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Ridge Avenue and 25th Street - November 2007.

November 2007.

The Rectory -- November 2007.

November 2007.

August 2001.

Christ Redeemed M.B. Church
2419 Ridge Avenue

Christ Redeemed Missionary Baptist Church is a beautiful red brick Gothic building, with a Queen Anne rectory next door, also in brick. It was originally St. Elizabeth's, a Catholic church; it closed in the early 1960s. Though largely in good shape today, it is in need of maintenance.

From my quick drive-by, the biggest problem is the lack of proper cladding on the spire. Portions of the tower appear to need tuckpointing; the wood-frame windows are in need of repair and paint. The missing circular window allows wildlife and the elements to enter the tower. Nonetheless, the congregation has worked hard to bring the building out of ruin and up to its current state.

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