February 2007 - Image above spliced from three photographs courtesy of Flickr user rjg001.

Built St. Louis: Crumbling Landmarks
Bohemian Hill

Photo Gallery: March 2007

The cluster of five buildings along the west side of Tucker.

The view south along Tucker. Note that these houses do indeed have a strong relationship with the Soulard buildings across the street. Some have claimed that no one would walk to this neighborhood. Though Tucker is indeed wider than it needs to be, I had little trouble crossing it several times in the course of photographing the area.

Some of the beautiful detailing on the threatened houses.

These houses are ideal urban forms -- comfortably placed adjacent to the sidewalk, with inviting entries. The curbed off street parking area helps give additional shelter and separation from the street.

Image courtesy of Marjie Kennedy.

A second run of houses stands along Soulard Street, seen here from the south.

Of all the threatened houses, only this one at the corner of Tucker and Soulard shows signs of serious neglect.

Neatly boarded up and awaiting a return to life. The cornice brickwork is particularly fine.

Cheerfully occupied.

December 2003 - the alley behind 13th Street, a common parking area for residents.

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