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S. 8th Street at Bond Avenue - August 2001.

Bond Avenue from S. 8th Street - August 2001.

Trendley Avenue, north toward S. 8th Street - August 2001.

Central Neighborhoods: West
Outside of downtown, East St. Louis is largely a collection of scattered and fractured neighborhoods. Unlike some run-down parts of St. Louis, these areas are typified not by abandoned buildings, but by vacant lots where buildings presumably once stood. It is not uncommon to see entire blocks with only one or two houses remaining.

These views on and around 8th Street, southwest of downtown, are among the worst, though not unique or atypical. They are cut off on the east and north by highway bridges and exit ramps.

S. 10th Street at Market Avenue - August 2001.

The sign for Nichols Bar-B-Q promises that it's "Delicious hickory smoked", but the building vanished long ago.

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