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Photos of the interior shopping arcade show it to be a space of striking design, with elegant vaulted tile ceilings. The closest I have come to actually seeing this beautiful space is in montage of photos shown here: by pressing my nose (and camera) to the entryway glass. This view was covered over with paper for a long time... perhaps the then-owners, who repeatedly sought a demolition permit, didn't wish for anyone to see the beautiful space they were trying to destroy. The paper came down several years after it went up, allowing me to obtain these marginal pictures of the arcade.

Update, May 18, 2006: Site reader Jordon Agee shared the following interior photographs with me, taken during a pre-renovation tour of the building by owner Pyramid Corporation as part of 2006's Preservation Week. The interior has visibly deteriorated compared with my circa-2000 photographs. All the contemporary finishes and fixtures are trashed, and the ceramic tile on the vaulted ceilings needs cleaning and repair -- but most of the ornamental trim appears intact.

The sloppy photo splicing is mine.

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