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Delmar Baptist Church
6195 Washington at Skinker Boulevard - West End
William B. Ittner, 1918

Stained Glass: Emil Frei Co.
Design: Milton Frenzel

Now the New Cote Brilliante Church of God, this gray stone building was home to a congregation organized in 1877. After almost six decades at this location, the congregation moved far west to Town and Country in 1990. New Cote Brilliante Church has occupied the location since then.

From the outside, the massing hides the buiding's true size. Inside, the sanctuary is a simple and largely unadorned space, but features a high ceiling with dramatic wood truss framing.

The stained glass windows were installed by the Emil Frei company in 1961, during a renovation done by Modernist architect Kenneth Wischmeyer. The windows strike a middle ground between the historic style of the church and - not the flagrantly Modernist and experimental windows the company was producing elsewhere at the time, yet not a historicist reproduction, either.

A few additional older windows date from the era of the church's construction, with the opalescent glass popular at the time.

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