Rob's Pile of Transformers: RiD Quotes

This is a pretty straightforward show, and I'm treating it in a fitting manner. There's a section up front with anything that might be construed as a reference to previous series or that establishes the story's history and back story. Then it's a straight shot through all the episodes, one by one, with a coda collecting Sky-Byte's poems at the end. Enjoy!



"I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Optimus Prime. I'm an Autobot, from the planet Cybertron."
-- Optimus Prime, "Battle Protocol"

"This is the Global Space Bridge. It uses Transwarp technology to get us anywhere on Earth in a matter of minutes."
-- Optimus Prime, "Battle Protocol"

"No-one refuses for long. I am Megatron, the ruler of many worlds!"
-- Megatron, "Battle Protocol"

"Well, look who's here! Optimus Prime, as I live and breathe."
-- Megatron very first encounter with Prime, "Battle Protocol"

"I won't let you plunder this planet and leave it a lifeless, barren rock as you have with countless other worlds."
-- Optimus Prime, "Battle Protocol"

"After the Predacons are through with it, there won't be anything left to protect!"
-- Megatron, "Battle Protocol"

"Our systems are controlled by a proactive cybernetic interface program. We call it TAI, which is short for Tactical Artificial Intelligence."
-- Optimus Prime, "An Explosive Situation"

"I'm TAI -- Tactical Artificial Intelligence system. Daughter of the Teletraan One computer program."
-- TAI, "An Explosive Situation"

"They've been working for megacycles, trying to intercept the Predacons."
-- TAI, "An Explosive Situation"

"Well done, Slapper! Convert it to energon cubes and recharge the fuel cells!"
-- Megatron, "An Explosive Situation"

"....But our voyage to earth used up almost all of our energy to power our transwarp cells!"
-- Megatron, "An Explosive Situation"

"Even now they don't realize that the black pyramid is a matrix chamber for generating power."
-- Megatron, "The Hunt for Black Pyramid"

"Who's that robot?"
"It's Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots!"
-- annonymous humans demonstrate that the Autobots are hardly anonymous, "Bullet Train Rescue"

"Let me talk to him! I know if I could meet with Mirage I could talk sense into him!"
"Be our guest! You guys go way back so give it a shot!"
-- Ironhide and Mirage... whose G1 doppelgangers never said a word to one another, "Mirage's Betrayal"

"Amazing! His car looks just like the one driven by the legendary Auggie Canhay, one of the greatest drivers of all time."
-- announcer, "Skid-z's Choice"

"Hey, what are we? Vehicon drones?"
-- Slapper, "Side Burn's Obsession"

"He didn't TELL me anything. I projected his thoughts with the Psycho Probe!"
"At nintey thousand volts per probe he won't last very long."
"What a pity... I don't CARE, you fool!"
-- Megatron and Sky-Byte, "The Ultimate Robot Warrior"

"I haven't seen one of these since the golden age of Cybertron!"
-- Optimus Prime, "The Ultimate Robot Warrior"

"Six Autobots were sent to Earth sixty years ago and disappeared. Maybe this is why they couldn't make contact. This could be their ship!"
"....there are Transformers in that ship. And it looks like their pods are still intact!... they're still in proto-entity form like we were before we chose vehicles to scan."
-- Prowl and Optimus Prime, "The Decepticons"

"I will infuse them with code from my own spark energy!"
-- Megatron, "The Decepticons"

Mega-Octane: "Mega-Octane, transform!"
Megatron: "Ha ha ha ha! Too late, Optimus. Say hello to Mega-Octane, the first Decepticon!"
Side Burn: "Decepticon? But he's an Autobot!"
Prowl: "What he is depends on the condition of his personality grid! If Megatron has altered it...."
X-Brawn: "Then he wouldn't think like an Autobot anymore and he's see us as the enemy!"
("The Decepticons")

"That cannon'll make scraplets out of the Autobots!"
-- Gas Skunk, "The Decepticons"

"If that bird gets scanned, we'll have another Predacon to deal with! Oh, I can't look..."
-- Sky-Byte, "The Decepticons"

"Stop that! If you had any brains you'd be dangerous. I should be Optimus Prime."
"Well, ain't that just prime."
-- Sky-Byte and Slapper with a G1 AND a BW ref, "Commandos"
["If the Insecticons had BRAINS, they'd be dangerous!"
-- G1 Megatron, "Quest for Survival"
A stretch? Definately. A reference?... don't hold your breath.]

"I'm at the Sherman Dam, near the Los Bogus desert resort!"
-- Koji, "Commandos"

"Yeah, go ahead. Show them the universal greeting dance!"
-- Slapper, "The Fish Test"

"Oh alright! By the Pit! I'll do it!"
-- Sky-Byte, "The Fish Test"

"I think these guys escaped from the space circus!"
-- Side Burn, "The Fish Test".
[I really hope that's NOT a reference. Uhg.]

"Get ready for a cannonball depth charge!"
-- Wedge, "A Test of Metal" (reference? Probably not, but I'm anal about these things...)

