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circa 1915

405 Washington Avenue

Missouri Athletic Club
Architect: William B. Ittner w/ George Brueggeman, 1914

While most of the Avenue went up as commercial ventures, this stalwart building serves the Missouri Athletic Club. It is a mid-career work by the same architect who designed dozens of St. Louis school buildings.

The Missouri Athletic Club today stands isolated from historic context. Newer construction and parking lots have replaced everything around it, and an interstate overpass surrounds the next block of Washington Avenue as it approaches the Eads Bridge.


  • National Register of Historic Places nomination form (PDF file)
  • Missouri Athletic Club web site

  • Summer 2001

    November 2008

    A postcard view looking west toward 4th Street. Though the Athletic Club and the white building across the street still stand, most of the other buildings seen here are gone.