Rob's Pile of Transformers: Top 10 Furmanisms

Top Ten Signs You've Been Reading Too Much Furman

11) You know that, no matter the outcome, you will have lost what TRULY matters!

10) You react to anything painful by shouting "Sheeaaaaag!"

9) You develop the recurring habit of recapping the events that brought you to your current situation, out loud, for no apparent reason.

8) Your standard way of expressing surprise is "Uh?"

7) You say "What are you playing at?" even though you're not British.

6) You think "heck" is a curse word.

5) You finish long thoughts by shouting the last few words out loud.

4) "Got to --" becomes a standard part of your vocabulary.

3) You expect all your friends to die in a single cataclysmic event.

2) You truly believe it's better to fight and die than to live with the knowledge that you ran.

And the number one sign you've been reading too much Simon Furman:
Can't tell ya. 'Cause the list is over, finished!

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