"It must be Ultra Magnus. He's the only one with that kind of power. I thought he was still on Cybertron. He was almost chosen to lead the Autobots. I was chosen instead, and given the power of the Matrix. After all these years..... could that be what he's come for?"
-- Optimus Prime, "Ultra Magnus"

"When the Autobots were sent to stop Megatron, the Matrix chose you as its inheritor. Chose your being to empower with its energy. Chose you to command the Autobots...."
-- Ultra Magnus, "Ultra Magnus"

"We thought that I had sole possession of the Matrix, and that its power could manifest itself only through me."
-- Optimus Prime, "Power to Burn!"

"You see it just so happens, Ultra Magnus really is my brother....We were created at precisely the same time on Cybertron, by an Autobot elder named Alpha Trion. We were raised together."
-- Optimus Prime, "Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion"

"The Allspark, Vector Sigma, was to choose the next commander-in-chief of Cybertron. Though both of us had won fame during the Civil Wars, I was chosen as leader. And so the Matrix was given to me. Ultra Magnus left the planet that same day and I thought I'd lost contact with him forever. He's grown a little -- bitter, over the years."
"Bitter?! Bitter is not sending you postcards. But this wacko -- he knocked you off a cliff!"
-- Optimus Prime and Side Burn, "Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion"

"Whoah Nelly!... They're on me like an Insecticon on a power core!"
-- X-Brawn, "???"

"Slag! We've been hoodwinked!"
-- X-Brawn, "The Fish Test"

"Our Sky Spies are searching for [Dr. Onishi] twenty four seven!"
-- Midnight Express, "Hope for the Future"

"This is the most important mission I've ever given you. We may even find out what Megatron wants from this planet!"
-- Optimus Prime, "Fortress Maximus"

"I remembered our mission from Cybertron: to reactivate a fortress that was hidden here to protect Earth's energy from Megatron."
-- Scourge, "Koji Gets His Wish"

Ultra Magnus: "It's Fortress Maximus!"
X-Brawn: "...How did this thing get here? I didn't think it existed!"
Prowl: "That was just a legend on Cybertron. You don't think it's for real, do you?"

"Since Scourge and the Decepticons botched the mission, please allow me to secure the key to its power -- Cerebros!"
-- Sky-Byte, "Koji Gets His Wish"

"It comes back to me now, my purpose on Earth... and who I'm really working for. I was scanned a certain gift -- the ability to find the o-parts -- and the skill to use them together to pursue my real quest on Earth: possesion of something much greater -- a great and devastating fortress, from which I could rule the universe."
-- Scourge, "A Friendly Contest"

"First, the o-parts globe at Autobot base started communicating with the orb of Sigma! The two together form a map which shows the exact location of Cerebros, and that's the key to Fortress Maximus!"
-- TAI, "Peril From the Past"

"The power! The infinate power! GIVE IT TO ME!! Ha ha ha! Energy is flowing through me as it never did before! MY DESTINY!.... LOOK AT ME!! Tremble with fear. I am GALVATRON!"
-- Mega-- er, Galvatron, rather, I guess, "Peril From the Past"


Episode #01: "Battle Protocol"

"Whaddaya know. Somebody must've forgotten to lock the gate at the petting zoo."
-- Optimus Prime on the Pred stooges

"If I keep going at this rate I think I can make it to New York in time for breakfast!"
"My apologies, ma'am. You're gonna have to take a cab."
"Me? Why?"
"It's an emergency. Sorry!"
-- X-Brawn ejects Kelly

"Hey! Wait! What am I supposed to do till you come back?!"
"Measure your tongue or somethin'!"
"...Forty-two feet three inches. That's impressive!"
-- Slapper and X-Brawn

Episode #02: "An Explosive Situation"

"You move like a dream! And the purr of your engine is music to my ears!"
"Go listen to someone else's engine!"
-- Side Burn and Kelly

"Hey, you gotta loosen up, bro'. You keep surging like that and your transmission'll wear out!"
"You leave my transmission out of this!"
-- Side Burn and Prowl

"Yeah, there's no telling what might happen. Sounds awful dangerous!"
"Yeah, and if we get a boo boo the band-aids on Earth aren't big enough for Predacons!"
-- Dark Scream and Gas Skunk

"What sort of nonsense is this? 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times'? Best or worst?! Make up your mind!.... 'To be or not to be'? This guy can't make up his mind either!!"
-- Sky-Byte

Episode #03: "Bullet Train to the Rescue"

"Stay calm, Koji. We're here and we can help. Everything's going to be alright."
"Okay, whatever you say."
"Let's go to work, fellas. Don't make me out to be a liar."
-- Railspike and Koji

"How about coating the entire track with GLUE! That would slow it up."
"Dude -- I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that."
-- Midnight Express and Rapid Run

"Don't you even bother to say hello anymore?"
-- Megatron and Optimus Prime

[after the bullet trains merge]
Side Burn: "Wow. How come we can't do that?"
Prowl: "I dunno. I... think they're double jointed!"
Side Burn: "Maybe they can teach us how to do it."
X-Brawn: "I was never a good student."
Side Burn: "Come to think of it, I wouldn't want to fuse with you guys anyway."

