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1727 Locust Street

Currently home to Samuel Aftergut Rehabilitation Center and Mers Goodwill, this Arts and Crafts building has been owned by social services since at least the early 1990s.

1711 Locust Street Sub-Station

A former electrical substation, generating power for streetcars, with fantastic brick work and what must be an impressive single space within. Last used as a nightclub in the 1990s, today it's falling apart, with severe deterioration of the roof. It was sold in 2007 with the intention of renovation, but nothing materialized; a sale at auction in 2010 has left its future up in the air.

  • Landmarks St. Louis Most Endangered Buildings - 2010
  • Dragon Trading Building
    1709 Locust Street

    Last home to the Dragon Trading Company, a restaurant supply business that eventually moved out to the county.

    Leather Trades Building
    1600 Locust Street

    Originally home to a leather tanning business. After two decades as home to a variety of artists studios and other small businesses, the building was bought by Pyramid in the mid-2000s, but renovation plans evaporated when the company collapsed in 2006, a precurser to the downfall of the housing market.

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