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Fairmont City village hall - November 2007.

Fairmont City, Illinois

Literally just across the railroad tracks from the previous neighborhoods lies idyllic little Fairmont City... idyllic, at least, if you don't mind a view of the landfill in the distance.

Collinsville Road marks the village's north border as it heads toward downtown East St. Louis.

It's geographically a short hop, but by road it's separated by a long, convoluted path from the closest East St. Louis neighborhoods. It's a long way socially and economically, as well; no signs of poverty or decay are visible anywhere.

In the distance across Collinsville Road, the landfill looms massively -- the only true topography in the area.

Collinsville Road and 45th Street - November 2007.

On the fringe of town, the Nite Spot Cafe's neon sign is a roadside landmark from the era of Route 66.

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