"We just can't stand life forms that blow up railroad tracks."
-- Rail Racer

Episode #04: "Spychangers to the Rescue"

"Hey, you remember that time we rode our bikes at that construction site? Dad, can we go there?"
-- child safety, Takara-style.

Side Burn: "Hey man, if you want to to be blown into a million Autoparts, that's your problem."
Prowl: "Just where do you think you're going, Side Burn?"
Side Burn: "As far away from that thing as I can. You guys should be able to handle this! "
Prowl: "Oh no you don't!"
Side Burn: "Listen, Prowl, I'm not feeling very well. I have to go see my mechanic!"
Prowl [bumping into Side Burn]: "You'll feel a whole lot worse if you don't get back in line!"
Side Burn: "Hey, cut it out!.... can I go return a video now? Otherwise they'll charge me a late fee."
X-Brawn and Prowl: "THE ANSWER IS NO!"
Prowl [still bumping Side Burn]: "You're staying with us."
Side Burn: "Hey, stop! That hurts!"
X-Brawn: "We're stickin' together, little brother. Oil is thicker than water."
Side Burn: "But I got a date!....."

"Launching jet claw!"
"Destroying jet claw!"
-- Prowl and Slapper

"uhy ihyt, tuhuhihe!..... uhy ihyt, tuhuhihe!!"
"Don't talk with your mouth full."
-- Sky-Byte and Slapper

Episode #05: "The Hunt for Black Pyramid"

"Dark Scream, you come with me. I'll need backup."
"Whatever, you pathetic little guppy..."
"What did you just say?!"
"Nothing, I said I -- wish I had a puppy!"
"That's what I thought."
-- Sky-Byte and Dark Scream

"It's a robot squirrel or hamster or something!!"
-- anonymous crew member, on Dark Scream

"Great. Now you got me as worried as a steer in a steak house."
"Ew. Where do you come up with this stuff?"
-- X-Brawn and Side Burn

"...I'm going to pretend that didn't happen."
-- Kelly, after nearly getting smashed by a police car falling out of the sky

"Aw, shut your yap and start paddling."
"Do this, do that. Just 'cause I'm the youngest."
-- X-Brawn and Side Burn

"Uhhhhh!!! It's not happening, it's not happening, it's not happening, I'm going to go to sleep."
-- Kelly, after having X-Brawn drive past in the middle of the ocean

Episode #06: "Secret of the Ruins"

"Skunk attack! -- Ooops, I forgot! I'm not a real skunk; I'm a Predacon!"
-- Gas Skunk

"You rookies are so impatient. Keep watchin', you might learn somethin'."
-- Railspike

"Hrm... something about this doesn't smell right."
"You mean Gas Skunk's breath? It is pretty terrible."
-- Optimus and TAI

"Hey, sorry about that, Side Burn. We're going to the old Payuma ruins! Shouldn't take long now."
"Pie humor's my favorite! There's nothing funnier than a pie in the face, right?"
-- Koji and Side Burn

Kelly: "These ruins are absolutely fascinating! And so quiet and peaceful. It's just what the doctor said I needed to get over my irrational fear of being chased by talking cars."
Side Burn: "'Scuse me!"
Kelly: "...It's the talking car."
Kelly: "...And guided missiles. But they didn't talk!"

"You three should've been thrown back into the gene pool!"
-- Megatron

"Do you talk this much all the time, or only when you've got two mouths?"
-- Rapid Run

Episode #07: "Side Burn's Obsession"

"It looks like your passion was your downfall. You are such a loser!"
-- Slapper

"Y'know, I'm beginning to think that car has a mind of its own!"
-- Kelly, after getting literally ditched by X-Brawn again

"Sometimes you're as stubborn as a packbot!"
-- X-Brawn

"I don't know about you little brother, but I'm stumped. I'm not much good at this waitin' business."
"Yeah, I'd much rather be pursuing or aprehending!"
-- X-Brawn and Prowl

"How's this? They'll never know it's me!"
"That is the dumbest disguise I've ever seen!"
"Listen, I'm a patrol car. That's what I am. And I'm very proud of my uniform!"
-- Prowl and X-Brawn

"This is ridiculous! I can't drive around like this. Look at me; I look like a buffoon!"
"Clamp your vocalizer and just follow me."
-- Prowl and X-Brawn

Side Burn: "It all started when I just came online. I was just a classic car myself when I spotted my first red sports car. We were madly in love. But one tragic night, she had an accident. Our love wasn't meant to be, but I could never forget her. I think of her often. And even now, when I see a red sports car, something inside compells me to follow. I just can't help it! Kind of a sad story, isn't it."
Slapper: "That was beautiful!"
Side Burn: "And when I was very young -- I was just a tricycle --"
Slapper: "You were a teeny tiny itty bitty tricycle?!"
Side Burn: "My first love was a red tricycle! We'd go riding together every day. But then her family moved... and I never saw her again."
Slapper: "Gee! That's the saddest story I've ever heard!"

