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St. Mary of Victories

Chouteau's Landing (downtown south)
Architect: Franz Saler
1844-1848, 1859-60

It is among the city's oldest churches, contemporary with the Old Cathedral. The exterior is monumental and massive, though comparatively small. Within, the colorful decor is largely painted rather than sculpted.

Originally home to a German-speaking congregation, it was the first Catholic church in the city built for a specific language group. Today it continues in the service of a Hungarian parish, serving refugees of the failed 1956 uprising and their decendants.

Despite its long history and beautiful interior, St. Mary of Victories is perhaps most notable today for its oppressive and surreal location: directly across the street from an elevated freeway, and surrounded by industrial buildings -- many of which await conversion to residential use, a full-circle turn for this location.

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