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View north along S. 20th Street - November 2007.

Central Neighborhoods: South
South 20th Street once offered a second route out of the city to the south. Winding south, it passes by the rail yards that mark the city's south border...

View south along S. 20th Street - November 2007.

...passes beneath an unused pipeline trestle...

....and comes to a dead end, closed off several years ago.

S. 20th Street became Upper Cahokia Road beyond this point; I have yet to track it back around and see what remains on the other end.

City streets and grids come to an abrupt end here; marshes and railroads suddenly dominate, the only development as far as the eye can see.

The pipeline once served this now-abandoned oil tank farm.

A large rail yard marks the end of urban development.

The approach trestle for the MacArthur Bridge begins at this point.

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