"Oh, I give up. We're gonna have to put blinders on his headlights!"
-- X-Brawn, on Side Burn's red car fetish

"Come on, honey; you and me got chemistry! What's your VIN number?"
-- Side Burn

Episode #08: "Secret Weapon: D-5"

Megatron: "D-5! You see it!"
Sky-Byte: "Yes, that's it exactly! It must be code for some kind of secret weapon, like Destructor 5 Gigaton!"
Gas Skunk: "Naw! I bet it's got explosives, like dilithium five blast powder!"
Dark Scream: "No, it's a robot! The model is Destron Five!"
Slapper: "No, it's danger five! That designates the danger level!"

"...I don't see why anybody'd want to nab an old crate like that. It's so slow it can hardly get out of its own way!"
-- Rapid Run

"I've gotta get inside that train! I'll just squeeze in through here --- mmph-- mmmmph --- It tried to poison me!!
-- Sky-Byte

"He still knows what's going on. Right, Spike?"
"Yeah, whatever...."
-- Midnight Express and Railspike

"A locomotive makes a shark look like a baboon?"
-- Megatron

"You messin' with me, pal? What're you thinkin'??"
"I was thinking toads have big mouths and small brains."
-- Slapper and Midnight Express

"Someone's in the kitchen with DAAAAAAAAAAARK SCREAAAAM!"
-- Dark Scream, workin' on the railroad

Episode #09: "Mirage's Betrayal"

REV: "Okay, then, smart guy, tell me what this one means!"
Mirage: "Oh, that's a real tough one. That means 'Caution. Enemies nearby.'"
Ironhide: "Y'know, he is right!"
Mirage: "It also means you look ridiculous."

"I am such a genius."
-- Gas Skunk

Dark Scream: "You crying?"
Sky-Byte: "Uh huh."
Gas Skunk: "He's very sensitive."

"I haven't been able to track their headquarters yet!"
"How could you possibly think about that at a time like thi-i-i-iss..."
-- Gas Skunk and Sky-Byte the Sensitive

Episode #10: "Skid-Z's Choice"

"Thanks a lot. You just turned my hat into roadkill."
-- Kelly

"I'll smash you!"
"In your dreams, Flea-Byte!"
"That does it, no more unleaded energon for me..."
-- Sky-Byte and Skid-Z

X-Brawn: "Hey! The red sports car that just flew by was Sky-Byte!"
Prowl: "Way to go, Side Burn. How'd you know?"
Side Burn: "I've talked to a lot of red sports cars. But he was the first one to talk back!"
Sky-Byte: "I'll get you for this!! When the race is done you will be too!"

"That's not fair! He's ignoring the laws of gravity!"
-- Slapper, watching Prime leap up falling rocks

Episode #11: "Tow-Line Goes Haywire"

"Okay. So I'm not allowed to tow away bicycles, wedding cars, ambulances, broken down buses, funeral escorts, parade floats, campaigning senators, or mailmen named Moe."
"Uh, no mailmen period."
-- Tow-Line and Prowl

"Apparently, Gas Skunk, there's a novice in the ranks of the Autobots."
"Yeah, and he's towin' half the city away!"
"So how was his first day out?"
"Not bad at all. First he towed away a couple of kids' bikes then he messed up a honeymoon. It's almost as if he's already workin' for us!"
-- Sky-Byte and Gas Skunk

"...and this world will be ours!"
"Can I have the harbor? I love those little boats!"
-- Sky-Byte and Gas Skunk

Sky-Byte: "If all goes as planned that fool Tow-Line will bring the Autobots to us. And when he delivers them they'll be totally helpless!"
Slapper: "Hey. This is even better than havin' a pizza delivered!"
Gas Skunk: "I wonder if we get the guarantee. I want 'em all here in thirty minutes or less!"

"Hey, you're really gonna tow me, aren't you? What's gotten into you??"
"Convertable? You've gotta go in and have them check your circuits."
-- Side Burn and Tow-Line

"Sky-Byte! Has your plan succeeded?"
"Dah, well, not exactly. You see, everything was going along quite smoothly, but the plan had a teeeensy little flaw --"
"Here we go..."
-- Megatron and Sky-Byte

Dark Scream: "He's mine!"
Slapper: "He's ours!"
Gas Skunk: "He's toast."

"....but I really needed that shower! I had Slapper's tongue slime all over my windows!"
-- Prowl

Episode #12: "The Ultimate Robot Warrior"

"I saw it with my own opticians!"
-- Gas Skunk

"I'm trying to get this thing to transform, but as you can see I'm not doing very well! Maybe Gas Skunk was sitting too close to the TV."
-- Slapper

"I really resent having to be the caboose!"
"Part's perfect for ya, so pipe down and keep walking!"
-- Rapid Run and Railspike

"A dragon that spits missiles?"
-- Slapper

Prowl: "Wow. I've never seen such a powerful dragon. When he gets really angry, he changes into a giant robot statue!"
Side Burn: "Oh yeah! Don't make him angry! Whatever you do!"
X-Brawn: "He's too powerful for us."
Side Burn: "He's unstoppable! We should really get out of here while we still have the chance."
Rapid Run: "---That was terrible. Sounded like they were just reading their lines!"

