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Beaumont Telephone Exchange
Architect: Eames and Young
1902 and later

Back-to-back with the ATT Toll Building is the older complex that spawned it, the Beaumont Telephone Exchange Building, at the corner of Locust and Beaumont.

The first stage of the Telephone Exchange building is the section seen here, designed by Eames and Young in 1902. Other sections were added in the 1920s and in 1946, resulting in E-shaped building with two courtyards. A later alteration, presumably from the 1960s, added a faceted stained glass window to the original wing. Two skybridges connect the Olive Toll Building to the older red brick buildings to the north.

The exchange building served its original purpose into the 1990s, housing telephone switching equipment; it was a center for long-distance toll calling, hence the peculiar name of the adjacent modernist highrise. AT&T vacated in 1994. Bruce Development Co. bought the building in 2005, . Plans were drawn up for conversion to housing, though the building remains empty as of 2011.

  • National Register of Historic Places nomination form for the Beaumont Telephone Exchange complex

  • A pair of stunning Midcentury pay telephone stands still remain in one of the courtyards.

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