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Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church
South Kingshighway @ Rhodes - South City
A.F. & Arthur Stauder, 1927

Stained Glass: Emil Frei Co.

Our Lady of Sorrows is a prominent landmark at the south end of Kingshighway. Erected in the late 1920s, its interior did not undergo full fitting out until 1938 - just in time to acquire windows in a Modernist vein from the Emil Frei studio.

Our Lady of Sorrows is a Lombard Romanesque building, marked by round arches, a basilica form (with the central aisle taller than the side aisles), rows of decorative miniature blind arches, and a colonaded front porch. Materials include reddish-orange brick, red terra cotta ornament, and red roof tile It is one of many St. Louis churches in the same materials and style; among its close cousins are nearby St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Church, and St. George Catholic, the latter just outside the city limits; as well as Second Baptist at Holy Corners and St. Ambrose in The Hill.

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