"How come you're always the first one to run away?"
"I lead the retreat!"
-- Slapper and Sky-Byte

Episode #13: "Hope for the Future"

(clip episode. Absolutely nothing worth quoting. *yawn*)

Episode #14: "The Decepticons"

"Hey, I'm communing here! Go find your own mountain!"
-- Kelly

"That incompetent fool must've gotten his tongue caught in the drill again!"
-- Sky-Byte, on Slapper

"We're the ones who found that space ship so whatever's in it belongs to us!"
"That's right! Whoever finds a derelictable vessel has the right to salvage its contents! You can look it up!"
-- Dark Scream and Gas Skunk

Sky-Byte: "With your Spark energy, they'll be unbeatable!"
Dark Scream: "Not to mention sneaky, sly and deceitful!"
Gas Skunk: "Underhanded, diabolical, and devious!"
Slapper: "Let's not forget overbearing, egotistical, arrogant, concieted, and verbose! Bombastic, power-hungry, vain, self-serving, greedy, maniacal, and a real pain in - "
Slapper: "I knew I should have kept my mouth shut. The boss just doesn't know how to take a compliment!"

"I hope you all have your resumes ready. Because we may be out of a job!"
-- Sky-Byte, watching the Decepticons drive off

Episode #15: "Commandos"

"We'll get Scourge and the Autobots to destroy each other, and we'll be the only ones left!"
"Whoah. That means we'll be the best team."
"Yes, if we're the ONLY team that DOES follow. Now don't overheat your little toad brain, alright?"
-- Sky-Byte and Slapper

"Swim swim swim swim swimswimswimswim-- dang."
-- X-Brawn

Slapper: "You gotta admit, Scourge has a cool attitude."
Dark Scream: "Yeah, and I like that whirling-over-his-head thing. Whaddaya call that ?"
Gas Skunk: "I dunno, but I'm takin' notes. I wanna learn that!"

"Hey, I like being a good guy! So long as I get to blow stuff up."
-- Slapper

Prowl: "We need a new underwater procedure manual!"
Side Burn: "Can we please drop the police routine for once?"
X-Brawn: "'Fraid we're just gonna have to wait this one out, hermanos."
Side Burn: "We MUST have some options."
X-Brawn: "Sure we do! I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'f'."
Side Burn: "...Oh, I hate that game! How 'bout we play a round of Old Maid instead?"
Prowl: "Don't encourage him, X-Brawn; you know, next thing he'll be down there playing Go Fish!"

"Isn't it supposed to blow up?"
"Don't even go there."
-- Scourge and Mega-Octane

"Scourge, you fool! Do you realize how bad this looks! I'm striking fear into the hearts of the humans! Now what's going on?"
"Uh, technical glitch. Sorry. Please stand by."
-- Megatron and Scourge

"Someone will pay for this! They are all going to feel my wrath!"
"I like that line! 'They are all going to feel my wrath.' Who wrote this script, somebody's fiance?"
-- Megatron and Kelly

Side Burn: "What is that thing?"
Prowl: "A remote device. What could its function be?"
X-Brawn: "Hrm. Could we use it to order some barbeque?"
Side Burn: "Why don't you push the button and find out? Maybe it'll have a cute delivery van."
Prowl: "Police manual, section one: NEVER push a button, unless you know what it does!"
X-Brawn: "Right."
Side Burn: "Whatever..."

"I can't believe I trusted you Sky-Byte! You made me look like an idiot! It's terrible! People are laughing at me!"
Sky-Byte: "He came out of nowhere like lightening! It was Optimus Prime!"
"AHHHG! Not PRIME again! Ahg, I can't STAND it!... I've got this under control. Scourge, you're going to blow up that dam now, understand? I don't care how. Blast it with your lasers. Burn it with your flame throwers. Rip it apart with your bare hands. Just MAKE IT GO AWAY!!"
-- Megatron

"You're really twisted, Sky-Byte! It's inspiring."
-- Gas Skunk

Episode #16: "Volcano"

"That takes care of Frankenstein..."
-- WARS, on Ruination

"In a few seconds, Optimus Prime will be prime roast! How delicious!"
-- Sky-Byte

"YEOW!!! It's boiling hot!"
"Thanks for turning it up for me... byyye now!"
-- bellhop and Kelly

Episode #17: not aired (content issues -- Movor blows stuff up.)

Episode #18: "The Test"

"...If you asked me this whole thing smells like a steamin' hog trough on a hot day."
-- X-Brawn

-- Scourge

"YOU MUSTN'T IGNORE THE TRAFFIC LAWS.... you might get hurt."
-- Scourge to a speeding motorist

"Why do I only have half a car? Where did the rest of it go??....."
-- Kelly

"You brainless fool! As usual you ruined everything!"
"Ohhhh.... being brainless is not painless."
-- Megatron and Sky-Byte

Episode #19: "The Fish Test"

"This test is saying that I'm a jellyfish?"
"Wild toads EAT those! In fact they're delicious with soy sauce!" -- Sky-Byte and Slapper

Slapper: "Take that you evil Decepticons! We're the good guys!"
Gas Skunk: "Yeah. I'm a po-lice Autobot. You are under arrest for bad behavior!"
Dark Scream: "We're gonna put you cowpokes in the corral, or some other junk."

