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All links active as of December 10, 2005.

St. Louis Architecture -- related Web Logs

St. Louis Architecture -- Buildings of the Present

The Gateway Arch and Downtown
Images of and pages about St. Louis's most famous structure

Photography firms
Images in and around the city

  • Photovault's stock photos

  • An image firm's sampler of St. Louis pictures. Includes beautiful pictures of the Arch, and one shot of Busch Stadium.

  • St. Louis

  • Image firm site with samples, including an architecture section.

  • Arteaga Photos, Ltd.

  • This photography company's founder was the official photographer for the construction of the Gateway Arch; they still publish a book about the construction, available at their site.

  • Ken Konchel Photo

  • A long-time local photographer's beautiful and artistic images of St. Louis and other Midwest cities.

  • Images of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
    Images of the Arch from a page by Mary Ann Sullivan. I wish she'd find more buildings in St. Louis to do pages about!

  • RD Renken Photography
    This photography studio's sample pages have a few great pictures of the Wainright and others.

  • St. Louis 1998
    Want to see lots of images of St. Louis at its best? Try here. This page by Charles Clemens has beautiful images of the Arch, the Old Cathedral, the Old Courthouse, the Civil Courts building, the Missouri Pacific building (the only I've ever found on the web!), and others.

  • Hydro Dramatics home page
    Cool! These guys do fountains, geysers, and other such water-related stuff. On their front page is an image of the insane gyser installed across the river from the Arch.

    Rail Transit in St. Louis

  • This page by Jon Bell has a link to a nice image of the bridge's beautiful steel arches. Also note the Keil Center in the background of the "Union Station" image.

    Rails-to-trails program in St. Louis, including the Chain of Rocks Bridge.

    The Wainwright Building
    There are several pages which feature images of the Wainwright, arguably St. Louis's most architecturally significant structure.

    The Ordinary Eye
    A short article from the Common Space with images of Bellefontaine Cemetary.

    General Life Insurance Building
    Mary Ann Sullivan strikes again, with a nice page and images of this impressive Phillip Johnson building, which is located across the Gateway Mall from the Wainwright.

    Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
    Owners of the massive grey Federal building downtown.

    St. Louis' Historic House Museums
    Six lovely old houses that have been converted to museums. Page is loaded with links.

    Napolean's Retreat Bed and Breakfast
    A Lafayette Square home converted to a B&B.

    Samuel Cupples House
    A Victorian mansion on St. Louis University's campus that has amazing woodwork and a wonderful stone exterior.

    Anheuser-Busch St. Louis Tour Page
    No, not the whole city... just their ornate hundred-year-old brewery complex in Soulard. Here's a related page of info on one of the buildings.

    Powell Symphony Hall
    Images and a complete history of the old theater, now home of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

    AAO Virtual Museum
    History of the Homer G. Phillips Hospital, from the American Academy of Otolaryngology.

    The Fox Theater
    One of the most stunning theaters you'll find anywhere, the Fox - located in Midtown, right next to the Continental Building - now has its own web page.

    The Continental Building
    The Midtown landmark now has its own web site.

    Sheldon Concert Hall
    This is the history page of the web site for the Sheldon, a performing arts venue in Midtown. Also check out the Rentals page for views of the interior.

    The Sheldon Stays in Tune
    Article from St. Louis Commerce Magazine.

    Bryan Hill Alliance
    From the Metropolis web site. This elementary school has a group of dedicated backers. Page has a picture of the building itself, one of St. Louis's many wonderful old school buildings.

    Resurrection of Our Lord Church
    An outdated page about this wonderful Modernist church building in south St. Louis.

    The Cathedral of St. Louis

    The Saint Louis Art Museum
    St. Louis's art museum is housed in a grand building designed by Cass Gilbert for the 1904 World's Fair. The Art Musuem also has a page at Erik Olsen's Forest Park site.

    The Muny
    Properly known as the Municipal Theater.

    The St. Louis Science Center includes the city's planetarium, housed in a distinctive thin-shell concrete structure that is one of the city's most prominent Modernist landmarks..

    The Capitol of the Women of America
    An article from Preservation Issues, about University City's beautiful old City Hall (formerly the Magazine Building.)

    The Missouri Botanical Garden
    Also known as Shaw's Gardens to native St. Louisians, the Botanical Gardens have some nice buildings, in addition to the magnificent flora. Also check out the historical guidebooks from the early part of the century.

    Tower Grove Park
    One of my favorite places in the city. A wonderfully preserved Victorian walking park in south St. Louis. Follow the "Victorian Park" link on their page for more historical architecture info.

    The St. Louis Artist's Guild
    An old Clayton home, which formerly housed the St. Louis Science Center, is now home to the St. Louis Artists' Guild.

    The Seven Gables Inn
    A quaint 1926 commercial building now in use as a hotel. Located in Clayton. Click "History" at the bottom for more info.

    Lambert Airport
    Further out in the county you'll find the St. Louis international airport, with its striking main terminal. Images of architectural interest are on the "history" links. More images can be seen in the gallery.

    The New River Bridge
    Official site for the designs of the planned downtown trans-Mississippi bridge (which threatens to obliterate still more of the long-suffering Old North St. Louis neighborhood.)

    Washington University Campus

    Fontbonne College
    Fontbonne is located near Wash U, and its campus is done in a similar (though more bland) Gothic style.

