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Edwin F. Guth Lighting Company Warehouses
Known today as the G.W. Lofts, this group of 6 interconnected buildings at Washington and Jefferson is pointedly visible due to the colorful paint schemes they received in a 2007-2008 renovation. Previously, the buildings had been painted a nondescript white which rendered them almost invisible.

The complex grew over many decades; building dates from the National Register nomination include 1884, 1907, 1919, 1948 and 1963.

  • National Register of Historic Places nomination form for Edwin F. Guth Company Complex

  • Undergoing renovation, 2007

    Renovations continue, 2008

    Building C, prior to renovation - photo courtesy of Kevin Kieffer, Dec. 2003

    The colorful terra cotta of Building C inspired the colors of the rest of the complex

    The original storefront windows and frames survived all the way up to the renovation, and were restored and repaired in place.

    Ironically, the only piece of vintage color left on the buildings - this sharp MidCentury entry facade - was removed in the renovation. Photo courtesy of Kevin Kieffer.

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