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Job Hunt

I have moved to Chicago to pursue new goals both personal and professional. I am in search of employment with an architecture firm that focuses on:
* Historic preservation
* Renovation of older buildings
* Housing, especially low-rise, small-scale urban work, such as townhouses, duplexes, smaller condos, etc.
* Urban-oriented work in general.

I have several years of experience in the architectural field, including:
* Field measuring existing buildings / As-Built drawings
* Construction Documents
* Coordinating consultant input
* Architectural product research
* Building Code research

I'm a strong writer and experienced photographer, and can produce a decent freehand sketch. I'm a whiz with AutoCAD and know my way around the basics of Photoshop. I've built this entire web site by hand; I learn new computer programs rapidly.

Further Info
My resume:

  • Microsoft Word document
  • PDF document
    Work samples: JPG image file
    Contact: repowers@gmail.com