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15th Street at Piggott Avenue - August 2003.

Central Neighborhoods: South
This Modernist domed building, a peculiar and dated bit of Futurist whimsy, stands in nearby Lincoln Park. Under renovation in 2003, it has since had its entire roof re-clad.

Wilford Avenue, south toward 16th Street - August 2001.

Lawrence Avenue, north toward S. "E" Street - August 2001.

August 2001.

Gay Avenue at S. 16th Street - August 2003.

Not all of the city is old. A new housing development has gone up on the southeast side of the city, centered around Gay Street at 15th. All the houses appeared occupied and well kept up.

The ordinary, suburban-style ranch houses on their grass lots are a surreal sight, surrounded as they are by the railroad trestle leading to the MacArthur Bridge to the west, and the refineries of Monsanto in Sauget to the east. In the distance, the downtown skyline of St. Louis offers some perspective, geographic and otherwise.

The boundaries of this neighborhood are marked by railroads on three sides. At the southern corner, south-bound 19th and 20th Streets are the only way out.

Boismenue Avenue, northwest from S. 17th Street - November 2007.

To gain the great height necessary to cross the lofty MacArthur Bridge, the railroads need a long, gradually sloped trestle. The trestle winds its way through and around the south neighborhoods of East St. Louis.

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