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Holy Cross Luthernan Church for the Deaf
101 Beaumont
Architects: Froese, Maack and Becker
Status: Demolished, 2005

Where Olive meets Jefferson, the giant corporate campus of A.G. Edwards stands amid large tracts of surface parking. Despite its overwhelming presence, I have somehow never photographed it. A suburban-minded design, it has very little street presence.

Amid all its buildings sits a strange monument - the former bell tower of the Midcentury-styled Holy Cross Lutheran Church for the Deaf.

A 1966 building designed by the architecture firm of Froese, Maack and Becker, Holy Cross - originally at 101 N. Beaumont - was eventually surrounded by the A.G. Edwards campus.

The building was demolished in 2005 when the congregation relocated. The precise reason for the relocation isn't clear; the corporation hasn't done anything with the land besides add some plants.

The church when new

A 2005 image as the congregation moves out - AG Edwards has completely surrounded the church. Screencap from the Holy Cross Lutheran for the Deaf website.

May 2011

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