"Hello! Rail Racer isn't quite that flamboyant, y'know! You're never gonna make it as an actor!"
"Well, he could always work in cartoons!"
"...Rail Racer isn't that flammable, either."
-- Slapper and Gas Skunk

"Oh. Attack of the Clowns. Seen it already."
-- Side Burn, on the Decepticons

"It's not fair! Me! A whiner! Why I never whiiine!"
-- Sky-Byte

"I've got to stop Scourge, but Megatron's watching my every move. The shark cage is all around meeeee...."
-- Sky-Byte

"Just listen for a minute you belligerent battle bot!"
"He needs to work on his people skills."
-- Sky-Byte and Slapper

"Okay, I'm closing my eyes and thinking there's something out there other than big ugly animal monsters. There, that's better. When I open my eyes I'll be back to normal reality."
-- Kelly

"Why are you so suspicious? That really hurts my feelings, deeply! I'm quite sensitive, you know."
-- Sky-Byte

"Even if we lose, it was worth it to see Sky-Byte bark like a seal."
"You need a life!"
-- Slapper and Gas Skunk

Slapper: "He thought of it? Where did that come from?"
Gas Skunk: "Fantasy land?"
Dark Scream: "They oughta revoke his poetic license!"

"I love when he humiliates people. It's inspirational!
"Yeah, he's got a real flair for it. That's why he's the boss."
-- Gas Skunk and Slapper

"Y'know it's interesting to see his wimpy side. He's almost likable!"
"But not quite."
-- Slapper and Gas Skunk, on Sky-Byte

"I wish everyone would stop calling me that. I'm not an invertabrate! I have cartiledge!"
-- Side Burn and Sky-Byte

"I'm not a flounder! I'm not a trained seal! I'm not a jellyfish! I'm a shark I tell you! A shaaaaaark!"
-- Sky-Byte

Episode #20: "Wedge's Short Fuse"

"Stay calm. I'm already on it, cutie pie."
"Roger that, Side Burn. And don't ever call me cutie pie again."
-- Side Burn and TAI

"We just wanna get out of those tunnels once in a while and kick some bot!"
-- Wedge

"Hey fellas, if the Autobots don't show up, do you think we could keep some of these be-autiful diamonds? I don't wanna sound sentimental but it is my birthstone."
-- Gas Skunk

Wedge: "Together, they call us... the Build Team!!"
Sky-Byte: "What? Who are they? What do they want??"
Slapper: "They told you they were the Build Team! Weren't you listening?"

"Wedge. If I'm not mistaken that dancing shark having a nervous breakdown on the iceburg is Sky-Byte!"
-- Heavy Load

"You always stick your siren where it doesn't belong!"
-- Sky-Byte

"How many Transformers does it take to catch one flightless bird?"
-- Ro-Tor

Dark Scream: "Hey, that's not fair! He brought an entire army!
Slapper: "Maybe we should re-think this."
Gas Skunk: "Yeah, well, it's been fun but we gotta go now. Ta-ta, guys."
Sky-Byte: "Where do you think you're going? Where's your pride in being part of Team Sky-Byte?"
Slapper: "That kid must've really kicked his head hard! I don't remember signing up for his crew."
Dark Scream: "I didn't."
Gas Skunk: "I think I was sick that day."

Episode #21: not aired (content issues)

Episode #22: not aired (content issues - Sky-Byte stops a building from falling)

Episode #23: "A Test of Metal"

"I'll ask you nicely, give us the energy you stole right now!"
"You're a little mixed up. If I was gonna give it back, I wouldn't have stolen it!"
-- Railspike and Mega-Octane

"If the Build Team doesn't show up here right now, we're gonna blast every construction site in the city. And crush every tractor like this, and this, and this, and this..."
-- Armorhide

"Let go of me, you overgrown go-cart! When I get ahold of you I'm turning you into a skateboard!!"
-- Wedge

Episode #24: "Ultra Magnus"

"Finally, after hours of laborious and back-breaking labor, I've actually found a --- uh, rubber duck. *sigh* Oh well."
-- Sky-Byte, "Ultra Magnus"

"If Megatron gets his hands on those o-parts, we could be in big trouble!"
"You'll be in trouble if you don't stop blowing exhaust up my intake duct. 'Cause let me tell ya -- you need an oil change!"
-- Prowl and Side Burn. Ew?...

"There's this real high-tech gadget called a rear-view mirror? You might try using it some time."
-- Prowl

"Finally, I found them! Oh yes! Come to Sky-Byte, little o-parts! -- bah. Just an old bomb that never went off."
" -- UNTIL NOW!"
"Ouuuhhhh. That's gonna leave a mark."
-- Sky-Byte as John Candy, "Ultra Magnus"

Episode #25: "Ultra Magnus: Forced Fushion" [sic!]

