Rob's Pile of Transformers: Wheelie Vs. Scooter

Why? Because I like being silly, that's why.

transformers: the next new future generation 2 2010

chapter 1: wheelie verses scooter

[its cybertron.  its metal because cybertron its made of metal.  
wheelie is there.  we look at wheelie who is on cybertron made of
metal, cybertron that is, not wheelie, but hes made of metal too, but
im saying that cybertron is the one that's made of metal, even though
their both made of metal]

[whellie is walking]

wheelie: wheelie say today okay
         but would be better if rymes go away!
         rhymes all stuck inside my head
         would be all gone if i were dead!

[wheelie sees an amonoly]

[scooter comes through the anonononymouly.  hes scooter.  you know 
what he looks like because everyone knows what i know so i don't need
to describe him since i know you know.]

wheelie: what i see, i dont believe
         robot here who looks dumber than me!

scooter: who are you?

wheelie: who are you?

scooter: who are you?

wheelie: who are you?

The Who: Whoooooooooooooooooo are you?  Who?  Who?

[scorponok dies]

scooter: we've got to save the earth from the evil bad guys

wheelie: okay

[they fight]

scooter: oh no!!!!!!! hes shooting at me!!!  leader one help me!!

wheelie: wheelie try to make you die

scooter: blaaaaahhg

[scooter tries to shoot from his hands but he shoots his hands off
everyone knows this is what would really happen in real life cause
gobots are stupid if you disagree your wrong]

wheelie: bang bang your dead

[scooter dies]

scooter (the dead one): oh no i'm dead leader one help

wheelie: now your dead, i shot your face

scooter: that doesn't ryme

wheelie: shut up your dead

scooter: sorry i forgot

wheelie: your dead

[inferno comes down from the anonymouly, this is the other amomony,
not the one alonomy]

scooter: oh no inferno is coming down

wheelie: oh no inferno is coming down
         now he has put his feet on the ground

scooter: you suck

wheelie: shut up, you think rhyming all day is easy?
         and your dead

[inferno has come down and has arrived and is here.  inferno
arrives.  he looks like he does in that one time when he did the
thing with those big things.  he is not dead]

inferno: i, inferno, have come and will disintegrate you all with a
blast from my superheated, dihydroxygen-fueled, landscape-scorching
cyber-zorching flame thrower!!

[bob budianski dies]

inferno: An annoying minibot and a member of the imitation 
Transformer toy line! The Royalty has commanded your deaths!  Prepare
to burrrrrrrrn! 

scooter: help leader one save me

[scooter burns]

scooter: help i'm burning

[he dies]

[he dead]

scooter: i'm dead

wheelie: wheelie say, kill friends today

inferno: you shall be next to burrrrrn!

dinobot: my rigid grill struct--

inferno: bwahahaha!

[rigid grill structure burns]

afrojo666: i have references


afrojo999: why are you all burning me thats not me thats someone else

inferno: burrrrrrn, capslock, burrrrrrrn!

[afrojo burns]

wheeleieiy: he burned good, like he should

inferno: auuuuuguguauguuauhhhhhh!!!

[whellie burns.  wheelie dies.]

inferno: ha ha now you burn again

[wheelie dies again]

quintesson: i could watch it over and over

quintesson: i am uncertain how to celebrate

quintesson: perhaps a small chuckle

quintesson: very well then let us chuckle

quintessons "funny": CHUCKLE FOR YOU!!!!

[whelie dies]

rob: Howdy, folks!  Well, I guess I'm sort of back now, really, not
really but really, I said I was leaving but that was before all this
crossposting started, so I refuse to let the trolls take over, so
watch for more posts from me about--

inferno: burrrrrrrrrrrn!

[rob burns] 

rob: ahhhhhhhh!!  this SUCKS!  dammit!

[rob dies]

[inferno laughs]

inferno: ha ha

[inferno is laughing, he laughs until he is done and at that point stops]

[inferno burns some things that he finds, he finds them first then they are burnd after he burns them]

[inferno is laughing and burning, things are burning and so are other
things, not to mention assorted items, they are burning, and various
paraphenalia and stuff which is burning as well because it is on fire]

[wheely dies]

[then theres an anomallly, this is a completely difffernt animally
from the first ammolly or the other anotomically]

[there comes from the awmomally (the one, not the other one or the
other first other one from before) a figure.  hes like a certain
figure but only different.  there is music.  "snorting damnation" by
megathrash plays, if you don't know it just imagine it its a good
song.  the scene is very dramatic, or picture it the way i do and its

brawn: you're not done with me yet!  it'll take more than a slag-
heapin' pile of reject parts like you to keep me down!  I'M INVINCIBLE!! 

inferno: you will burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn!

brawn: ha!  try ta take ME on will ya, ya crazed psycho fireant??

[brawn punches inferno who is still finishing saying the word 'burn']

inferno: ahhhbwaaaa i like pain

brawn: like pain, do ya?  well i got plenty of it for ya right here!

[brawn hits, inferno dies, wheelie dies]


[brawn dies]

[brawn comes back]

brawm: i'm back

[wheelie dies]

the end

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