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Tate-Gillham Motor Car Company
3101 Locust Street
Architect: Wiliam P. McMahon

Tate, a distributor for Dodge, occupied the building for a relatively long seven years; the company was successful enough to have another building across the street as well. Other auto sellers followed through the 1940s, followed by various other uses including a warehouse. Angle-patterned MidCentury concrete block has infilled the display room windows. Today, it's home to M & M Forklift Motor Repair - "New & rebuilt replacement motors, snow plows, salt spreaders, lift gates and winches."

Reliable Auto tire Company Building
3117 Locust Street

Home to two tire companies in its first two decades, it hosted an auto repair company in the 1960s - long after the rest of Automobile Row had vanished from the scene. Today a tromp o'leil painting adds visual spice to this plain building, advertising its current occupant, Clarion Marketing & Advertising.

Mississippi Valley Motor Company
3137 Locust Street
Architect: Preston Bradshaw

A half dozen auto-related companies rotated through this building's space in its first 30 years. Since at least 1960, this has been the home of John Baumann Safe Company (aka Baumann Safe & Alarm Co.), whose site claims that they are "the oldest family owned and operated business in the state of Missouri", dating back to 1843.

Kardell Motor Company
3141- 3145 Locust
Preston Bradshaw

The Kardell company was a dealership for REO autos and trucks (the latter forever immortalized by 70s rock band REO Speedwagon). After many decades of use as a warehouse, the building was renovated in 2009-10. The building is now home to the REO Lofts.

  • National Register nomination form - Locust Auto District boundary increase
  • United States Tire Company
    3147 Locust / 3149 Locust
    Architect: Stephens & Pearson

    Occupied by a major rubber manufacturer, these two buildings went up as a pair. Automotive uses continued into the mid-1940s.

    A recent renovation was completed in 2010, incorporating the smaller building into the REO Lofts. The taller building includes at least one artist's studio.

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