"And I can just see the smile on old Megatron's face when he discovers that I alone have conquered Optimus Prime! Oh, what great rapture! A big fins-up for me! Ahh... Who's the shark now, baby!"
"Oh no -- my sweet signal! Please don't leave now! Noooooo! Come back! Come back please little dot! Please don't go away now! *sigh* That little red dot meant so so much to my promising career! I'm just chum."
-- Sky-Byte

"I can no longer be jealous when you clearly deserve your glory. Forgive me, brother, and accept my apology."
"Thank you Ultra Magnus. I do, yes -- aahh!"
"Ha! You're just as gullible as you ever were, Prime."
-- Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime

"Oh my! This is either really good or... completely catastrophic!"
-- Sky-Byte

"Oh no! This doesn't look good! This may be the catastrophic part!"
-- Sky-Byte

Episode #26: ??? (clip show)

Episode #27: "The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus"

"He may be an Autobot, but he doesn't work and play well with others."
-- Sky-Byte

"Let's see. If Prime is older than Magnus, then I guess it's true that little brothers just aren't as smart as big brothers. I mean, look at you!"
-- X-Brawn

"We're all more or less brothers under the armor. But some of us are more equal than others!"
-- Sky-Byte

"Now Megatron will see that I'm the sharpest shark in the fish tank of evil!"
-- Sky-Byte

Midnight Express: "We've done everything but call them like dogs!
Rapid Run: *whistle* Side Burn! Here boy!"
Railspike: "Answer up, X-Brawn!"
Rapid Run: "Yo! Prowl!"
Midnight Express: "Olly olly oxen free!!"

"Hey, there go all the talking cars on that truck! I wonder what's up? Maybe they're being taken away to some talking car junk yard, never to be seen again."
-- Kelly

Episode #28: "Power to Burn!"

"I am honored, great one!"...Uh. That strutting bag of wind! If Magnus had joined me you'd be cosmic dust by now!
-- Scourge's first sign of disloyalty

Optimus: "As long as our circuits flow with faith that justice will prevail, you cannot win!"
Slapper: "Yuuuk! Disgusting! We should destroy him just for that!"
Dark Scream: "And his corny mystic Matrix, as well!"
Gas Skunk: "What a jerk!"
Scourge: "Nobody likes a cliche hero."

"I don't think there's any reason to stick around, do you?"
"No, but I can think of lots of reasons to get out of here!"
-- Slapper and Dark Scream

Episode #29: "Fortress Maximus"

"Aw, red light. One more ticket and Prowl will impound me!"
-- Side Burn

"I can't remember how long it's been."
"You mean since he started chasing that red car? It's been over two hours!"
-- Koji and X-Brawn

X-Brawn: "Alright, that's far enough. Not another step."
Prowl: "This area is restricted!"
Side Burn: "Beside, we don't like you."

"Wedge! Come in!"
"Huuaaaahh! That weird voice knows me!!"
"Who are you calling 'weird voice'?!"
-- TAI and Wedge

"There's something wrong with me. I keep having bad headaches."
"Maybe if you quit pounding your head it'll stop!"
"Good idea."
-- Wedge and Hightower, with some creative dubbing

"Look at that! A delicious cake in the subway! Well, I am kind of hungry. I believe I'll grab a bite!"
*chomp* *chomp*
"...Kind of stale."
-- Sky-Byte

Episode #30: "Koji Gets His Wish"

"I'm counting on you. So don't disappoint me, understand?"
"No. I - I - I mean yes."
-- Megatron and Sky-Byte

"Turn your reciever up. With that kind of power we don't need Megatron. The Decepticons would be... self sufficient."
-- Scourge

"The old switch-a-roo should fool them!... I'm good."
-- Sky-Byte, replacing Dr. Onishi with... a piece of paper.

"These goggles will protect all my sensors. The shield will be useless!... how do they look?"
"Very sharp!"
-- Scourge and Mega-Octane, fashion critics

"That's enough! Now knock it off. You're behaving like a spoiled bot. We've got a job to do and we're gonna finish it! If you wanna go down there and fight you're gonna have to go through me. I'm not moving till you come to your senses!"
"Okay, it was the heat of the moment. I'm over it. Don't pop a clutch!"
-- Heavy Load and Wedge

"Did you really think I would let you have the secret of the ruins, Scourge?"
"You don't let me do anything. I take what I want!"
-- Optimus Prime and Scourge

[after Sky-Byte flies past a subway entrance]
"How come he didn't have to pay anything! That isn't fair!!"
"Fine. You tell him he can't go through!"
-- Kelly and the nice subway attendant

"Are you going to insult me all day or are we gonna fight? Terrorize! Uh! Oh. How embarrassing.... Koji! Hold this!"
-- Sky-Byte, trying to transform with a pod strapped to his back

"Put that pea shooter away! It's no match for my weapon!"
-- Scourge

Koji: "Leave him alone! Listen, Sky-Byte just saved my father's life!"
X-Brawn: "What did you say??"
Sky-Byte [smoldering]: "It would have been nice if you'd told them that earlier."

