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Cass Avenue Bank
Only a few blocks west of the site of the demolished Pulaski building stands another one-time financial institution. The Cass Avenue Bank building stands surrounded by empty lots, though a lone remaining commercial building hints that this was once a fully-developed block.

According to the original bank's web site, the building went up in 1915, as the second home for the Cass Avenue Bank, later the Cass Bank & Trust Company. The bank moved out in 1927, and leased the building to the Post Office afterwards.

The simply designed bank responds well to its corner site, curving the building's corner and placing the main entry at that point. The facade is marked by exquisite classical detailing, such as the sturdy marble columns surrounding the door, and the neat rows of dentils and egg-and-dart below the cornice.

It does not appear nearly as damaged as the Pulaski building; one might even hold out a not-unreasonable hope for its eventual restoration and return to productive use -- particularly in light of newer residential development that has occurred in this part of the city.

Photos from December 2005.

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