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Gallery 1: Exterior

Gallery 2: Interior, May 2005

St. John Nepomuk

Architect: Adolphus Druiding

Designed in 1870, the current building -- a taught, no-nonsense Gothic style rendered in the same red brick as the rest of the Soulard neighborhood -- is mostly an 1897 reconstruction, following the devastating tornado of the previous year. St. John Nepomuk originally served a Bohemian parish, which in turn lent its name to the adjacent Bohemian Hill neighborhood. The church was a center of immigrant life; a Czech-language paper was published in one of its buildings.

In 2005 the parish was merged with neighobring ones as the Archdiocese of St. Louis enacted a widescale reshaping of local parishes, closing 15 on the city's south side and another 15 in north County. The church building has been designated as a chapel and will be preserved.

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