- Cheetor and Rattrap, "Optimal Situation"

Terrorsaur: "Let's gather some fragments. Megatron will want proof."
Waspinator: "Waspinator wants his heaaad!"
Terrorsaur: "It's MINE, bug face!"
-- "The Trigger" Part One

Silverbolt: "Why did you save me?"
Blackarachnia: "There... might be other... creatures."
Megatron: "Eww, yuck."
("Bad Spark")

"We might as well put up a sign sayin', 'Welcome Predacons, enter here.'"
 -- Rattrap, "Possession"

"Heh! Neighbors. Let 'em in and look what happens."
 -- Rattrap, "Possession"

"Trouble with the neighbors again..."
 -- Airazor, "Call of the Wild"

"Just what we need... a visit from the landlord."
 -- Optimus Primal, "Other Voices" I

"I am tellin' ya, the things comin' outta these pods is just gettin' weirder and weirder!"
 -- Rattrap, "Transmutate"

"A bot can't even be dead for a decacycle without the whole neighborhood going straight to the smelter."
 -- Optimus Primal, "Coming of the Fuzors" II

Waspinator: "Megatron not like failure!"
Terrorsaur: "Yes... the royalty -- er, I mean, Megatron -- has been a bit testy lately..."
("The Law of the Jungle")

"Here, tankie, tankie, tankie..."
-- Rattrap waiting for Rampage, "Crossing the Rubicon"

"A show of massive force. Direct and to the point. I do like these aliens."
"If we weren't altered by that quantum surge, your friends would have us all in stasis lock!"
"Yes. I must talk to them about that."
 -- Megatron and Tarantulus, "Other Visits" II

"Every one of these alien devices has been built for a specific purpose. This one is busy. And I'm betting I can fly close enough to take it out."
"With what? One of your famous 'we can do it' speeches?"
 -- Optimus and Rattrap, "Other Voices" II

"Heh. Zero-friction fluid. C'mon, Rhinox! That stuff is strictly for ametuers."
 -- Rattrap, "A Better Mousetrap"

"[*sigh*] My hero! [smooch!]"
"Oh, get down."
 -- Rattrap and Rhinox, "The Agenda" III

"Those sinus torpedoes of Rhinox's are draining us dry!"
"They're not doing much for the decor, either."
 -- Cheetor and Optimus, "The Low Road"

"I knew that was good for something, other than swatttin' flies."
 -- Cheetor discovers his tail, "The Probe"

"We're dead, right?"
"Not this time... but my arms feel like refried rubber bands."
 -- Rattrap and Optimus, "Power Surge"

"Hey, hey hey! You wanna be careful there!"
"Oh, I'm being real careful. See, I'm on this side, and it's all gonna fall that way!"
-- Scorponok and Predacon Rhinox, "Dark Designs"

Optimus : "Welcome to the Maximals."
Airazor: "My pleasure, although I'm still not sure what to make of all this."
Rattrap: "If you're smart, you'll make tracks."
("The Spark")

"Wha- Where'd he go?!"
"Where'd I go?"
-- Terrorsaur, "Equal Measures"

"...We should debate this in private -- not in front of the Maximal!"
 -- Tarantulas, "Double Jeopardy"
[It's just the way he says he's embarrassed to have Rattrap watching or something. :]

"As much as I'd love to see the both of you scrap yourselves... eh, save it for my birthday."
-- Rattrap to Cheetor and Dinobot, "Gorilla Warfare"

"I bet one of 'em is in my room right now, going through my stuff!"
"Ah, don't take this the wrong way, kittycat, but under the circumstances -- go tell someone who cares!"
 -- Cheetor and Rattrap, "Possession

"Cool! You mean fly?"
"Do I mean fly, NO! I mean take a SUBMARINE! Of COURSE I mean fly!"
 -- Cheetor and Rattrap, "Coming of the Fuzors" I

"And Maximals don't have torture chambers! Although y'know, heh heh! I could get behind that idea."
 -- Rattrap, "Chain of Command"

"Ours is not to reason why, but to blow this joint before we die!"
-- Rattrap, "Other Voices" I

"This is certainly the most humiliating defeat of my entire career! Ye-e-e-esss..."
 -- Megatron, "The Low Road"

"Rust in peace, old comrade!"
 -- Terrorsaur, "Double Dinobot"

"Give my regards to the Inferno!"
-- Tarantulas, "The Web"

"Journey well, friends. You are part of this planet. Let its heart guide your own."
 -- Rhinox, "Coming of the Fuzors" I

"I suppose you wanna chase 'em."
"Why bother, little mouse. The day is done, the battle is won. What say we just... leave it at that."
 -- Rattrap and Silverbolt, "Tangled Web"

-- Quickstrike dropping Megatron into the lava, "Master Blaster"

"I'll be back! Even if it takes a thousand years, I'll be revenged on you allllllll!"
 -- Starscream's parting words, "Possession"

"You know what the best thing is? We don't have to see Megatron's ugly mug again till we get back to Cybertron!"
-- Rattrap on the way home, "Nemesis" Part 2

"Ahhhhh... Waspinator happy at last."
-- the last line of the series, "Nemesis" Part 2


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