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Avalon Theater
The single-screen Avalon Cinema stood abandoned on S. Kingshighway, empty since 1999. By 2006, the exterior was showing early signs of significant damage, including the collapse of one brick parapet corner, and a severe lean at the opposite corner which indicated that it was likely headed in the same direction.

The building opened in 1935, constructed to the designs of A.F. & Arthur Stauder. It fluctuated between first- and second-run films through its history, with brief daliances with an arthouse schedule as well. It was home to regular Rocky Horror screenings as well.

Cinema Tour.com has photos from a walk-through of the interior. Unfortunately, an early 1970s "renovation" removed or covered up whatever might have remained of the original interior.

In January 2011, the theater was unceremoniously demolished.

  • Fade to Black - a July 2007 Riverfront Times article tracks down the theater's eccentric owner and recalls the building's unfortunate recent history.

    Photos from July 2006.

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