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One of the smaller buildings of the complex during and after renovation.

The Cupples Station warehouse complex is a group of massive, red-brick buildings on the south edge of downtown. When built, there were eighteen buildings, strategically located between the Eads Bridge railroad tunnel and the rail yards located in the Mill Creek Valley. Today the eleven survivors are surrounded by Highway 40 to the south, and Busch Stadium on the east.

The warehouses are easy to overlook, and for a long time the city has overlooked them, as they stood mostly unused and endangered.

Now, however, the group is on its way to getting a new life; five of the buildings have been renovated into the Westin Hotel.

The Westin Hotel buildings at the east edge of the complex are beautifully renovated and in use. Hopefully the remainder of the group will match their appearance within a few more years.

Other buildings remain untouched at present. One is in use as the renovation project's field office; others are boarded up.

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