    Concordia Seminary
    Concordia has a small but beautiful cluster of older buildings, very similar to Duke University's old buildings. This page has a few nice images.

    Pictures from Metropolis Holy Trinity Wash
    Stark images from a Metropolis cleanup effort in the Hyde Park neighborhood, adjacent to the twin spires of Holy Trinity.

    St. Louis Architecture -- Buildings from the past

    Scott's Time Portal to Old St. Louis
    Old images, maps, postcards, and more. You'll have to scroll way down the front page to get to the site's content.

    Eads Bridge
    Short page with an old elevation drawing of the Bridge. Part of a page about historic Illinois.

    Terry's 1904 World's Fair Page
    A history lover's treat! This wonderful page is about St. Louis's 1904 World Exposition, held in Forest Park. Relatively little remains of it architecturally, but it was a high watermark in St. Louis history.

    Louisiana Purchase Exposition
    Another World's Fair page.

    The Forest Park Highlands
    An amusement park that existed for many years where Forest Park Community College stands today.

    The Coral Court Motel
    The Coral Court was a St. Louis jewel, a wonderful Streamline Art Deco motor court located alongside old Route 66. It was demolished in 1995, but lives on in several web sites:

    St. Louis Architecture -- Organizations and Media

    Landmarks Association of St. Louis
    St. Louis's biggest advocacy group for historic preservation.

    ReVitalize St. Louis
    A grassroots organization by those working to revive the city, dedicated to its built environment.

    Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation
    Not a whole lot about St. Louis specifically, but you can find lots of images of nifty old houses in the city under the Real Estate section.

    Metropolis St. Louis
    A group dedicated to turning St. Louis into a better and more interesting place to live. Info on neighborhoods and urban sprawl, among other things.

    The Common Space
    A site/zine dedicated to grassroots activism and culture in St. Louis.

    Missouri Historical Society
    A research organization dedicated to preserving and documenting the state's past. Their library contains nearly infinate resources, and is housed in a beautiful former synagogue on Skinker.

    Historic American Buildings Survey
    This national archive has many old photographs of St. Louis.

    American Memory collections
    A set of government databases, including the HABS.

    National Historic Landmarks Database
    Searchable index of the National Register of Historic Places.

    Salvatore Ventura
    You must visit this page. Ventura is a fine artist who creates a great deal of his images from details of St. Louis's buildings -- and they're simply beautiful. His image of the Art Museum is one of my favorite post cards.

    East St. Louis Action Research Project
    A program being run at the University of Illinois, to revitalize and rebuild our neighbor across the river.

    Audobon Ark 2000

    Post-Dispatch Online
    The on-line version of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the city's big daily newspaper.

    The Riverfront Times
    St. Louis's free weekly newspaper, often with informative articles on what's going on -- and coming down -- in the city.

    West End Word
    An online local paper.

    S a i n t L o u i s
    A site with lots of building and development news.

    St. Louis neighborhoods, tours, and attractions

    Though not about buildings per se, these sites form a good basis for locating the city's more interesting vernacular architecture.

    History of St. Louis Neighborhoods
    Tucked away on the official St. Louis web site is this treasure trove of information, covering every section within the city limits.

    Community Information Network
    The official home page of St. Louis is brimming with information, so stay and poke around a while. The "Heritage" link looks particularly interesting. CIN is also the source of the above-listed link, which is not to be confused with the Neighborhoods link on the left of the page -- it leads to even more information, including several nice neighborhood pages. Note, I will not link to individual neighborhood pages that are hosted by, since they are listed under CIN's page. Some of the pages are just stock defaults; others have extensive information and images. You'll just have to dig around and see for yourself.

    East-West Gateway Coordinating Council
    Planning and coordinating council of governments in the region.

    Downtown Now!
    City government task force charged with revitalizing downtown.

    I guess it's supposed to be an official web site for downtown St. Louis... it's more of a "what's happening" bulletin board than anything designed to convey a sense of place. By the same group that did the Soulard page, and also does similar pages for South Grand (click on "Reservoir Party Pictures" under "News" for images of the old Water Tower) and the Hill.

    The City Museum
    The City Museum is awesome! Its eclectic displays -- including a large collection of salvaged fragments from demolished buildings in St. Louis and beyond - has created quite a stir, even generating a front-page article in the Wall Street Journal a year or so back. The museum contains (among many other things) fragments of buildings demolished in the last 10 or 20 years in the city. Haven't found anything quite as cool on the web page, but it's still interesting to browse through.

    Lafayette Square home page
    Another nicely-done web page about a neighborhood that deserves it. Lafayette Square shows how beautiful and inviting a lot of St. Louis could be like, if more people lived in and took care of the city. Thanks to a resident for pointing the page out to me!

    Tower Grove East
    Home page of another neighborhood in what is probably my favorite region of the city.

    Tower Grove Homes
    In fact, it's such a nice neighborhood, it gets its own real estate company. Has lots of house pictures.

    Web site of St. Louis's oldest (and coolest) neighborhood.

    Neighborhood just south of Forest Park. Site has histories, interviews, and photos.

    About St. Louis: Must-See Attractions
    List of attractions with a keyed map of the city.

    Misc. St. Louis Architecture Firms

    Finding More Information

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