Episode #31: "A Friendly Contest"

"Why I... Cynical newt! The plan's perfect; it can't fail."
-- Sky-Byte, to Slapper

"Wait, how do I know mine's the fake?"
"Would I lie?"
"Oh, I bet you would."
-- Wedge and Sky-Byte

"Don't worry about them, shark. The real o-part is right here."
"Dah, uh, actually not. The real one's down there.
"Uh... then what's this?"
"THAT, my slow friend, is a fake."
"Then why did you give them the real one?"
"I didn't you half-witted tanker! It was an act! A beautiful award-winning act! And you ruined it!"
-- Scourge and Sky-Byte

"Attention! Public service announcement for all those not in the Build Team: DON'T start by removing the blocks at the bottom of the pyramid!"
-- Heavy Load

"Quite right, loverboy! This is not a game!"
-- Megatron

"Why is everybody so kissy-kissy down there? Where did all the fighting go?!"
-- Slapper

Episode #32: "Peril From the Past"

"Hold down the noise on that mirage. I'm trying to take a nap."
-- Kelly

"Look at that oasis! I'd sure like to cool off in there."
"You got it!"
"Huh?... Oh no. --- WAAAAAAAAOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!"
-- Kelly and X-Brawn, again.....

"I'll be horn-swaggled!"
-- X-Brawn

"Whoah! Now how do you do that -- get the smell of bad fish out here in the desert?"
-- Side Burn

Slapper: "Here we go again. The flying fish and the master of disaster."
Gas Skunk: "Same thing every time. Gets pretty boring, you know?"

"...But since you've never been good where logic's concerned: Fare thee well, so long, good bye, and get out!"
-- Side Burn

"We have to get her back into the Autobot base computer quickly, or we may never see her again!"
"And what a terrible shame that would be. We get all misty just thinking about it!"
-- Optimus Prime and Megatron

"It's so unfair when they do that power stuff!"
-- Sky-Byte

"There he goes again. My hero. Always gets his man."
"More dog fish in him than shark!"
-- Slapper and Gas Skunk, on Sky-Byte

"You won't get away from ---- oh! oh! uh! oh! mmph!uh!....
Did anybody get the license number of that -- oh wait. I think I know who it was."
-- Sky-Byte, flattened by 2 Autobots and 4 Decepticons

"You all are gettin' to be a real burr under my saddle!"
-- X-Brawn

"You armor-hided cowardly turncoats!"
-- Sky-Byte

Episode #33: ""

Episode #34: ""

Episode #35: ""

Episode #36: ""

Episode #37: ""

Episode #38: ""

Episode #39: ""



"I'm the meanest, smartest evil robot shark in the entire universe!"
-- Sky-Byte, "Koji Gets His Wish"

"This is amazing! I'm very popular. I should get an agent. Or a manager. Maybe I could get my haikus published!"
-- Sky-Byte, "Ultra Magnus"

"I don't care about boring mundane science! I much prefer eloquent poetry. Would you like to hear my latest work? I wrote it in honor of the ancient seafaring muses:
The cobalt ocean roils
Zephyrs blow cold
And another hapless foe is crushed beneath my heel.
It's a vision of the future -- the very near future."
"You might do better with limericks."
"Your imagery is derivative. It lacks semiotic cohesion. And the hapless foe is YOU!"
-- Sky-Byte and Optimus, "The Hunt for Black Pyramid"

"My next poem will be your eulogy as you rust away in a watery grave. THEN we'll see whose poetry lacks semiotic cohesion!"
-- Sky-Byte, "The Hunt for Black Pyramid"

"Welcome, Optimus. I've composed a haiku especially for this occasion!
Blasted into dust
Optimus Prime is destroyed!
Day of reckoning."

"The very thought of it inspires me to write a new haiku!
Mission accomplished
His master's praise resounding
Well done, worthy shark!"
("Ultra Magnus")

"A celebratory haiku!
Sky-Byte's delightful flames
rose on butterfly wings!
Black orange burning.
Ah, I'm such a romantic."
("The Test")

" 'Don't betray anyone, and don't get tricky
You'll never pull it off, jellyfish are too icky!
If you try it, you'll end up barking like a seal, and grovelling at people's feet!'
You could have told me this this morning and saved me the humiliation! But noooo, you had to freeze up! Just when I needed you! Why am I listening to a computer, anyway?!"
Slapper: "He looks like an electric eel, now!"
Dark Scream: "Hmm, I wonder what their personalities are like?"
("The Fish Test")

"My enemies have found me
They surround me and confound me
And with inbound missiles hound me
As they hit the ground around me
But with one astounding bound
I shall escape!!
("The Test")

"Cans, light sockets, wires, bug spray, antennas, golf shoes, fish heads... armoires, boudoirs, toy cars..... uhhhh. So close, and yet so far. That's about it, I guess. A fruitless search for the o-parts, nothing but a foul catalogue of human life. Another day, another dump!.... Where are the o-parts, o where can they be? La la la-la, la la la-la..."
("Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion")

"Who's the baddest shark around?
Who's the smartest shark in town?
Sky-Byte, that's me!
Who'll drive Scourge into the ground
And never let old Megatron down --
Sky-Byte, that's me!"
("Koji Gets His Wish")

"Who gets too hungry for seafood at eight?
Who swims the ocean, and always looks great?
Cha-cha, cha-cha cha,
Who always bothers with robots he hates,
Sky-Byte, yes Sky-Byte, that's -- me!"
Scourge: "He should keep his day job."
Optimus: "...catchy little tune, don't you think?"
("Koji Gets His Wish")

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