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In the 1930s, architect Albert A. Osburg designed a series* of Art Deco police stations for the City of St. Louis. They are of similar style, plan, massing and construction, but each is a unique work. All are single-story structures, charactarized by intricate brickwork in blonde/brown, with stylized Art Deco detailing above the entrances, particularly a geometric vertical fin over the main door. Stylized lettering and signage completed the picture.

In 1990, they were closed down as the city consolidated police services. As of 2011, four of them have found new uses, while one is vacant and deteriorating.

City Architect Osburg left a noteworthy legacy in St. Louis, designing not only the 5 police stations shown here, but also Homer G. Phillips Hospital and the Soulard Market. He also did significant work at City Hospital.

* Landmarks St. Louis reports 6 of these buildings, but to date I've only located five of them.

Hampton Avenue police station

Penrose police station - Hyde Park

Samuel Shepard Drive police station

Soulard police station

Martin Luther King Drive police station